Saturday, July 4, 2020

Bios- Captain America

Sometimes world-class threats require world-class power. That's when Captain America steps into his specially-built mech suit. Fast, made of same indestructible Vibranium alloy as his shield, and attuned to his perfect reflexes, only a Super Soldier like Captain America could control the awesome power of this battle suit. Plus, the vehicle mode is rugged and stealthy, giving him the drop on evildoers!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Crestwood House Monsters- The Mummy

Friday night is the time for frights, aight? Going down our weekly look at the legendary children's book series by Crestwood House as we enter a summer holiday here in the US, I figure The Mummy would be pretty appropriate. It's so hot I'll be walking like old Imhotep by the end of the weekend and smelling like baby powder. Summer is a Spooky Season and nothing is more terrifying than chaffing. Ow.

It looks like the full book is in the preview this time, but if you want to download it to your phone or tablet for free, follow the link in the viewer.

I've always been more partial to Karis than Imhotep as far as the Universal Mummies go. Whenever you think of a traditional Mummy, you're thinking of Karis. Imhotep just left his tomb is the bandages and went about sorcery. I generally like Karis's movies better too. Though there on all the Universal Monsters signage, there's Imhotep. I'd say it's because Imhotep was in the original and Karis was in all the sequels (not counting remakes). But Jason wasn't the killer in the original Friday the 13th either. It's not fair. Karis, I appreciate you man.  Just wanted you to know that dude.

Pretenders Monsters Are Too Yucky!

Between the various monsters of the post movie toys, The Pretenders, and a few un-produced concepts, somebody at Hasbro/Takara clearly was taking cues from the spookier side of things. It's not just Transformers either. Masters of the Universe introduced the Evil Horde, who took the army of Halloween decorations concept of He-Man's villains to new levels. Hasbro had the Inhumanoids, Tonka had the Supernaturals, Kenner had Ghostbusters, and Mattel introduced Mad Scientist. Movies like The Monster Squad and Teen Wolf were popular among kids. There's a bunch of other examples, but I think you get the my point. Clearly, I wasn't the only kid in the late 80's into monsters.

Check out the attached commercials above and the print ad below for the Pretender Monsters. Hasbro's clearly selling the monster shells above the robots. The very top commercial is the Italian ad. Notice how they're selling the Monster aspect super hard with slime oozing off the already gross rubbery skin. Then you get the awesome monster hands ripping apart Scowl's shell to show the Transformer robot who also turns into a monster inside. I particularly love the scary Monsters logo at the end of the ad. I swear they were copying Mad Scientist ads a little here, and good on them.

The second ad is the American one and it's not very different, though the monsters are presented without slime, monster hands, and scary logo. Not sure why, they made for a better commercial and Hasbro was clearly selling the monster aspect. Both have that great original animation with Pretender Starscream (sans shell) lowering them into the vats of goo to create these new Monster Pretenders. I truly love the original animation made for Transformers toys around this era. Not only because the show was in reruns at this time, but it's pretty great looking. Maybe Hasbro was trying to not looks so much like Mad Scientist here, even though the shells do match up design wise.

I really wish the Monsters would make a comeback. A cool team of Monsters that made for a great combiner, whats not to love? Considering the amount of slime, monsters, and generally gross toys out on shelves you'd figure Hasbro would jump on the bandwagon again with new versions. I'd figure anyway. Mostly because I want that to happen. So very badly.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Great Scott! Transformers X Back To The Future Gigawatt Will Make You Go Back In Time


‘More than Meets the Eye’ Collides with Time Travel
For 35th Anniversary of Iconic Back to the Future Franchise

An IDW Comic Book is Also Being Created for Back to the Future and Transformers Fans

PAWTUCKET, RI – July 2, 2020 – Great Scott! Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS), Universal Brand Development and Amblin Entertainment today revealed the first-ever TRANSFORMERS-Back to the Future Collaboration, starring the all new character GIGAWATT. This new time-traveling TRANSFORMERS AUTOBOT commemorates 35 years since the groundbreaking adventure film, Back to the Future, took audiences back in time.

When fans of the iconic Back to the Future Time Machine look a little closer at this nostalgic interpretation of the car, they will be treated to a new “robot in disguise” named GIGAWATT, a converting time machine robot. The figure stands at 5.5 inches in Robot mode and can convert to Time Machine mode in 17 steps, plus it includes a blaster and whip antennae accessories, and features movie-inspired details from the film, including Doc Brown-style goggles, a flux capacitor chest piece, and time circuits. In time machine mode, the gullwing doors open and wheels rotate from vertical to horizontal to produce a hovering effect as seen at the end of the film.

In addition to the collectible figure, from IDW comes Transformers / Back to the Future – the four-part, comic book series. The first issue cover is being revealed today, along with the story synopsis: Marty McFly has just returned to his home sweet home, Hill Valley 1985, and everything's looking up... that is, until Marty and his friend Doc Brown's time machine attracts the attention of the Decepticons! With one small mistake, Marty finds himself thrust into adventure to stop the Decepticon plot in the past, present, and future... all with the help of a new time machine: the Autobot, Gigawatt!

TRANSFORMERS robots have always been more than meets the eye, but now, through the TRANSFORMERS Collaborative, fans can experience these larger than life characters as they team-up, mash-up, and meet up with other characters, teams and people who share this same special quality. It is a world of constant change where things are not what they seem.

The GIGAWATT figure is available now for pre-order at with only 1,985 pieces available that feature an exclusive, limited edition numbered package in honor of the 35th anniversary of the first film’s release – July 3, 1985. A second variant release of the figure will be available starting October 1, 2020 via and select retailers around the world; part one of the comic book also will be available October 1, wherever comic books are sold.

# # #
About Back to the Future
From the Academy Award-winning filmmakers Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis comes Back to the Future - the original, groundbreaking adventure that sparked one of the most successful trilogies ever! When teenager Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is blasted to 1955 in the DeLorean time machine created by the eccentric Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), he finds himself mixed up in a time-shattering chain reaction that could vaporize his future – and leave him trapped in the past. Powered by innovative special effects, unforgettable songs and non-stop action, Back to the Future is an unrivaled adventure that stands the test of time.

About Hasbro
Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a global play and entertainment company committed to Creating the World's Best Play and Entertainment Experiences. From toys, games and consumer products to television, movies, digital gaming, live action, music, and virtual reality experiences, Hasbro connects to global audiences by bringing to life great innovations, stories and brands across established and inventive platforms.  Hasbro’s iconic brands include NERF, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, MY LITTLE PONY, TRANSFORMERS, PLAY-DOH, MONOPOLY, BABY ALIVE, POWER RANGERS, PEPPA PIG and PJ MASKS, as well as premier partner brands. Through its global entertainment studio, eOne, Hasbro is building its brands globally through great storytelling and content on all screens. Hasbro is committed to making the world a better place for all children and all families through corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. Hasbro ranked among the 2020 100 Best Corporate Citizens by 3BL Media and has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere Institute for the past nine years. We routinely share important business and brand updates on our Investor Relations website, Newsroom and social channels (@Hasbro on Twitter and Instagram.)

About Universal Brand Development
Universal Brand Development globally drives expansion of the company's intellectual properties, franchises, characters and stories through innovative physical and digital products, content, and consumer experiences. Along with franchise brand management, Universal Brand Development's core businesses include Consumer Products and Games and Digital Platforms based on the company's extensive portfolio of intellectual properties created by Universal Pictures, Illumination, DreamWorks Animation and NBCUniversal cable and television. Universal Brand Development is part of NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.

Thanks to Rogers & Cowan for providing Zone Base readers with this news!

Dig That Mad Scientist Monster Kit

Smacks is a pretty good cereal, but I can't lie, it takes a good prize inside for me to get a box. I don't have to explain how badass the glow in the dark (swoon) Mad Scientist sticker set was. I've already expressed my appreciation for Mad Scientist here before, but man what a great toy line. As an adult I still love it's imagery and just looking at this ad for it just does it for me. Too gross, too yucky, too perfect.

The stickers in this set was pretty great. If you'll notice in the below back of box art, you'll see the paper insert with the perfect backdrop for bringing these freaks to life on. The stickers were an assortment of parts, enough to make three monsters with. Either with matching parts or mismatch together some real weirdos. There's no wrong way to be a Mad Scientist.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Siege On Netflix

The new Siege cartoon is set to debut on Netflix on July 30th and personally I'm excited. Not only because I love Transformers cartoons (and toys, and a everything else), but because it honestly looks pretty good. I'm really digging how the characters look more like box art (y'all may have picked up on how much I like box art) and hope the 'mature and gritty' tone doesn't ruin the show by trying to hard. Dark themes are great, but when you're doing the whole 14 year old in a Slipknot shirt thing it's another (looking at you DCU). These little promotional images have been making their way around the internet from official sources and click bait heavy news sites. They look great, as does the show. Hope it is.

Ghost Light of Holcomb Road

Summer is a Spooky Season.

Dinos Striking Each Other With Missiles

Last year I bought a 5 Surprise ball and wasn't very impressed. I got some stickers, some balloons, a army man... stuff that would be fun for a kid. As an adult fan of blind bag items though, it wasn't very great. Flash forward to my birthday in March, in a gift bag with some items is a 5 Surprise ball, though now with the Dino Strike logo boldly displayed.

Much to my (5) surprise, Zuru had improved their line with this way cool dinosaur series not totally unlike Dino Riders. Inside each compartment is parts of a build-able dinosaur mini figure with snap on armor and launching missiles. The pleasantly rubbery dinos are really well sculpted and have a little action feature when the tail is moved. I was really impressed with the toy and planned to get more.

Remember me mentioning moving a thousand times the past few months, yeah, so this past weekend I finally got another. I plan to regularly buy these as they're cool as crap. I hope to find some of the skeleton ones as that's kind of amazing. They're just the right size for your Mega Construx Masters of the Universe for Preternia adventures. It's be great to have Scareglow riding the skeleton dinos.

I've been seeing some glow in the dark varieties online, but have only seen the standard series at my local stores. They're about 5.99 at Walmart, but I've heard of them making Five Below appearances, which would be a dollar cheaper. I hope Zuru keeps going in this direction. This is an ideal blind toy type thing and pretty awesome in general.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bios- Warpath

A good shot is worth more than a good intention.
Thinks he is more impressive than his comrades do...likes to show off his sharpshooting. Boisterous, loud-mouthed...raucious sense of humor makes him welcome company. Vain----upset by even the smallest scratch in his gun barrel. Can go 30 mph over roughest terrain, hit a hex nut 1.5 miles away. Shoots explosives, thermal, cryogenic, acid, and sonic shells. Great strength but helpless if upended.

Stay Puft, Ponyboy, Stay Puft

I picked up the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man figure from Hasbro's 'vintage' The Real Ghostbusters line this weekend. Just 3 more toys and I've got them all. I would say I hope they continue, but I already talked about that and what they're seemingly doing and I'm pretty ok with that. I already was into Fright Features figures because they were similar to the old Kenner toys before learning of the 'vintage' line. Though, I really just want to talk about Stay Puft for a moment.

There's something appealing about this absurd monster made of marshmallows. He's this big, cute, and non-threatening guy who's the physical embodiment of Gozer generally hellbent on destruction. He made a face turn in The Real Ghostbusters, but for most media, he's a villain. He's a giant physical paranormal manifestation. The realness of the shit isn't in dispute when he shows up. Also, totes adorbs.

In the 2016 move he was a parade balloon possessed by a ghost. I thought that was pretty great. Despite the movies flaws, the big end battle was pretty dang cool. After a lifetime of watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, I associate such things with Time Square. A ghost parade? Right on. Stay Puft was completely threatening here, that was rad.

It's kinda hard not to like Stay Puft. He's silly, scary, cute, spooky and cuddly in a evil way. Part of me can't help to overthink a bit. The Real Ghostbusters are supposed to be the actual (you know, real) team that the movies are based on fictionally. I'd love to see a big budget movie adaption of the dream manifestation Stay Puft. Who wouldn't want to see that face turn at the movies?

Monday, June 29, 2020

The things I did this weekend

This past weekend was a somewhat crazy one. We had a bunch of things to do and not a lot of energy to do them with. After spending about an hour at the old place do last minute stuff before turning in the keys, we went to buy a few things you're not interested in. Nothing weird, but you don't care about the bogo sandal sale. Though while at Walmart I got The Real Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a Dino Strike 5 Surprise. The last one of those I got was in March included in the birthday gifts from my wife. I've been meaning to get more of them and think they'll be the subject of a post later this week.

After being up all night assembling our new TV stand, we went to At Home when they first opened to see what Halloween stuff they had stocked during the week. Ours is a little behind others, so we've been getting peaks on Instagram and already knew a few things that had to be got asap. While last weekend was just had aisles ready to be stocked, they had a small amount of said stock out this week. Just like last summer it'll be just a little at a time, and that's ok, it's freaking summer. I get it. Just having these little tastes of Halloween is heaven when you're bat pumpkin spice crazy like me. Which you are, I see the numbers.

This coming weekend we're going to skip At Home to give them time to stock as there's going to be weeks where there's not much added. That's kinda to be expected seeing as they're stocking in mid June for a holiday season a few months off. Not to mention, it'd be more exciting to see a bunch of stuff as opposed to just a little each week. HOWEVER, Jo-Ann's has started as well, so we will stop by and check up on what they have so far this weekend. Which is a holiday, so who knows what the shadow holds... that was lame. Pictures from the weekend's Halloween sightings are on my Instagram if you'd like to see. Feel free to gimme a follow too if you'd like.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Bios- Targetmaster Blurr

The faster it is, the better I like it.
The fastest Autobot land vehicle -- and he talks even faster; often has to be told to slow down so he can be understood. Nervous, high-strung, loyal, determined. Paired with Haywire, excitable Nebulan teenager whose impulsiveness makes him a chancy electro-laser cannon, at best. In vehicle mode, maximum speed: 750mph, range: 1500 miles.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Crestwood House Monsters: The Creature From The Black Lagoon

Hey, it's Friday night and you know what that means? Well, for a little bit, something different. Variety is the spice of life. Gnaw meen brah? I thought we'd spend a few Friday nights going over the much beloved Crestwood House Monsters book series. I was just a kid who loved robots and monsters (and misadventure!). Sometimes when your a kid it's hard to enjoy the things you love. Especially in the 80's and 90's. I sure the decades before had the same problem, but I can only speak from my own viewpoint. Duh.

The weekly trip to the school library often was an outlet for the very things I wanted to enjoy. Random paranormal books were always present, as were comic strip collections. But what was really a winner on those dusty shelves was the Crestwood House Monsters. Little hardback books individually focusing on a classic monster. I loved these and reread them over and over. I'd love to have a set of my own one day, thankfully they're available online. For free even, not late fee's or anything. No foolin' mister.

We're going to start off with a personal favorite of mine, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. My love for the Universal Monsters isn't a secret around here. The ghoulish gang have been around forever and find their way on a ton of stuff. The Gillman was one of the last of the monsters (if you don't count Chucky) and one of the more unique. He never appeared with the others officially (Monster Squad really skirted around legalities) and has always stood out to me. There's a limited preview of the book above and if you feel like reading the entire thing, it's free to do so (just follow the links).

Fan First Friday Stuffs

TransformersVintage –Transformers G1 Autobot Blaster 
(Ages 8 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: August1, 2020)

The TRANSFORMERS VINTAGE G1 AUTOBOT BLASTER figure, inspired by the original 1985 G1 release, stands at 4.5 inches and converts from boombox (non-working) to robot mode in 4 steps to receive and transmit radio frequencies. AUTOBOT BLASTER loves to be at the forefront of any situation, cranking the volume on good, hard rock ‘n roll music! The figure also comes with an Electro-Scrambler blaster accessory and a sheet of foil decals so fans can add extra details to the toy. Clip out and save the on-box tech specs to share, then see how this figure stacks up against other heroic AUTOBOTS and evil DECEPTICONS (each sold separately, subject to availability).

Experience the figures that started it all! TRANSFORMERS VINTAGE G1 AUTOBOT BLASTER is available exclusively at Walmart. Pre-orders begin June 26, 2020 at 1PM EST.

The Transformers G1 Soundwave
(Ages 8 and Up / Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/ Available:September1, 2020)

The TRANSFORMERS R.E.D. [Robot Enhanced Design] G1 SOUNDWAVE figure stands at 6 inches and is non-converting, giving fans an enhanced robot mode with a sleek, "kibble-free" form. The sly DECEPTICON communications officer, SOUNDWAVE, from The TRANSFORMERS animated series features 80 deco ops and comes with 6 accessories including a shoulder-mounted cannon, 2 alternate hands, a backpack, a Concussion Blaster, and a removable cassette tape revealed when the chest of SOUNDWAVE is opened. Fans can enhance their TRANSFORMERS collection with TRANSFORMERS R.E.D. [Robot Enhanced Design] figures. All figures in the collection are 6-inches in scale and inspired by iconic characters from the TRANSFORMERS universe, including G1, TRANSFORMERS: PRIME, BEAST WARS: TRANSFORMERS, and beyond.

R.E.D. figures do not convert,but are highly pose-able and were designed to bring collectors themost screen-accurate versions of their favorite characters to display on their shelves. Look for other R.E.D. figures to enhance your collection (each sold separately, subject to availability).

TRANSFORMERS R.E.D. G1 SOUNDWAVE is available exclusively at Walmart. Pre-orders begin June 26, 2020 at 1PM EST.