Saturday, April 21, 2018

Series-ously conflicting

So, I keep going back and forth in my mind if I want to indeed get all of the Studio Series or not. I'm at the verge of doing it. Just full out doing it. Just roll my sleeves up and do it. Be like Mike and just do it. Turn up the music and do it. Insert the descriptor and do it. The thing holding me back is that it's the numbering system making me want to do it and 09 is an exclusive to a store that's going out of business and the ones near me are baby ain't no lie, bye bye bye.

Basically the improbability of getting Thundercracker is the major holding back factor at this moment. A more minor factor is that Japanese promotional Optimus Rifle. I'd want to get that too.

Sure, it's not that big of a deal, but if I'm going to complete something, I'm going to actually do it. Just do it. Just... I already just did this joke.

Mighty Morphin Pog Rangers

I worked the McDonald's drive thru window when this promotion happened. In fact, I worked the second window, the one that handed out the food and filled the sodas. It was in that window where these pogs were kept. In a little bin, those gray ones that they always have the ketchup packets, I had them to hand out if a customer asked for some. Yes, each day I took several home with me. I tried my best to complete the collection, but apparently it was extremely randomized. Either way, I wish McDonald's was still awesome. Old McDonald's was awesome, I mean sure being 16 and working there wasn't, but it was still the heyday of Ronald McDonald and all the fun stuff that people loved about the company. Not the current stores that try to look hip and the shake machine is always down.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Transformers Uragan Italian commercial 1993

I wasn't aware that Thunder Clash's name in Italy was Uragan. But Uragan sure has a fun commercial. Simply just showing off the toy's features in a cool lanscape with a little vehicle action. GiG sure knows how to sell a Transformer.


Let terror and evil reign in the skies - and show no Autobot mercy.

Cunning, gifted and completely evil. When his vile shadow falls, even the bravest must shudder. Brilliant in his use of the most advanced in stealth technology. As a plane, swoops down with wing-mounted, visible tracer attacking action. As a robot, this forms a powerful free-standing weapon.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Marvel Megamorphs

In the mid 00's, Toy Biz (who were making Marvel toys prior to Hasbro) made a weird, yet fun transforming robot line based on Marvel Superheroes. They had earlier in the 90's made various 'morphing' figures (goodness that Punisher), however these were outright robot toys. The figures were rather large robots based on various Marvel characters with a smaller version of said character serving as the pilot. The pilot figure acted as the toys gimmick key as well. In fiction, the robots were powered by the characters super powers, and via various points on the toy the character would activate from being plugged in. Like others, I found them ridiculous before buying a few and enjoying them quite a bit. In hindsight, I wish I would have bought more as they were really neat.

There was a mini comic included with each toy which fell in order of each toy (so you needed them all for the complete story) as well as a Marvel mini series, which was pretty enjoyable for something so silly. Often times now, you'll see them pop up in various groups and pages with members usually getting them confused for the Hasbro Marvel Transformers Crossovers toys. Which is a shame that they don't have better notoriety. Sure they were weird and were gone almost as soon as they arrived, but they sure were fun in their own way.

Godzilla: The City Mechanized for Battle

Man this one looks like the action gets dialed up a few levels, but as much as I dig the new Mecha Godzilla, I feel like this one should be Zone Fighter or something else. Either way I'm looking forward to this one popping up on Netflix.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Evac said I could ride with him any time

Wonder what his gas mileage is?

Ever since the idea hit me that there should be a a Studio Series Evac, I can't not think about how nice it would be. In all honesty, the regular Evac toy is a really nice figure (keep thinking a special stealth edition would be cool). I just can't help but to think a premium edition as a Studio Series would be great. They could realistically spruce up the original figure (if they wouldn't choose to make a new toy). Maybe some new accessories, like the gun he uses in the ride, the Allspark fragment, etc. Give the figure a more premium paint job. Maybe metallic, that'd be sharp. And his included diorama could be the N.E.S.T hangar or better yet, the Universal Studios gate or ride building. Maybe even give him his own number to drive people who like completing series nuts.