Friday, November 30, 2018

Introducing Generations Selects!

Thanks to Hasbro and their partners for providing Zone Base with this news

Transformers Generations Selects:
Generations Selects is a fan-dedicated collection of figures featuring special edition, limited release versions of Transformers characters. They’re mail-order only, shipped in special packaging exclusive to this line. We launched this line for our fans to expand their collection and make it truly unique.

Hardee's Disney Christmas

I got Donald.

Transformers Ramen Resturant

I've made my love for ramen known here before, so when I randomly decided to enter Transformers and ramen into a search at the same time... I had no clue this would pop up (I was hoping for neat licensed instant lunch cups). This news completely passed me by last year when The Last Knight was in theaters (sadly, because this is the kind of thing I go crazy over). Apparently a ramen restaurant in Hong Kong called Ramen Iroha had a promotion for The Last Night featuring Transformers theming all over their restaurant. I found this video and this TFW2005 post showcasing the promotion and the sadness I'm feeling over missing out on this is absolutely ridiculous. Completely ludicrous. For starters, I live in Georgia. There isn't a Ramen Iroha here. We had that rad Sonic promotion (sadly, doesn't seem like anything for Bumblebee), but this puts those excellent slush cups to shame. I would love to get some of that neat stuff they were selling with the logos on it. Sure, I can grab a set of chopsticks easily, but I'd stockpile Transformers branded ones.

You think I'm joking?

I've found myself recently wondering what kind of cool set up could feature Transformers somewhere like Gatlinburg or Myrtle Beach. Somewhere that's a touristy place that would make sense. There's that neat Simpsons attraction at Myrtle Beach that makes me wonder if a Transformers themed similar thing would be a hit. Some sort of attraction like a museum or a 4D movie, a store, maybe a cool restaurant. Maybe have some of the SEGA arcade games set up. I'm sure it's be great.

Good lord I'm practically in tears just looking at the menu. Forget MP44, THIS IS SPECIFICALLY MY JAM.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Beast Morphinominal

Earlier today more news on the Hasbro Power Rangers figures found it's way out, this time for Beast Morphers! It's been a bit of a struggle to wait for Beast Morphers and a little unfair to Super Ninja Steel. I guess that's normal when something you're really excited for is on the horizon. Judging by the listings, the figures will be 6 inches, which isn't too far from prior Rangers figures. Personally I was hoping for 3 3/4 scale or smaller, but no biggie. Part of me wonders if they'll be similar to current Marvel figures. That wouldn't be too bad as they are really solid looking figures with neat accessories. Actually, thinking about the Black Panther figures and things like it's vehicles...if that's the case, that's not bad. It's nice to be this excited for something, and honestly it's a little joy over seeing the word 'beast' in a title. I got just as joyous when Transformers did the Beast Hunters series (fortunately I really liked those).

Voltron season 8 trailer

The best damn robot show on TV's last season debuts on December 14.

I'm going to miss it when it's over.

Super Ninja Steel Christmas Special Preview

One thing I've appreciated about Ninja Steel is it's working the Christmas specials into the timeline of the show, instead of existing is some nebulous time frame. I also look forward to seeing Sledge again, so this looks fun! Hopefully the confused and possible drunken Santa from last years special makes a return. There HAS to be a outtake of him throwing a curse laden tantrum somewhere.

Dude was literally dragged into something he clearly didn't want to do.

Secret Files of Teletran II: Quintessons (Japanese version)

I've always really liked the Quintessons for reasons I don't fully understand, it's one of those "I just do" kind of things. A race of ill intended aliens that are or are not behind everything (depending on who's writing today) is just kinda interesting. Add that in with far out and scary designs and you've got a deal. On my Thanksgiving break I watched a few episodes of Energon and was reminded of how much I liked Alpha Quintesson. This lead me to this direction mentally. So I knew I wanted to post something about them. That lead to finding the Japanese version of the Quintesson based Secret Files short. I liked and still like The Secret Files of Teletran II so much more than the former PSA's at the end of an episode. It was that extra bit of world building and just a touch of extra cartoon before the credits ran that made it something special. I didn't set out to post a Japanese version of the short, but when I found it... just had to use it. It's just neat seeing a variation like that.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Christmas NiGHTS

I always wished I had gotten a Sega Saturn. I almost bought one instead of a PlayStation back when they were on shelves only to get a Playstation because none of my local stores had Saturns. Which worked out, I loved my Playstation and it was the de facto winner in that battle. Still the Saturn was so damn rad. NiGHTS was one of the consoles 'must have' games and this special Christmas edition was just a nice cherry on the top of a well crafted Sega sundae. Admittedly, watching this commercial I got a little jealous of the kids who got the Saturn for Christmas. That would have made for a great present.

Transformers Greek Commercial

I really like that computer display in the opening shots. The date on the commercial says 1992, which thanks to the video quality makes it seem older. It features a red Tracks, which stands out. I'm not well versed enough in releases to know if he came in red there, or if that's just a Joustra figure used for the shoot despite the Hasbro branding at the end. Wheeljack's missile launchers look really different in one shot. Don't know if that's from the grainy video or just some production mistake. Another random thing is the commercial spotlighting standard Optimus Prime, but showing Powermaster Optimus Prime's box. It's really a mixed bag of a commercial. Something about these older grainy videos made from a found VHS tape always make me wonder if I have 7 days left to live after watching.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Transformers Generation 2019 cover!

Good evening, Hero X. Released on December 10, "Transformers Generation 2019" is now the climax of the editorial work. It's almost finished. Now, the cover is very public! It was drawn to draw down the cover illustration this time, worthy of the Transformers 35th anniversary, Makoto Ueda legend!

Man, when I saw this this morning it was super exciting. Of course I've now just got the time to talk about it because it was super dooper sleepy time. I love, love, love G1 box art and seeing the Power of the Primes toys in a very G1 box art bit of art is just the perfect thing. Needless to say it's my current lock screen. Some folks complain (shocking, I know) about the G1 with knees design aesthetic of recent Generations toys. Not me though, I loved it. If I was taking a selfie with it, I'd be sure to do that heart with my hands thing.

McDonald's Christmas Gift Ceritificates Commercial (1976)

It's nice to remember when a time when Corey Feldman didn't induce a slight wince and make you pause cautiously before looking. Yet here it is, before he started dancing around like Michael Jackson and was just a cute cherub slinging McDonald's Gift Certificates. Just like at Halloween, I've never gotten one of these. Though it's the thought that counts and I have no clue what 50 cents would have gotten you in 1976, these days it takes at least a dollar to get a burger. Do the gift certificates include tax?

Zyu what?

During the holiday weekend, I spent a few hours watching Zyuranger. My wife, asked me why I was watching it since I regularly watch Power Rangers on Netflix already and have really already seen it all multiple times. Aside from the 'I like it', I told her it was a different show. Which, it is. Thinking about it, I don't think that's well established. It's not completely common knowledge that Power Rangers is made from Super Sentai shows, but known well enough that most people do understand that it's made from other footage. Most folks assume that it's basically the same show with just the non action sequences swapped out. Which isn't exactly true.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Ultraman Netflix movie

It seems just as Voltron is ending, I'll have something new to watch on Netflix. Doesn't hurt that it looks great either. Here's hoping for Ultraman stuff at Walmart!

Christmas Chaos begins now!

Cyber Monday brings 3$ socks on Amazon, but more importantly it brings the beginning of a new yearly tradition here at Zone Base: Christmas Chaos! 

It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice, it just matter how many sizes your heart grows this Christmas.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Programming Note-Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Chaos

Happy Thanksgiving! Between the holiday weekend and time with family, I'll be taking a little break from posting over the next few days. But don't worry, when I get back I'll be starting a new Zone Base tradition! Christmas Chaos! What is Christmas Chaos? Well, I guess you'll find out soon enough!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Armada Unicron Commercial

Seeing as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I've got a lot of gobbling to do myself. It's funny, though I was all over this Unicron toy on it's release in 2003, I've never seen this commercial. It's kind of standard fair except for the clips from the 1986 movie instead of the Armada cartoon. Considering the toy was releasing in summer and the Unicron related episodes of Armada didn't air until later... they probably weren't ready by this commercials production. Which is ironic considering the US version of the show was rushed to meet the networks demands, leading to the shows famous dubious quality. Though I do have one big question about the whole thing.

What did Optimus say?

Japanese Ultra Magnus and Galvatron commercial

I love the production of this commercial. Like most Japanese toy commercials, this has a small tokusatsu style action sequence starring the toys and really selling the crap out of them! Though I have to wonder... what's the flaming V business at the beginning of the commercial? Just some random V's on fire floating around the screen. Random alphabet on fire aside, I just love how Ultra Magnus's transformation is detailed here. Just really showcasing the overall neatness of the toy. It's not just there, but Magnus is carrying Silverbolt with him in the opening shots selling his vehicle modes versatility. Galvatron is lurking overhead and attempts to get the jump on our hero, but Ultra Magnus just no sells it like Brock Lesner not even attempting to put on a show.


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Hasbro Studios Announces International Distribution Deal with Cartoon Network for Transformers: Cyberverse

Transformers: Cyberverse to Roll Out to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America Late 2018

Burbank, CA, November 20, 2018 - Hasbro Studios, the Los Angeles-based entertainment distribution division of Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), announced today an international deal with Cartoon Network to distribute Season One of the hit animated series “Transformers: Cyberverse” to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The deal includes both linear and digital distribution to bring the show, which is already a hit on Cartoon Network in the U.S., to the rest of the world.   

“We’re very excited to continue to grow our relationship with Cartoon Network,” said Finn Arnesen,
SVP Global Distribution & Development at Hasbro Studios.  “They’re the perfect partner to bring ‘Transformers: Cyberverse’ to an international audience and allow fans around the world to enjoy a new Transformers saga that’s truly More Than Meets the Eye.”

In “Transformers: Cyberverse” Bumblebee is on a critical mission where lives are at stake. Only, he can’t remember what it is. It’s a good thing his best friend Windblade has found him to help repair his damaged memory chips. With each recovered memory, Bumblebee rediscovers his past adventures on Cybertron before coming to Earth. He relives fun moments when he played Cybertronian sports with his friends, and even tragic ones that would change his life. His past will shape him into becoming the hero we know today. As each memory is repaired, another clue comes to light that will lead them both to complete their shared mission to save their friends and Earth… however, the Decepticons are hot on their heels and time is running out.

Kellog's Starbots

Earlier today (yesterday for you) I was opening a Kinder Joy Egg and my prize was a fun little robot that transformed into a boat. Not my first robot from a Kinder Egg, but one that really surprised me. Because it made me think a whole lot about Starbots. Starbots (for those who might not know) was a cereal premium from the mid-80's that found a special place in the hearts of people like you and me.

Starbots weren't just cheap plastic toys, they were cheap plastic transforming robots in a time when Transformers and Gobots were in hot competition with each other. Transformers were always generally expensive toys. Gobots, Convertors, not so much, but Transformers... yeah. For us from blue collar families there were sometimes pretty wide gaps in between getting a new Autobot or Decepticon due to that. However, a box of cereal? Your ass was getting one every week and holy crap STARBOTS. They were basic and they sure were fun. Available in a variety of colors and it was up to pure random chance over which one you got that week. You know, they might be one of the reasons I like blind packaged things so much.

Dinobot Grimlock Commercial

I was actually looking for blind box/bag advertising or promotional material when I stumbled across this. I don't think I've seen it before, I could have, but offhand I don't remember. It's a pretty neat spot selling the Dinobots, but spotlighting Grimlock. I think my main takeaway here is what's actually some pretty decent camera work on Thundercracker flying around. That and the kid playing with Thundercracker has the MOST SERIOUS FACE POSSIBLE. He's not messing around here, it's basically him one on one with the Dinobots and seemingly kicking some butt.


Monday, November 19, 2018

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man commercial (1999)

Just spent some mental time today reflecting on this great ride.

Redman theme song

It may seem like Monday for most people, but as part of a holiday week, I had to work Sunday night to help offset the workweek. So I don't know what day it is. Is it Tuesday? Confusion is always better with Redman.

Vehicle Voltron commercial

It's really hard to deny just how good looking of a toy Vehicle Voltron/Diarugger is. Just a crazy mix of random vehicles assembling into one big ass mighty robot. For no particular reason I've always been drawn to his feet. Something about those trucks forming roller skates for a giant robot wielding a sword tells me he's going to win the hokey pokey. I remember a few years ago when Hasbro held a fan vote for a Combiner Wars set, Vehicle Voltron was the inspiration for all of my votes. I just liked the variety. A team of similarly themed vehicles makes sense for a combiner team, but...

Look, it's almost Thanksgiving and I was about to make a Planes, Trains, and Automobiles joke.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Playskool Heroes Power Rangers listings

Just like the news from earlier this week, more item listings for the upcoming Power Rangers Playskool line surfaced (I've just now have had the time to write about it). This is something I've been a little nervous about ever since the news of Hasbro's acquisition came to be. I've not made my love for the Imaginext Power Rangers a mystery, I appreciate the line quite a lot. Aggravatingly enough, I haven't been able to find many of the newer releases (such as the much clamored Titanus) at my local retail. Usually it's Jurassic Park or DC sets. I'm sure I can order Titanus with no problem, just considering some sets just collect dust on shelves... you can guess as to why I'd expect to find it casually.

Now, I'm not crapping on Playskool Heroes, they make good figures that directly compete with Imaginext. Also, I can find them usually stocked more often in my area. So this will be a positive in that aspect. My only complaint really is, there's a difference in the figures and I've grown to love what I've been getting. Last night while doing a mix of Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving grocery buying (we ain't messing around with ordering for something like this) with my wife, I made a point to check out some of the Playskool sets. I've casually looked at them before and really thought they made for some fun toys. Honestly, I think the Power Rangers will be pretty good. Even the most basic figure sets come with some kind of play gimmick. Not to mention the variety in each series makes me hope for a variety of Rangers sets. I have big hopes for those blind bags as that's where something with as many characters as Power Rangers could make for a really good thing.

Diaclone DA-32 Skyjacket

It's hard not to like the new Diaclone series. Slick looking robots presented as grizzled military equipment. Great way to sell an old concept to a new audience. This little short is more simple than the prior videos Takara has produced to advertise the toys. Instead of a sequence of the units in action, we get essentially a demo reel of the new Skyjacket. It kind of reminds me of Energon's transformation sequences, which I never had a problem with.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

GiG Pretenders Commercial

Mr. Denim Jacket over the Shoulder here apparently has special powers. Because when his hands turn blue, he can rip a Pretender shell in half. Which doesn't exactly sell the longevity of the toy very well. Outside of the neon horror and toy mutilation, the commercial does do a decent job of selling Finback to viewers. It's hip and cool, perfect during an afternoon of children's television at the time. I'm kind of impressed and maybe a little frightened to let that kid around my toys.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Power Rangers Lightening Collection news

Lord Zedd? Well, I'm there.

Transformers Classics Special: Headmasters

The cover illustration of "Transformers Classics Special: Head Masters" is an oversized version connected to the back cover. So I have to the wide size of B5 bonus post card! It is no longer a postcard, but a nonstandard mail, but I don't care about the details. On sale November 29!


That was the most badass watch commercial I've ever seen.

Raiders of Galaxy

Know what, how about another public domain Korean super robot cartoon featuring *ahem* familiar looking robots? Will I ever get tired of posting them? Nope.

Robotech SDF-1 Commercial

For some reason, it's just now occurring to me just how nice of a toy the SDF-1 is. Robotech/Macross has some seriously slick looking designs, that's no mystery, but it's really apparent just how good looking that old Matchbox SDF-1 was. Not sure how I overlooked it so much in the past. I always thought the ship looked good, guess I never really paid the toy much attention somehow.

G-Shock X Transformers

Today's information is also lifted! G-shock×transformers Collaboration Planning 2nd Master Optimas Prime! Following the video collaboration in PV last year, product collaboration is realized! More ↓↓ Special PV ↓↓ release

Starriors Armored Battle Station Commercial

This morning I bought some gas and myself a nice hot cup of pecan flavored coffee. What does that have to do with Starriors? Nothing. But while I was driving home and enjoying that coffee I found myself lost in thought over Zoids. This went to memories of Starriors and wondering if it would work in current times. I think if the toys were a smaller scale they would. Of course it's just me agreeing with myself about things I like. I don't claim to know everything, that's just ludicrous. Just while hearing that local gas station commercial and realizing I had coffee in my beard I couldn't help myself. Sometimes memories come as they do and thoughts go the way they go.

It's hard to not admire the Armored Battle Station though, just look how nice looking it is. That great robotic cobra headed, pyramid inspired fortress looks wonderful. I've always fancied an evil version of it with robotic mummies and scarabs. Wouldn't that be cool?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

GIG Cominer gift sets commercial

I wish the store employees were this happy to sell me Transformers at Target.

Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad German intro


treten Sie etwas Gigabutt

Robo Masters commercial (2nd version)

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who cared about Robot Masters, which is silly, but I just don't see many folks looking back on it fondly as I do. Not that I'm trying to be hipster about it, just that I feel like it's often overlooked and unfairly judged. Robot Masters was a Transformers series by Takara that is usually described as their answer to Universe (1.0). Which is kinda fair I suppose, though Robot Masters has original molds in the mix while Universe was all repaints. Fictionally it had a similar story, with various Transformers from various timelines coming together. I can't say I got all of them, though I did get a great deal of them. The line came out just shortly before OTFCC 2004 ensuring that there was plenty of them on hand in the dealers room. You can still find cheap bootlegs of some of the figures at your local discount stores, though they don't really convey what made the line so special to me. It was just the right thing at just the right time and I'll always appreciate it for that.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Gobots French theme music

Sa·cré bleu! Je ne savais pas que la chanson thème des Gobots était si délicieuse en France! Non, je ne sais pas le français, j'ai utilisé Google Translate, je suis étonné que cela soit encore correct!

Robotix commercial

Sometimes, I wonder if Robotix would make it today. With all sorts of toys controlled via a tablet or phone, I could really see an updated Robotix giving it a shot. Though, without the catchy jingle... I dunno.

Robocop Nissin Noodles commercial

Still burning the candle at both ends, and thinking the middle of the candle has found a way to catch fire. Fortunately I'm having some noodles for lunch tonight, which will perk up my spirits. While picking out the lunch from my grocery, I was reminded of this old commercial. Ok, that and the urge I've had to pick up a specific Robocop figure at Toylanta this spring.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Defenders of Space/Phoenix King

Apparently this is also in public domain, which is only fair as they stole the design for Phoenix King from the Diaclone version of Inferno.

They were also bold enough to market a toy of Phoenix King.
Which was a bootleg Inferno.

Robocop and Bad Dudes commercial

I've never been yelled at by a guy in Zubaz pants before.

Powermaster Transformers commercial (1988)


GI JOE Street Fighter 2 commercial

It's been over 20 years since this happened and I'm still excited.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Kamen Rider Amazons intro (first version)

The candle has been burning at both ends lately, but I still found a little time to finally watch Kamen Rider Amazons or Amazon Riders (I'd do a tomato/tomato analogy for however you want to say it, but it's lost when not spoken). Man I wish I had done so sooner. What a wonderful show. Just wonderful. Hoping to find time to watch more of it sooner than later. It's a busy time of the year for me, so maybe before the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Street Fighter Toyata C-HR commercial

So, I really like this commercial. I probably don't have to explain why, I didn't want a C-HR enough already... good job.

Space Transformers/Diatron 5

I just found out this movie was public domain. Which makes the 1$ I spent for the DVD over a decade ago feel expensive. Regardless, This is the English dub of Diatron 5 called Space Transformers. I'm going to warn you, it's not the best cartoon you'll ever watch. Though, sharp eyes will notice all the stolen Diaclone designs throughout the movie.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Pacific Rim anime!

'Pacific Rim, which expands the world of the two live-action movies of the same name, returns to the epic battle of Kaiju and Jaegers. The original anime series follows two siblings — an idealistic teenage boy and his naïve younger sister — who are forced to pilot an abandoned Jaeger across a hostile landscape in a desperate attempt to find their missing parents. Co-showrunners are Craig Kyle (Thor:Ragnarok) and Greg Johnson (X-Men: Evolution). The series comes from Legendary Entertainment (Kong: Skull Island; Pokemon: Detective Pikachu)'


This is awesome news! Machine Robo is returning in 2019 as a Mini Pla series by Bandai! I was literally just sitting here at my desk wishing for new Gobots and BAM! I'm sure more information to come soon, man I hope these guys aren't too expensive because dude!

1. Police Robo Ace
2. Express Robo Harry
3. Jet Robo Sky
4. Shovel Robot Digg
5. Demon Taxi Robo Spade
6. Demon Express Robo Rush
7. Demon Jet Robo Crow
8. Demon excavator Robo broke

Machine Robo Returns!

 \ Machine Robo Revival in February 2019! The Machine Robo series that was a big hit in the 80s is revived as a plastic model kit [mini PLA Machine Roboduel]! The official site has been opened. Please look forward to a duel that does not end with justice and Evil...!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Energon Igniters Bumblebee (Speed Series)

Since both the VW and Camaro versions of the Speed Series Bumblebee share engineering, I included them as the same post. Like the Optimus Prime of the Speed Series, Bumblebee finally gets a new legion style toy as the past few movies have been steadily using the ROTF mold. While that was a good toy, this is a big step up. Just a much better toy. While the Volkswagon Bug looks closer to the traditional Bumblebee we're all used to, it actually shares engineering with the Camaro version based on the 2007 movie that's just as well known. The transformations are almost identical, save for a little wiggle here and there. Though I found the Camaro version harder to transform as his car parts were harder to work around. At $5 a pop, these are great figures and since it's Bumblebee's time to shine with the new movie, it's hard to ignore all the fun toys he has on shelves. I really like these guys and hope for a million recolors. Like all Energon Igniters, they are Power Core compatible. Great little toys.

Energon Igniters VW Bumblebee (Power Plus Series)


I've been a fan of Energon Igniters figures since first learning of them. After completing the first series of Power and Speed Series figures, I decided to dip my toes into the next class of figures. A Power Series figure is around $9.99 at my local Walmart, while a Power Plus is $12.99. For those extra three dollars, you get the Power Core gimmick block which is compatible with all Energon Igniters figures, even the ones that don't include one.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Patlabor statue

My knowledge of Patlabor is very surface level. One day I plan to watch some of the shows as they look super cool. Though I admit, I'd jump at the chance to see this thing in person.

Energon Igniters Hot Rod and Barricade (Speed Series)


Since Hot Rod and Barricade share a base mold, I thought it best to post them together. The toys are very similar to the  2007 Transformers movie Legend/Legion Barricade toy. I don't know if it's a coincidence, purposely using the engineering, or a heavy remold. Either way, in this toy they turn into a generic 70's/80's muscle car. Barricade a Police Car and Hot Rod that car the neighborhood bully drove while listening to Judas Priest. Aside from some basic deco differences, the two have different heads and Barricade has a light bar. As all Energon Igniters, they are compatible with the Power Core blocks. There are some pretty good little figures and at $5 each, they're hard to pass up.

Creature Mushi

For Halloween, my wife surprised me with a Creature Mushi figure from The GodBeast. Creature Mushi is a Kabuto Mushi figure themed to homage The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Readers of Zone Base will understand why I would want such a thing. As all Godbeast creations, Creature Mushi uses the Glyos system and is a wonderfully hefty little figure.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Transform Squadron episode 3

In this November 2018 edition of Transform Squadron: Rob talks up Gridman and upcoming Hasbro Zoids and Micronauts lines before looking back at the Walmart Dinobots.

Energon Igniters Optimus Prime (Speed Series)

My love of Legion figures is far known and the new Speed Series naming for the scale is something I quite like a lot. It's just a better name. As part of the Bumblebee movie toys and aesthetic Optimus Prime looks very traditional mixed with his established movie look. In his truck mode, Optimus is a very pleasant flat nosed semi that despite it's small size, is compatible with a Energon Igniters Power Core (available with the larger figures in the line).

I have nothing bad to say about this figure. It looks good, has solid play value, and only costs $5. The past few legion class Optimus toys have been reuses of the ROTF mold and this is an upgrade. It's a welcome change and I can only hope the recolors of it are as many as the prior mold. The toy has a pleasant amount of articulation and a simple transformation. The metallic blue paint is a really nice touch. Just a great toy.


I've made my fondness for the Dollar Tree 'ROBOT' toy line known before. It's a pretty easy to buy line of robot toys of dubious legality available for the whopping price of 1$ each. One figure from the line managed to escape my grasp until this weekend when a quick stop found it in my hands. Seeing as the figures don't have names... it's a jet.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Happy Birthday Godzilla!

November 3rd 1954

Mutant Turtles: Choujin Densetsu-hen intro

I love TMNT, but admittedly I love it in my own way. I love what's refereed to as the 80's cartoon (the casual naming of this gets in my crawl a bit as it was more of a early 90's thing that started in the late 80's, but whatever). I love the older video games by Konami. I love the older movies. Love the Mirage comics, still have my copy of the old RPG book. The newer stuff, sure, it's ok. I don't hate it, just I like TMNT my way. Fair enough right? When I buy newer TMNT toys, it's usually mini fig type deals and frankly, I'm happy. Sure I bought a ton of the older toys back then, but that was back then.

One thing I've always enjoyed ever since learning about it in college was this awesome OVA for Japanese audiences where the Turtles go a sentai route. Sure, it's crazy to us Americans who are used to our more traditional TMNT, but there's no denying it's charm. Specially if you have tastes like myself. When I mentioned the older Playmates toys, I wasn't kidding. I had a ton (there still in my mom's garage). I always particularly loved the crazy variations of all the turtles. So when I learned of this, first I was amazed. Second I was jealous that I never got the toys. Third... man, I wish this would have happened here. I mean, sure, it probably wouldn't have went over so well... but honestly... I'm only considering my own enjoyment here. I would have loved that.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Microman Microchange Microx vs Acrosatan

So, I was in a thread the other day in a Microman group talking about 'what if' Takara made a Microchange cartoon. Some folks wanted it instead of Transformers. Some folks (like me) wanted both. Man... what if we did get Takara's version of Transformers that was just a merging of Diaclone and Microman instead of them using Hasbro's fiction? Imagine the divide.

Godzilla vs Evangelion

This news slipped right past my radar last week with my just learning of it earlier this week. One of the Attractions at Universal Studios Japan's 'Cool Japan' Festival will be a Godzilla vs Evangelion 4D theater attraction and man just another reason I'm so very jealous of those who get to go. 2019 is Godzilla's 65th anniversary and what a way for Universal to celebrate it!

Microman Microchange Gun Robo commercial

Sure, we got Megatron and Browning from Gun Robo... but man, what if they had made Treadshot from that revolver bot? He clearly originally turned into a revolver originally.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

That is a good looking trailer


It appears that Cyberverse Warrior Class Optimus Prime is getting released at some point with his trailer. I have been hemming and hawing over the regular Warrior figure on the shelves as well, it reminds me of Action Master Optimus Prime. Mainly due to the orange axe making me think of the orange guns. With this trailer set, you get the same figure... but now with a trailer! The trailer has some neat styling to it and looks like it can serve as a bit of a base as well as carry a similar sized Autobot who's either too lazy to make the ride, or needs a nap. Seeing as I've been doing the ol' hem and haw two step (which probably looks like a pee pee dance) at Target, I think I 'll wait for this edition instead. Because just like when I saw 'Dude, where's my Car?', a trailer can sell me on anything. That and I was at the dollar theater.

Cyberverse Acid Storm (Warrior Class)

So bright, he reflects light inside the package
Possibly giving Action Master Thundercracker a run for the brightest colored Transformer ever, Acid Storm from the Cyberverse line is practically a light source. Which a more clever writer would use an an analogy for how bright of a shinning star he is.