Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Spirits come out for Halloween and since you're feeling spirited, may I suggest zomething zifferent? That was stupid, but you can't really talk about Zima without trying the 'combine words with Z' gimmick of the old commercials. Zima is pretty much long gone aside from special promotions, though it's still available in Japan from what I understand. Those guys are lucky to still have it, I loved the stuff. This type of adult beverage is more popular these days and it's easy to see why, it tastes great! Turns out people prefer to enjoy what they consume.

I don't really drink as much as I used too. I occasionally get a six pack and drink it over a weekend while watching tv. Halloween is great tv watching time. Specials, horror movie marathons, and just anything they can crowbar a pumpkin into. Sure there's Halloween themed beer, but I could go for a Zima this Halloween. Hey, ever drop some candy in one of these mofos? It's pretty good and chances are you're going to have plenty around.

That darn cat bot

The other day I was playing with my Spark Armor Cheetor. It's a pretty fun little toy and for a Beast Wars fan it's nice to buy a Cheetor at Target again. It's not uncommon for my mind to race through potential repaints for the mold. There's the obvious Ravage (I'd go nuts for a Shadow Panther version) and Tigatron. That's always going to come up. Then my mind went to CatScan and Panther, which is a little more under the radar, but something I'd be all for. Though something I'd love would be a homage to the Fox Kids Transmetal Cheetor.

Beast Wars was a syndicated show here in the US that later aired on Fox Kids. New releases of some of the toys were made available to go along with the show now getting seen by a new audience. These Fox Kids versions had different paint jobs to differentiate them from the prior versions. Some a lot more extreme than other, like Transmetal Cheetor. Now in a darker red and black scheme dominating the toy, Cheetor looked like someone else.

It's a lot different than you'd expect Cheetor to look. Despite the weirdness of it, I've always liked the repaint and just thought it looked great. Spark Armor Cheetor, while looking more like the original Cheetor toy, is pretty angular and I'd like to think could pull these colors off pretty nicely. I'd be pretty happy with a million recolors of the toy in a million different cat bots. It's a great figure and one I'd love to see homage random versions of... Hey, you know what would also look great? The Armada one!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Make yo Scary Ass House with Play Doh

When it comes to Play Doh, I'm either here or there. I don't mess with it too often, maybe the occasional can for fun. When I was a kid, sure, I got my clay on. Even had a few sets. Scooby Doo, Return of the Jedi. Good stuff. Play Doh is good stuff, generally fun to play with. I always hear about how wonderful the scent is, and yeah, it smells great. After the Kenner designer panel at Toylanta this past year, turns out it's just vanilla. Also they apparently had a problem with rats eating it. Which is gross and kind of creepy, which leads us here. Play Doh is cute, but can it be scary? Well, in a cute way. But that's ok! Halloween is cute as well as scary! Halloween is everything it damn well wants to be.


It was sometime in college that I learned more about M.U.S.C.L.E figures origins. I had bought quite a ton of the little guys as a kid, which lead me to being interested in other similar figures. Monsters in my Pocket, Transformers Decoys, random little rubber figures in vending machines and ticket redemption booths at the arcade (hey, this one's He-Man!). Turns out they were a type of figure called keshi with roots in Japan (it's by absolute coincidence that so many things I like come from there). M.U.S.C.L.E was based on a series called Kinnikuman but here in America was given a sort of Garbage Pail Kids treatment (larger packs of the toys even came in garbage cans).

Kinnikuman is kinda similar to Dragon Ball in ways (light comparison, don't come at me) while M.U.S.C.L.E just gave the figures a basic story of weirdo creatures (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere) that just happened to be wrestlers who fought a lot. Even though the early 2000's U.S reintroduction of the series (Ultimate MUSCLE) was a pretty direct adaption of Kinnikuman (boy I bought a ton of those), I'll admit to preferring the M.U.S.C.L.E setting. No real reason I suppose, it's just a fun light setting for these little weird dudes to exist in. Not to mention, whenever I get newer M.U.S.C.L.E figures, it's cool to see Ric Flair to enter the wrestling anarchy.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

You're not you when you're dead in a well

So... yeah... The whole Ring thing doesn't work the same in today's world huh? I mean, sure, it's not like there isn't allegedly cursed videos floating around the internet as is. Though I'd think it'd be a whole lot easier to get that sucker watched by someone else and the curse off you quick. I mean, just email that sucker to a co-worked you don't like. Man... if that joker makes it to Facebook, we're all screwed.

Corpse Convoy

I haven't talked about this weird commercial in a while. Usually when I do, it's joking and mainly just pointing out how weird it is. Though, I do admire it some. It's intention was to help introduce TF 2010/Season 3. They didn't get the movie when we did, so a little explanation was needed for the changes happening to the show. This pretty well done live action clip pretty much informs us that Convoy/Optimus Prime has died. Though man, I really dig the helicopters air lifting his body up. It has the overall presence of a Toho production and I honestly want more of it.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Get your Kooky Spooks on

It's mid-August, summer's almost over and the back to school stuff is making way for Halloween goodness. Well, before this year when stuff started mid-summer and I'm not complaining one bit, but work with me. The early stuff is usually odd craft things, some candy here and there, and they start stocking the make-up kits. Sure it's just a few tubes of white and green at first. Maybe black, that random eye patch that nobodies going to buy. By September it'll all be there. Various kits from .99 cents to a million dollars. You can be a devil for a dollar, a witch for a little more, or even those crazy glue on scars and stab wounds for a good twenty. However among the many, there are a few stand outs. One such was Kooky Spooks!

Let's talk about Kooky Spooks for a moment shall we? I don't know if you caught the 'when it dries it cracks' bit in the commercial, but that was indeed a selling feature. Sure all the make-up did the same and there was a good chance the bottom half of your face would of flaked off by the end of the night assuming the rest didn't sweat off. Kooky Spooks had the damn gall to sell that common costume malady as a freaking feature. I kinda admire that. Let's take a second to look over the directions.

Now before you study this too hard, don't get too excited. No matter how hard you try, you're just going to have whatever color the kit's primary color is and black around your eyes. You might have some black on your nose, maybe some on your lips if you can stand the taste. If you're really good, you'll have some of the other color around that black eye thing you've got going on. Maybe smeared somewhere else. You're parents will tell you the ones on the package were done by professionals, you look great, don't worry. It doesn't matter, half the other kids on the planet will have the same make-up job.

Now you know you'll need more than your Kooky Spooks, you're going to need a robe. The same damn robe every store has that's either a garbage bag with sleeves for 99 cents, or cloth for twenty. Chances are you might be wearing the one your older brother wore before that somehow didn't get thrown away. I think the costume of solid color face with black rings around eyes and robe is probably the official costume of Halloween. It doesn't matter who you are, you will rock that shit at least once. Chances are there's going to be some sort of reflective strip/sticker/glow stick attached to that robe as well. That's important, because there's always that random Ford Taurus just plowing through the neighborhood like it's not the one night of the year all the kids are in the street. You'd think they'd at least see the kid with the glow in the dark make-up... who am I kidding, that crap don't work.

Genesis/Mega Drive Terminator French Edition


Thursday, August 15, 2019

Haunted Abandoned Chapel

Urban Exploration/Urbex videos can be really fun. An abandoned house here, a dilapidated store there. The urban decay and relics of the lives formerly lived there can be fascinating, not to mention the elements of danger like the floor falling out from under you or random drugged out freak. Then there's where it gets scary. Sometimes they find body parts, blood, random ritualistic markings or remains of a ritual of some sort. In some videos there's paranormal threats and that's just freaky. I watch a lot of paranormal videos on the weekend. Can't say I 100% believe everything I'm seeing,  but I am usually 100% entertained. Often my favorite type of these "real sightings" videos are things like urbex, trail/dash cams, and CCTV footage. There's something about accidentally capturing something on video while doing something else. It's spooky and fun.

Honestly I relate with the guy making this video. If I'd seen that crap, I'd probably book it right out the door as well. Could it have been fake, yeah, but here I am still alive and not risking it in some abandoned building with whatever that was. Not to mention, what was that on the ceiling towards the end? That's probably even creepier. Sure the jump scare was pretty good, but whomever/whatever was in there, it was making sure he got out. Seeing something scary is one thing, realizing you're being profiled is another story.

Trans-Techincal Specifications

I sure do love Beast Wars. It was an imaginative line with great toys and an awesome cartoon. Still to this day it remains my favorite time to be a fan and it was just generally all around awesome. One small tidbit from the line I loved (among the millions of things) was these cool little tech drawings that would be on the back of Transmetal boxes. Similar in ways to the Power Plans from Action Masters (loved that too) packaging, these little drawings would add something special to the toy inside the box.

I love a good cross section, this is known, I also love line art. I don't know why, I just do. Probably because it usually looks great and boy does it here in greens and yellows. Beast Wars had pretty sharp packaging and that art on the grid background just proves that a little more. As you can see, features of the toy would be highlighted. Usually little fictional things like force field generator or actual toy gimmicks like missile storage. Just an extra bit of information about the toy that just adds so much to the overall presentation.

Toys still have a text blurb here or there on the packaging like "firing missile" or "7 step transformation". I could really see something like this on a Studio Series or Generations toy. Something that adds to that overall presentation and sells the character. Considering most bio's these days are limited to a sentence or two, I'd like to think it'd be a great addition to even Cyberverse figures. It doesn't need to even bee a drawing, just pointing out things on a picture of a toy would work pretty well. Imagine "high speed tires" next to a picture of Hot Rod's wheels. Wouldn't that be cool?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Seen and not Hurt

Nothing say's it's Halloween like local businesses giving out treat bags and reflective safety strips/stickers. Of course they never give out bags with the safety reflective crap printed on them, you get one or the other. Something to carry around all those Tootsie Rolls you're going to throw away in or a magic sticker that somehow will keep crazy Mr. Harmon from running you over in his beat up La Baron. In the early 70's McDonald's gave out cuffs, not strips/stickers for this very purpose. Called the Safety Cuffs, Ronald let your parents know you'll be safe as long as your rocking these stupid looking things. Did you catch the little bit Ronald said at the end of the commercial? I've seen this commercial for years thanks to my ridiculous habit of watching old Halloween commercials all year and just recently realized he said 'children should be seen and not hurt'. It's even printed on the cuffs.

For the longest I thought he said 'seen and not heard', which just made no sense. I mean, if you can't see them trick or treating, I hope you can hear their screams before you commit vehicular manslaughter Mr. Harmon. Anyone else find it fishy so many adults are just driving around carelessly on the one night they know children will be out and in the streets. Oh sure, tonight's the night the headlights just don't work, right. It's cause of this bullshit that Dracula had to wear that crap.

Probably shouldn't trust Ronald entirely too much either.

New Unicron Robot Mode trailer

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Dracula Bam-Bam


Dracula Bam-Bam doesn't look like the type of game you'd play for hours. More like a few minutes after the kid down the street who somehow is always it throws a tantrum and all the fun has to stop to console his cry baby ass. Who keeps inviting Craig to come over?  We're trying to have a Halloween party and we can't watch any scary movies because Craig has nightmares and wets the bed. Can't wear scary costumes because Craig has nightmares and wets the bed. Had to stop trick or treating early because Craig got scared and shit his pants. Now we can't play Dracula Bam-Bam anymore because Craig... WHO'S FRIEND IS HE ANYWAY? FUCK CRAIG.