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Monday, October 22, 2018

Botbots reveal!

Thanks to Hasbro and their partners, I just opened up the newest press release for Botbots and man now I really want them! Check it out!

BotBots are mischievous little robots who came to life from everyday objects inside a shopping mall! This rare type of Transformers robot is tiny, mischievous, and great at hiding!

Kinnikuman intro

The new Imaginext that Shawn sent (thanks!) couldn't have came at a better time, I've had M.U.S.C.L.E on my mind lately!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Halloween (2018)

I just got home from a viewing of the newest Halloween movie and boy was that great. Set 40 years after the original Halloween and ignoring all the sequels and the remake, this takes the series in a new direction and giving us possibly the most brutal film in the series. While the movie ignores the events of the sequels and multiple timelines of the series, it doesn't completely neglect them either. There are multiple homages to the entire series in very clever ways that I super appreciated.

In college, Halloween was my defacto favorite movie. I'd watch it or it sequels seemingly non-stop. While now at 40 I no longer have a defacto favorite movie, but a group of absolute favorite movies and Halloween stands tall among them. This felt like a personal victory after the reboots tried their best to ruin the good name of Michael Myers. It's one of those things that when I saw announced that made me breathe a giant sigh of relief. While I watched it, I breathed a big sigh of happiness.

I'm very thankful for this movie and it's crew for making such a love letter to the immortal classic that feels like the only sequel the movie ever needed.

Friday, October 19, 2018

BotBots, what what

So actual information about Botbots came forth today and it's a little out of left field. In case the cute name wasn't a clue, Botbots are obviously intended for children (man... why they keep making toys for kids?) and are seemingly a stab at the Shopkins crowd which if you look at that area in your local stores is obviously a booming segment (man... why does these companies keep trying to make money?). This picture is all we're given to imagine the line and it's clear that we have a line of food Transformers. I'm sure readers know this is something I'd like (man... why does he keep buying things he likes?).

I love blind bags, this is known. I don't know if these transform like Tiny Turbo Changers and I'd be completely ok if the didn't. I like pvc figurines a lot as is and these would be pretty charming in a pvc figurine. My wife likes Shopkins and buys them often. If they come like those, this will be fun. Usually Shopkins have a few toys in a blind pack, or in the case of the Shopkins Happy Places-a matching theme for the included blind toys. For a few dollars a couple of silly little Botbots are too weird to resist.
 I own a weird site about monsters and robots with a random old McDonald's commercials, did you think I'd hate them?

Halloween Triumphant

The newest and what's looking like the best Halloween since the original is releasing this weekend and with it is the new version of the classic theme by John Carpenter himself! I've got my tickets already for Saturday night, man it's going to be great!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Good Ideas

You just can't keep a good idea down. Drench from Transformers Generation 2 has just a great look. That green striped into black, the yellow spoiler with that 'TURBO' graphic. It's just a super sharp deco that makes for a really good looking toy. So good looking that...

It was planned for a Universe update around 2004, made from the Armada Wheeljack mold, which was a really good figure with a pretty similar car mode. Sadly the toy was never made, but you just can't keep a good idea down.

As you can tell from the test shot, and might remember from the time, Wheeljack wasn't the best name for the mold as Sideswipe would have been a better choice. It looks like Sideswipe and the name would better suit the 'traitor' character. Such an obvious oversight that...

In 2008, Shattered Glass Sideswipe was inspired by the idea. Shattered Glass being a mirror universe with evil Autobots and heroic Decepticons. Characters had different colors and looks than they traditionally had, with Sideswipe jumping to the Decepticons, it just worked. Making for a great looking toy, with a great deco that payed homage to past Transformers. Perfect for a Transformers convention exclusive. I mean look at that car mode. It's a perfect homage to G2 Drench, a nod to the unreleased toy, and a good use of the mold.

But we're not done here. Nope, not at all. Surprisingly 10 years later, in the anime SSSS. Gridman, the deco popped back up. Many of the human characters were designed to pay homage to various Transformers (not to mention other random homages) and...

Well... you just can't keep a good idea down.

Burger King of Halloween!

Feels like it was just the other day when I was looking back fondly at the Halloween Whopper Burger King gifted the world that was tragically taken by us because of stupid people (no really, you don't have to listen to them, don't be fooled by whatever they're sharing on Facebook). Fortunately Burger King earlier this month released the wonderful return of the Black Cherry Freeze, the classic Halloween beverage that turns your mouth black while you drink it! The all new Nightmare Whopper has a GREEN BUN and looks amazing! They swear it's all natural coloring, so the stupid people won't complain about weird poop... except for the after effects from the Black Cherry... Look, you better get it while you can.

Seriously, all you have to do is point at something else and they'll forget and suddenly focus on it.