Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Transformers Generation 2019 cover!

Good evening, Hero X. Released on December 10, "Transformers Generation 2019" is now the climax of the editorial work. It's almost finished. Now, the cover is very public! It was drawn to draw down the cover illustration this time, worthy of the Transformers 35th anniversary, Makoto Ueda legend!

Man, when I saw this this morning it was super exciting. Of course I've now just got the time to talk about it because it was super dooper sleepy time. I love, love, love G1 box art and seeing the Power of the Primes toys in a very G1 box art bit of art is just the perfect thing. Needless to say it's my current lock screen. Some folks complain (shocking, I know) about the G1 with knees design aesthetic of recent Generations toys. Not me though, I loved it. If I was taking a selfie with it, I'd be sure to do that heart with my hands thing.

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