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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Air Raiders of the Lost Waft

For a while there, toy's that required air pumps were all the rage. They're still around, sure, but there was a time when a puff of air was the next big thing. Air Raiders by Hasbro was a very short lived toy line that was fully centered around poofing air into things. A small scaled toy line, the air gimmick was centered around the vehicles and play set. With included air pumps you could do things like fire missiles or propel a vehicle across the ground.

Honestly, it's a pretty fun gimmick that worked well with well designed and neat looking toys. Though it's legacy is more focused on the figures themselves than the vehicles the gimmick was focused on. I know even back then, I loved taking the tiny figures on all sorts of adventures forgoing the air poofing all together. You could even buy multi packs of the figures on their own and I pretty much just wanted those.

The love for the figures has resulted in various homages on the indie toy scene. Most recently a Designer Con exclusive set by Warlords of War. Warlords of War make really good figures based on the Glyos System and share parts with Battle Tribes, a line I really like. So it probably goes without saying that I'm jealous of those lucky enough to snag a set.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Yokai Monsters: Spook Warfare

Color Changing Mayhem

I love the G2 Transformers toy. When I say that, I mean the gimmick heavy robot figures. There was a charm about the basic robot toy that went with such things as water squirting action, or rotor shooting guns. I would say they don't make them like that anymore, but they do and I talk about it often. Still, I buy regular modern TF's too and wish these guys were homaged as much as other eras. There's an occasional bone thrown here and there. I get it, it's business and they'd rather go with safe bets. I'm not a gambler, I'd go with a safe bet. Just man, how can you not look at these guys and just want more of that?

Ninjor likes to kick it

I'll never be a ninja. Mainly because I'm 41. Sure I've still got a lot of life to go... but there's a window for learning somethings and I'm pretty sure the life of a middle aged cnc programmer doesn't line up to that skill set. Ninjor is a ninja though. An evil ninja, who has all the cool weapons from that glass case at the gas station. The one by the cash register that has knives, dragon ash trays, and that one stuffed tie dye bear they all seem to have.

Ninjor is 100% the awesome ninja that has graced your favorite t-shirt and is probably exactly what you want to be for Halloween. The perfect evil doer to join the ranks of Skeletor in his quest to master the universe. Man... thanks to release timing, they liked to pair him off against Clamp Champ. Clamp Champ is a fine heroic warrior who worked with He-Man quite a bit in the mini-comics and magazine. Though... his special ability was a clamp (it's in his name). Pretty sure he's loosing in a fight against a ninja.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Godzilla Collection from Kidrobot Out Now!

Godzilla officially kicked off the 65th anniversary earlier this month, but if you ask him about retirement, you’re likely to get blasted with radioactive flames – because Godzilla is having busiest year ever. After making a historic debut at San Diego Comic Con this year, Toho Studios has partnered with Kidrobot to introduce an atomic-sized Godzilla capsule that celebrates the King of the Monsters 65th year on our planet. 

The atomic-sized Godzilla capsule includes two 8-inch art figures, one plush, one flat-billed hat, a bomber jacket, and a festive Godzilla City-Destroyer holiday sweater, all in celebration of the iconic lizard’s 65th birthday. 

Special Thanks to Rogers & Cowan for providing Zone Base readers with this news!

Ultra Noodles!

Mego Man

I was already looking forward to Toylanta as is, but earlier today they announced that Marty Abrams would be at the show this year! Though Marty won't be alone, also with him will be Joel Rosenweig and Dr. Mego! Basically Mego will be at the show and even have stuff for sale! Last year's Kenner design team panel was a big highlight for me and the cool stories bound to come from these guy's has to be great. I really want some insight on the process of bringing Microman over as Micronauts as well the Mad Monster line. This is just great news all around.

Do what with Kong?

I have never considered this as a possibility.

Monday, November 18, 2019

I'd make a more clever title, but crap Webdiver is 18 years old

There's specific times that make you realize more time has passed than you realized. Earlier I was thinking about 2001 and going crazy for Robots In Disguise toys. A lot of us were, except for those who had already gotten most of the line earlier by importing them. It was around that time Takara released Webdiver. Another transforming robot line with cartoon that was pretty similar to Transformers, like they did with Brave. I don't think it was very popular in Japan as there wasn't anymore series after the original. Or maybe putting the resources into other projects kept any more Webdiver from being released. Sadly, it was one and done.

That being said, it was pretty popular around the Transformers world. Not hugely popular, but maybe on a underground/cult level. Lot's of those TF fans who already had most of the RID stuff from importing seemed to latch onto it, as well as a good bit of general Transformers and robot toy fans. It was just a cool line. Great transforming robot toys and the video game gimmick was years ahead of it's time. I've only got two figures, in hindsight I should have gotten more. For awhile there you could get them for a song. These days not so much, but it was 18 years ago I suppose.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Ghost in airplane

Guess it was Spirit Airlines.

Transformers X Nezha

I've been watching this line develop as much as I could since it was announced. A Chinese exclusive Transformers series, Transformers X Nezha will be a cartoon and toy line for the Chinese market involving Chinese mythology. Details have been pretty scarce. Mainly getting a 'it's coming' blurb occasionally without anything really concrete. Honestly I had assumed it would be mainly a new cartoon involving current Transformers toys in a new setting. Today images of the toys were leaked out and I can't lie. I'm interested.

The image above doesn't reflect the line as a whole. There could be all sorts of size classes and such. Right now all we have is a fuzzy picture of what looks like a 3 pack of Legend/Legion scale figures. My affinity for this size class isn't a secret, nor is my fondness for the more unique things that happen in Transformers. I've been wanting Terracotta Army Transformers forever, and while this isn't the same thing, it's close. That traditional old world Chinese armor looks GREAT and really lends itself to Transformers design. Optimus Prime is a Samurai, Megatron a Sphinx. Ancient Chinese armor? Perfect.

I hope these aren't to hard or expensive to get, as I want some. I'm not saying I plan on going whole hog or anything, but definitely want a few and plan to pay attention to this. It's neat, it's cool, and it's different. Seeing as Tu Xingsun looks to be using the Prime Knock Out legion/legend class mold to some extent... and I'm seeing other familiar parts on the other two... I wonder how many original toys will be produced for this series vs remolds and recolors. Either way, I like this.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Godzilla sings the blues

Nothing like a nice evening at home with the family after a long hard day.

If all your friends were jumping of a cliff...

Images of the new Earthrise Cliffjumper toy surfaced earlier today and man does he look sharp. I really like the inclusion of his overcompensation cannon. I always dug that from the cartoon (where did he even keep that thing?) and they did a really good job recreating that classic look. I've always liked that red on black deco and his squat robot form.
His car mode looks really nice. It's not a toy car like his G1 toy turned into, but that's not really a big deal. I don't think any of the Mini-Cars kept that aesthetic after the original molds. Not to mention, despite being a homage, it's still not the original toy. So seriously. Cliffjumper's a deluxe, and a smaller figure than other deluxes which is kinda a bummer since he's still going to cost the same deluxe price. Though I guess scale accurate folks will like that. His overcompensation cannon probably makes up for some of that in the overall cost.
I'm really glad to get a pretty accurate Cliffjumper. They've generally made steps to make him different in more recent toys and that's cool, but with the obvious classic-ness of the WFC toys, duh. I've always been pretty fond of the Mini-Cars and whenever they do a new version of them, I'm usually all over it. Looking forward to the various conversations over him in the Microman groups.