Friday, December 6, 2019

Merry Christmas, you look like crap

One thing I've always noticed about Christmas is the abundance of hygiene products given as gifts. I mean, sure, it's a good idea. Just like the packs of underwear and socks your Grandma will give you (and kinda creepy), it's something you'll use and need. Or some cologne/perfume from your spouse, because they'd prefer you to smell good and a good occasion for a bottle of Juicy. Not to mention, it can be pricey, so it's a solid gift idea... from a loved one. In the office secret Santa... not so much. All rational thought aside, it's a little insulting isn't it? A stroll down the Christmas areas of your local stores reveals a myriad of gift sets of various lotions, deodorants, razors, you name it. Thanks Aunt Edna... guess I stink.

Powered Masters of Prime

It's been a while since I've talked PMOP. My absolute favorite Transformer toy of all the times. Probably because, well, at this point there's only so much I can say about him other than the occasional 'man I love this thing' post. posted earlier on their Twitter a great look at early working designs for PMOP. It's a really cool concept drawing that I would like to see a toy of eventually. Basically the cab and trailer modes hearkened back to Ultra Magnus's design, which in turn transferred over to the super mode for Optimus.

This was a really nice throwback to Diaclone in which the Ultra Magnus/Powered Convoy toy was a upgrade to the Optimus Prime/Battle Convoy toy. Part of me wonders how much Takara was planning on eventually reusing the molds later on. Several Transformers molds got used in later assortments of Microman as well as their use in Brave, which in turn the first few years of Transformers toy molds came mostly from Diaclone and Microman. So I wonder if Takara designers had potential future uses of the mold in mind at the development stage. Mind you, at this point Transformers had only been going on for a few years, and was starting to wane in popularity. What's to say a designer wasn't considering/expecting for the line to revert back to Diaclone at some point?

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Switch online NES and SNES updates!

The Snowman is a monster

We're walking in the air
I'm going to fucking die
The people will find my corpse with a frozen carrot up my bum
I'm holding very tight 
He's going to do horrible things to me
I should not be flying in the air
Why are we flying
The villagers are closing their blinds
I need an adult
The forests and the streams
Are were my body shall be found
Taken by surprise
Nobody down below believes their eyes
I'm dangling in the air
I've never been so terrified
We're drifting over my icy grave

Cheap Super Heroes

I've mentioned before my love for capsule toy machines. Probably one of the reasons I love blind bag toys so much and wish I had access to the gashapon haven that exists in Asian countries. As a kid and even now I can't pass one by without checking out what they have inside. Sometimes it's just those crappy rings (pass) and sometimes it's gold (dammit, I need quarters!). Before I go any further, this is one of those posts where all the images came from screen shooting Google image search results from shady auction sites. Bootleg Voltron figures sold in gumball machines don't exactly always pop up on Amazon, gnaw meen brah?

I didn't know what a keshi or a bootleg was when I was 8. But I did know these neat little rubber monsters and super heroes I'd get from the machines at the grocery store looked like Godzilla and guys from video games. Later in life when learning more about such things... turns out they were from Godzilla type productions and video games originally. Or hey, when my childhood arcade got prize redemption counters. That little bucket of colorful dudes have tiny Masters of the Universe mixed in with the dinosaurs. Luckily those always were the cheapest options, so a few dollars worth of skeeball really paid off. Or man, these little robot model kits in the Kroger machines look like the guys from Robotech. Some reason that one Kroger had those model kits on lock down.

One of the more odd outlets for these toys was party supplies. Thanks to curiosity getting the best of me on a faithful trip to the store, I noticed the party supply section had more than just balloons and birthday candles. Baggies of cheap toys intended for goodie bags usually contain those crappy race cars and planes with the wheels that fall off. Or those stupid little games where you have to make the ball bearings fit into the clowns eyes by rolling them around. But sometimes... dude are those Madballs?

Next thing I knew I had a bag full of tiny rubber Madball rip offs for a dollar. This is still a common occurrence. Next time your around a party supply section or store (the more ratchet the store, the better) check those out. Usually it's just crappy kazoos, but on occasion you'll find M.U.S.C.L.E rip offs or whatever. One time I saw some Street Fighter figures. They were from a gashapon series originally, bootlegged in weird plastic that kinda smelled like fish. That's the gambit you run with el cheapo bootleg toys. They're usually pretty sketchy and might be made in a facility next to bathtub meth. So uh... be careful mang.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Hardee's Christmas Carol

Lot's of things come to mind when you say Hardee's. Burgers, breakfast, and that weird Carl Jr.'s co-branding. For me in particular, I often remember the various promotions the restaurant has had. California Raisins, Gremlins read along books, Pound Puppies, and of course the Disney Christmas toys. To go along with the tv debut of Mickey's Christmas Carol, Disney and Hardee's came together and made dolls of the various characters from the special.

Happy, adorable dolls of the characters minus all the sad and spooky shit contained within the actual show. Hey kids, here's a doll of Jacob Marley's ghost! Jacob's here to haunt Scrooge, who's a miserable bastard. Such a miserable bastard that a bunch of other ghosts come to show him just how miserable of a bastard he is. Then there's Bob and Emily Cratchet who's kid is about to die, which Scrooge will learn via ghost showing him he's a miserable bastard. Or you can have Fred. Fuck Fred.

All jokes aside about the ghost story the special is based on, it was a pretty great promotion. Disney and Christmas just go together. Who wouldn't love a stuffed Mickey Mouse? And what a really good adaption of a morality lesson learned (don't be a dick) at Christmas time. Just the right thing to stuff them stockings with. Not to mention, the place has pretty good burgers.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Voting for the 2019 Transformers Hall of Fame is now Open!

  • Favorite fictional character from the 1984 season of The Transformers animated television series.
  • 2019 Transformers War for Cybertron Siege toy of the year.

  • See the official Facebook announcement with link to vote here!
  • Voting begins Tuesday, December 3 at 10am EST (TODAY!) and closes on Friday, December 7 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Winners of both categories will be announced on the Transformers Facebook page later this month.

War of the Gargantuas

Happy Hallow... Christmas from Minolta

Let's be 100% honest here. Minolta straight up recycled their Halloween commercial and tried to pass it off as a Christmas commercial. Know what? Good for them! Sure, by November 1st it's time to let the jack o' lanterns rest a little... but by January I'm missing seeing them at Walmart. So getting a little ooky spooky during Frosty and Rudolf's time is pretty damned welcome.

Though, what in the hell are these kids up to anyway? They just sneak up to their neighborhoods scary house and plan to get a picture of the much rumored spooky guy who owns it. For good measure, the blonde kid has a bowl (I almost said bowel because it looks like shit) cut and the scrappy kid sister is wearing her hat incorrectly.

The Minolta Kids Club is trying to take a picture of Mr Spooky Ass House and turns out he's a UMPIRE, not a VAMPIRE. HOLY SHIT THAT'S FUCKING WACKY, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY, BUY A DAMN CAMERA. For good measure, whomever transferred the commercial from their VHS taped episode of Northern Exposure left on the following O'Douls commercial in the clip. After that adventure, somebody needs a beer. Unfortunately it's O'Douls. Made for sitcom episodes where the keg gets swapped out and everybody thinks their drunk.

Spinjas don't get dizzy

This past weekend when I was at Kroger looking through the blind bag toys, I saw Beyblade packs and was admittedly tempted to grab a few. It's not the first time either, I've often thought they looked neat. My main draw to them though if thanks to Spinjas, a very long forgotten and short lived toy line/game from Parker Brothers. From what I've gathered the line has had a few reboots both officially and non officially throughout the years in various countries. Which isn't surprising. What's not to love about making little figures duke it out? Instead of wwwaaaaayyyyy too many rules and instructions that just don't make any sense (looking at you every other miniature game ever made). Just pop the toys in a little gizmo and let them fight as tops, who gets knocked out of the ring looses.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Thoughts on Cyberverse Tiny Turbo Changers series 1

During the long holiday weekend (and much needed break), I was fortunate enough to finally find the Cyberverse Tiny Turbo Changers. I've been a big fan of the Tiny Turbo Changers and so far have gotten all of them aside from that last movie series that I could never locate (dammit). For those not in the know, Tiny Turbo Changers are a series of blind bagged Transformers figures. They are small and simple figures that transform in a few steps.

Imagine if a Micromaster was a bit more chunky in proportions and was more of a rubbery keshi figure and you've got the picture. The figures are generally 'cute' as in such a simple form that's pretty much the best bet (not to mention keshi are generally a little cute/silly). The Cyberverse series being the first non-movie based set follow in with something I've wanted for years- blind bagged traditional Transformers. Cyberverse is pretty much traditional Transformers and it's visual look really works into the whole 'cute' thing.

I went through the entire series and posted a bunch of pictures of them on my Instagram, so you can look at them all there and please like and follow while you're at it. I post a lot of the toys I talk about here as well as my various adventures. It's really the companion to this blog, so if you like what I do... you'd probably like what I do there also. Not to mention I don't e-beg, so that's gotta be refreshing.

Below are the figures in the assortment.

Back to the figures, this was really a mixed bag. As you can see, you've got the usual cast of characters to be expected in a Transformers series initial offerings. Though there is some surprises like Blackarachnia and Drift. The colors are pretty basic, but some have more than others. That's part of the game with this type of figure. I've seen some folks paint up their keshi, if you're inclined to do that, they make a pretty good blank canvas.

Earlier I made the comparison with Micromasters, Bumblebee and Drift are really good examples of that. I could see them being easily confused by somebody out of the loop on these. I was really impressed with Grimlock, Hot Rod, and Prowl. The sculpting was really great on these and I found myself favoring them the most. Starscream, Jetfire, Shockwave, and Blackarachnia follow those three closely. They're sculpted really nicely and are pretty great in both modes. Megatron is packing some weaponry that the others lack. His trademark fusion cannon is present as well as his energy mace.

Optimus is pretty much traditional Optimus just without the face plate. The obvious Ultra Magnus repaint will probably look pretty good. Soundwave is probably the weakest of the bunch. He fits into that 'could be a Micromaster' category and looks pretty good. Just I found myself constantly worrying that I was going to break him. His slightly more involved transformation involves rotation and placement of his head combined with a somewhat tight fit of body parts in conversion is just close enough for calamity. I can easily see a more ham fisted person just ripping him apart accidentally. I was pretty gentle with him and probably could have done the same. Be careful with your Soundwave.

Overall I had a great time opening each bag and discovering the fun each figure had to offer. I'm really looking forward to series 2 more now than I was before (assuming I can find them). This is something I've wanted for some time now and having them in hand is awesome. I hope future series have deeper cuts in character selection. That's usually the case with this sort of thing and after 35+ years I honestly have no problems with the initial characters in the series. Though I... hold on... Bop by Dan Seals is playing... I'm back. Though it would be really great to see a bigger variety of characters offered in this series. It's a perfect delivery system for some some of the more oddball characters from the history of Transformers and it sure would be fun to get them in Tiny Turbo Changer form.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

It's Christmas on Planet Zone!

It's Christmas time! Time for Christmas trees, festive decorations, and that same Hershey's Kiss commercial you've seen your entire life but they better damn well play that sum bitch again . It's about to get super seasonal around the old base for the next month. And why not? Christmas is freaking awesome. So strap on your matching pair of family pajamas Mom bought for everyone to wear together and open up that piggy bank full of Tootsie Rolls in your stocking. Santa is coming to town. Zone Base style.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Masterforce English dub bumbers

While we're all enjoying the holiday break, why not take a few moments to enjoy the bumper segments for the Star TV/Omni/RTM1 version of Masterforce. That guy totally gets hoarse halfway through.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Even Godzilla loves a turkey dinner

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone out there is having a great holiday and enjoying a great dinner! I'm sure you all understand me taking a little break from regular posting for a few days as I'm enjoying the holiday break and getting some much needed rest. But don't you worry none, in just a few days the lights will go up and we can all celebrate Christmas for the next month together!