Sunday, November 18, 2018

Playskool Heroes Power Rangers listings

Just like the news from earlier this week, more item listings for the upcoming Power Rangers Playskool line surfaced (I've just now have had the time to write about it). This is something I've been a little nervous about ever since the news of Hasbro's acquisition came to be. I've not made my love for the Imaginext Power Rangers a mystery, I appreciate the line quite a lot. Aggravatingly enough, I haven't been able to find many of the newer releases (such as the much clamored Titanus) at my local retail. Usually it's Jurassic Park or DC sets. I'm sure I can order Titanus with no problem, just considering some sets just collect dust on shelves... you can guess as to why I'd expect to find it casually.

Now, I'm not crapping on Playskool Heroes, they make good figures that directly compete with Imaginext. Also, I can find them usually stocked more often in my area. So this will be a positive in that aspect. My only complaint really is, there's a difference in the figures and I've grown to love what I've been getting. Last night while doing a mix of Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving grocery buying (we ain't messing around with ordering for something like this) with my wife, I made a point to check out some of the Playskool sets. I've casually looked at them before and really thought they made for some fun toys. Honestly, I think the Power Rangers will be pretty good. Even the most basic figure sets come with some kind of play gimmick. Not to mention the variety in each series makes me hope for a variety of Rangers sets. I have big hopes for those blind bags as that's where something with as many characters as Power Rangers could make for a really good thing.

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