Thursday, August 17, 2017

Transformers Armada/ Micron Densetsu intros

Armada version 1

Micron Densetsu version 1

The US version of the show got a rushed production to meet scheduled airing time, while the Japanese version got more time and resulted in a better quality production. Both have really nicely done intros, however.

Transformers and their Armada

Transformers Armada was a series I enjoyed a whole freaking lot and had a ton of fun while it was going on (despite the poo-poo pants of some poopy corners of the fandoms poopy efforts to poop on it). A super cool fanzine dedicated to Armada was available last weekend at TF Nation (I'd really like to go one year, that show really seems to match up to stuff I'd like in a convention) and is now online as a PDF for us who missed the show. I'd check it out if I were you, it's a good fun read by folks who enjoyed the series like I did.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Building Metal Defender Voltron

One down, four to go.

This past winter I built the Legendary Voltron, a 16" giant Voltron figure. I had used some gift cards from Christmas to buy the 4 limb lions and my pre order for the black lion had fell through (I've developed a grudge towards toy pre orders since) Fortunately my wife picked me one up as a get well soon gift when I came down with the flu around late January. It's a impressive figure that I'm quite proud of owning as a lifelong Voltron fan and a fan of the current Netflix show.

After completing the giant figure, I began wishing for a smaller figure of the current version of Voltron. There's action figure of him on the shelves that I hadn't picked up as I wanted a combining set. Soon as I learned of the Metal Defender series, I was stoked. A smaller Voltron with die cast lions, sign me up!

So far the Metal Defender series is available in a gift set and as individual lions. I started building my Metal Defender Voltron this past weekend by beginning with the black lion (since he was a challenge to get last time). I've decided to do it individually as the gift set is may be available, but also a big hunk of change to spend at once. 15$ a week for the lions is a little easier and really won't take long to finish collecting.

I'm really looking forward to completing my new Metal Defender Voltron. Playing with my new smaller black lion has been a treat and that added heft of die cast is extremely pleasant. I really recommend the new set to any fan of Voltron or robot toys in general. Once you get one in hand, you'll see why.

Weekly Spotlight: Transmetal Optimus Primal

Changed into a mighty, metal gorilla by the planetary destruction device, Optimus Primal has a built-in, rocket-powered hoverboard that lets him hang ten on the air-waves of the Beast Wars world! Stronger and faster than ever, he converts to become the huge, organically enhanced Maximal General loaded with weaponry. Predacons who value their health best avoid any monkey business with metal Optimus Primal!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Admitting my ridiculousness

I've mentioned before that while I was in college I worked at an Office Max. Our store had a copy center in the back that I off and on again worked in. One of my guilty pleasures was printing out images I'd bring from home on a 3.5 disk and making nice big pictures to put on my wall. Sometimes laminated, sometimes just posters. I still have the one I made from this image (or one of the variations) somewhere in a box. I had it on my refrigerator until roughly 2007. I'd probably put it on ours now, but it's kinda yellowed with age and smells a bit musty.

I wish this never ended

The 3H version of the TF fan club wasn't without it's problems, but that one lone issue of the magazine was spectacular.

Jurassic Clash looks great