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Friday, December 14, 2018

Bonz-Eye (Botbots)

Bonze-Eye is a member of the Lost Bots group of Botbots and a banzai tree! In her robot mode she's chunky samurai themed robot with very solid proportions. I don't see a lot of samurai in her design and more big tough soldier. So I wonder if a future use of the mold will be something along those lines. I really like the heft of the figure. Really adds something to such a small toy.

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You know, that's not a bad deal.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

OxT [UNION] (SSSS. Gridman intro music)

Two more episodes to go, what a crazy ride!

Raddhax (Botbots)

Raddhax is a member of the Techie Team group of Botbots and a laptop computer! One of the larger Botbots figures, Raddhax features a little extra versatility. In Laptop mode it can fold open and close!

Radhax feels like a more premium Botbots toy because of this feature and in robot mode stands taller than others in the line. You'd think such a flat toy wouldn't be so nice, but you'd be flat out wrong!

Max Headroom- Merry Christmas, Santa Claus

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Star Bird

The Star Bird is another one of my older brothers toys that left an impression on me. Sure by the commercial it just looks like a spaceship that could blend in with your Star Wars toys. That's obviously the intent, make a space ship that would grab the eye of all those kids wanting Star Wars stuff. Something about it's design always stuck with me over the years. It's just classic space opera. If you'd take the time to look into the line, you'll find there was two other similar ships and a base available. Pretty cool for what could have been a one and done toy. I used to fly my brothers Star Bird around, shooting down imaginary bad guys and deploying the front section in times that the pilots would need to double their numbers. If it's one line that I'd love to make a  return, even if unofficially, it'd be Star Bird.

S'up Dawg (Botbots)

Sup D'awg is a ketchup covered corn dog (get it?) and a member of the Greaser Gang Botbots group. I had no clue I'd like it as much as I did upon opening the package. I found myself holding a corn dog that has a robot mode very reminiscent of Hot Shot from Armada. Outside of the similarities, Sup D'awg is a very solid little robot. Full of plucky personality, this is one of my favorites of the line so far.

Transformers Christmas Commercial with Alex Karras

Folks, these robots are hot.