Thursday, July 19, 2018

San Diego Heck Yeah- Post of Mega Happiness

Disclaimer: this will be a stream of thought, probably not coherent in any way

Holy crap, I love everything coming from SDCC this year. Like, mindlessly love. I'm so freaking excited. I can't believe the stuff that's seemingly tailored to me coming that I will probably spend too much money on but holy crap I want it so bad that I can't believe this is really happening.

Links to current news items as of me writing this.

I had no link handy for this, but dude Nano Power Rangers. I've really wanted this to happen.

A Legacy Wars movie!!!!

There's just so much freaking awesome stuff that I'm just skimming the top here and man I can't believe it. Everything thing is love! I feel like I won an award. If you can't stand happiness and joy, I'm going to be unbearable for a while.

Siege mah heart

Oh man, the SDCC looks so far of Siege: War for Cybertron toys look AMAZING. They keep making exactly what I want! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Well, look at that...

Turns out all those talks of the TF movie franchise being done for were misspoken as news has came out that more Transformers movies are in development. It's not too far from some of the opinions I've shared here before, but I'm not patting my own back, just feeling a little vindicated in how I've read things. The dip in profits from TLK wasn't a flop as folks who'd like you to think it was (still trying to figure out how almost tripling it's budget in ticket sales works out to a flop...but that's just me... living in the real world), just a sign that it's time to freshen things up a little. The Bumblebee movie looks to be exactly that breath of fresh air everyone needed and even though the movie could still be a dumpster fire and die on arrival at box offices, the reception is vastly different so far. I mean, it's a year and a half after the last movie in release, a smaller gap than ever before. Folks are outright positive over it thanks to a short trailer here, small glimpses there, and pictures of toys everywhere.

Let's think about this, the toys that have been previewed thus far are children's toys intended for children and adult fans aren't pooping all over them (a few are, but some people always will). In fact I've seen mostly positivity towards this, which is so damned refreshing. I mean... man it's nice to see positivity towards a TF movie after a decade of negativity (unless they get something free, then those dudes will straight up hop fifty feet over and ahead of of you to capitalize).

I really hope this positivity continues to go forward and the movies deliver something close to expectations. It's nice to enjoy something without having to ignore the obnoxious negative crap.

Optimus Primal (bat)

The Maximals and I have no choice but to stop Megatron and his Predacon minions before they destroy us all! Freedom may be the right of all sentient beings, but to protect the greater good we must vanquish to Earth from these evil Predacon creatures! It won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!

Rage Against The Machine: Guerrilla Radio