Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Camels In Your Stocking

You think Santa keeps a pack in the sleeve of his t-shirt?

Armored Up Sideswipe And Nowhere To Go

Not long ago the wife picked me up some more of those Kre-O kits that make me think of Microman. So it's going to be a accidental Microman Kreon week here on Zone Base! These fancy Kreon kits are seemingly exclusive to discount chains here in the US and so far I've only seen them at Dollar General. After taking a bit of a Kre-O break for awhile I'm admittedly a bit out of the loop on these guys. I couldn't find much info about them other than they fall under the custom Kreon class. Which I guess is as good as any for classification. If that's your sort of thing.

The line up is Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, and Grimlock from the 2015 Robots in Disguise Transformers series. each figure has three different color variations. Armored up, or traditional colors. Blizzard Strike, is arctic themed. Night Strike, in black/stealth colors. You can mix and match parts for some cool color combos. Or leave them stock for a pretty good looking toy. 

Like I said, I get strong Microman vibes from these guys. Armored Up Sideswipe makes me think of Flame Micro Knight and a Spy Magician. Though the toy has some character of his own as well.

Robots in Disguise's incarnation of Sideswipe had a great martial arts flair that carries over here with katana and shuriken star armor. Not to mention the sai he carries and the kanji on his chest. The katana and sai's can be swapped out if you choose. As you can see in the pics, the base Kreon can be built up with the additional parts. This makes for a fancier robot action figure. It not only looks great, but now features additional articulation.

Kre-O was pretty addicting for me during it's time. Only when it became a discount line did my interest start to decline. The initial batches of discount toys were mostly repacks of sets I had already gotten. Add that with the spotty distribution of discount chain toys and it was pretty hard to keep up with leading to my mental disconnect. I gotten some since then, but these are the first Kre-O product I'm actively seeking out in some time. 

The Microman similarities are fun, but I'm digging these on their own as well. They're just fun toys to play around with. The build is simple, really just adding a few parts onto a figure. Like most Kreons they don't Transform... but that's never been an issue for me.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Super Nintendo World Looks Super Awesome

First official looks at Super Nintendo World were released earlier and it looks great. I always rave about Universal's ability to bring their lands to life and they pulled off another miracle. It really looks like the world of Super Mario was brought to life in ways I couldn't imagine was possible. That's not a render you're looking at in the video above, that's really it! If the Wizarding World of Harry Potter changed the theme park landscape in 2010, this is really going to set the bar up another notch. I just wish the Florida version would be open next December when my next trip is planned... but it's still going to be quite a while before that happens.

Christmas Time On Zone Base!

I'm back from Thanksgiving break and you know what that means? It's Christmas time on Planet Zone! Hang your stockings and trim the tree, all month will be full of Christmas glee! I've got a fun week of posts in mind with extra Christmas cheer sprinkled throughout! As always, thank you for continuing to read Zone Base and please share with your friends!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving From Zone Base!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything you have and appreciate the ones in your life. Thank each and everyone of you for reading and sharing Zone Base. I appreciate all of you putting up with all my nonsense and encouraging it. Now let's all get some turkey and enjoy that parade!





I will be spending the rest of the week enjoying the holiday with my family and getting some much needed rest. Check out my Instagram, I'll be updating it throughout the week. Regular posting will resume next week as will the annual Christmas on Zone Base fun!


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Immortal Bumblebee Toy

The Legends/Legion Bumblebee mold from Reveal The Shield has been re-released so many times over the past decade that I'm amazed it's still in use. I think it's run as a discount store toy has been going for a steady 6 years straight with no end in sight. I don't know who's counting, but this is probably the longest running Transformers toy of all time.

The figure gets random changes as time goes. From different releases or just whatever random reason, they'll be something different about it occasionally. That was the reason I got it again recently. In October actually, my wife was at Five Below and sent me a picture of the toys asking if I wanted anything. I spotted the Bumblebee and asked her to grab me one. It'd been a while since I'd gotten a version of it (maybe the Cliffjumper from 2015) and I was curious to see what was different this time.

If you've never had the figure, it's still a good one to get. Classic Bumblebee as you expect him updated to transform into a sporty hatchback. The toy predates the current return to VW Bug Bumblebee toys and was released during the time VW wasn't ok with their car being used.

The sporty hatchback has always been a good replacement to me and kinda looks pretty similar to a Bug. This figure is pretty close in size to the original Microman toy and it's always felt like a natural evolution of it to me. 

The toy itself it pretty good. He's got the basic level of articulation you'd expect from a Legion Class toy. In robot mode it looks like Bumblebee got a new alt mode on some episode and it walked off the screen.

His transformation is pretty similar to the original as well. Pull them legs up and fold those feet down. Push those arms in and fold the back over to cover the head. Classic Bumblebee. They were clearly updating the original toy.

He wasn't too different from what I can remember of the last time I got this toy. Same stripes and Autobot symbol placement. The grey on his robot parts looks darker and I swear the yellow is a little too. Not enough to qualify as a new variation, but it's darker than I remember. I'm sure.

The plastic felt a little flimsy this time. Not sure if that's from mold degradation or maybe just a cheaper plastic used. Considering the toy only costs $5, I'm sure they've needed to adjust the recipe a little over the years.

They downsized the bubble on his card and MADE the figure fit inside. Bumblebee is crammed inside the packaging half transformed. At first I thought I had gotten a broken one. Apparently all of them at the store were that way... in 10 years a fan who was a kid in 2020 will make a custom Bumblebee based on this. I really look forward to it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dropping Bombs On Ghosts

One thing I can never love enough about The Real Ghostbusters is just how insane things got. It's a far fetched idea to begin with. A group of guys who shoot lasers at ghosts. As a service, it's a solid idea. Your house is haunted? Call an exterminator. As the line went on though, lasers just weren't enough.

In the above commercial we're treated to Ray and Louis busting ghosts at the Statue of Liberty. Not only does it advertise the cool color changing Slimed Heroes figures, but also the Ecto-Bomber. Which is literally an early 20th century bomber plane outfitted to fight ghosts. How in the hell did they even get that?

The Ghostbusters outright bombed ghosts to bust them. Let's think of the implications of that one. In the commercial alone, Nasty Neck is terrorizing Ray on Liberty Island when the Ecto-Bomber drops a bomb from the sky...

It's safe to assume sometimes the Ghostbusters generated future business.

Monday, November 23, 2020

New Week SHARP

It's the beginning of another new week here on Planet Zone! Not just any other week, it's a holiday week! Thanksgiving is this Thursday which does mean a little less content this week. The lead up to holidays are generally pretty hectic at work for me. Not to mention the holiday activities! I'll be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with my family (don't worry, it's a small group this year), putting up Christmas decorations, crazy shopping, and getting some much needed rest. I'm a big fan of Thanksgiving. Not just because of the food and the fun, but there's always a generally pleasant vibe to the air that just makes me happy. Thank you for continuing to read Zone Base! As always please share, it's all I ask!