Friday, August 7, 2020

Call 1-900-660-FEAR

There's nothing like a good scary story at Halloween. Between marathons on TV, VOD, and creepypasta; folks can't wait to scare you! But back in the day, if you were willing to pay, there was always a hotline promising some spooky shit! I'm not sure what was more scary, the story or the phone bill. That's where I'd type 'lol' or use a wacky emoji if this were Facebook. While I was never allowed to call these numbers, I always enjoyed the commercials like this one. They made sure you knew absolute terror was waiting for your call. Or somebodies drunk Uncle dressed as Dracula.

Monogram Your Bag With Optimus Prime

So Monogram has these cool Transformers blind bag clips coming in September. I've been a fan of Monogram's blind bag bag clip figures for a little while now. From the Godzilla to Masters of the Universe, they're a fun thing to collect. Even my wife has enjoyed the Mandalorian series. So of course I'd be happy to pick some of these up at Target, which these days has a pretty good blind bag selection these days.

I see myself wanting all of them. Though one thing about Monogram is they wrap the figures in a piece of card inside the bag, making it hard to bag feel the figures. So multiples are probably likely without codes. Really like Wheeljack and Soundwave. Grimlock and Bumblebee too. Barricade looks great, I really like the "G1" version of Police car Barricade. Barricade was in G1 already, but the Police car from the movies really stuck and this more traditional one just works man.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Pumpkin Light Your Way

I can't express just how important it is to have some sort of light when trick or treating. According to every psa leading up to Halloween is that you are completely invisible to drivers. Something about a car windshield makes trick or treaters invisible. Real talk, you need a light.

There's always that flashlight your mom keeps on her nightstand, but don't be ratchet. You need a specific Halloween light. I was always partial to glow sticks, and let me just tell you. You can tie some yarn to that sumbitch and make a necklace. Maybe one of those cool pumpkin flash lights. They do the job pretty well and let you represent properly. Top tier though, is the Pumpkin Light.

A more premium light that as you've noticed has dual uses. Either in place of a candle in your jack o' lantern, or around your neck. A pumpkin shaped medallion that puts off a blinking light ensuring near death by the way of Ford Taurus isn't in your future. The Pumpkin Light is a quality product that's gonna last for years. It's going to sit on your nightstand for awhile before being going in the closet for next year. When you'll buy another anyway. 

Star Wars In Fleets Of Mission

The Star Wars toy line has been around forever and still manages to have really neat toys. The new Star Wars Mission Fleet figures are definitely really neat toys. I missed out on their Toy Fair preview as it's near impossible to navigate a flood of news an event like that generates. It was through other mini figure fans on Instagram that I discovered them. Honestly, it's one of those things that it really takes a picture to give you a solid idea of just how cool these figures are. I'll try to describe them anyway. Because that's how blog posts about toys work.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pumpkin Spice Mayhem Begins!

Happy Halloween! What? It's too early? You're wearing a mask right? The annual Halloween celebration at Zone Base starts NOW! Normally my rule is to wait until Halloween stuff is on store shelves to start up my nonsense... and starting last year that began in June. Like I've said, Halloween stuff doesn't really start until halfway into August when the back to school rush is over... uh

It's been a weird year.

What's Halloween like on this site? You're probably well aware by now as it's undoubtedly the most popular time of the year around here, but in case it's your first time, I'll gladly explain. The site is about robots and monsters and all sorts of stuff, but imagine an all out assault of anything and everything Halloween while also being about robots and monsters and all sorts of stuff!

Old Halloween commercials, specials, and other random related (and usually weird) media while you sip that Pumpkin Spice latte and munch on those snack sized candy bars you bought at Kroger. Just like that bag of fun sized candy bars, I'll double dip with some of the classic stuff. It's too good not to! Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I can't wait to celebrate it with you. Three whole months of Jack O Lanterns, skeletons, black cats and bats, Frankenstein drinking Shasta, Garfield going trick or treating, Dracula saving the world. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

New this year is the official Zone Base Halloween Playlist. I can tell you're impressed. To be completely honest, I wasn't ready for Halloween to be over last year. So putting this together was one of the ways I let myself have some Halloween fun through the year. It's four hours of spooky season appropriate music that you can listen to anytime you want. Either here on the side bar (hey mobile users, there's a side bar on the desktop version of the site) or on Spotify. I'd like to think it's perfect for a Halloween party or a spooky day at the lake. It's a mix of old standby's, scary sounds, and a few I felt that just fit in. Kinda like that 'Happy Fall Y'all' sign your mom has on her door.

Happy Fall Y'all.

Bios- Treadshot

A gun is only as good as the one who holds it!

When someone needs shooting, he's the one the Decepticons call to pull the trigger! Treadshot can outdraw and outshoot any robot this side of the galaxy. And his partner Catgut, is more than a willing weapon. This snarling, ferocious, 4-legged beast eagerly turns into a powerful, fusion-powered particle blaster with pulse demagnetizer attachment. Like Treadshot, Catgut gets a blast out of his job.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Spirit Halloween 2020 Theme!

Nothing says the end of summer more than the clearance of pool noodles and the first looks at Halloween for the year! A fond tradition for pumpkin minded folks like myself is checking out what Spirit Halloween will have in order for us this year. I'm happy to say that this years theming is pretty great. The front entrance way will be 'Reaper's Island' a location from Spirit Expedition Company! I love a good old timey adventure club and a good Skull Mountain style location is a great place for the adventure club to meet their fates at.  For the record, all the images I'm using in this post are from the Spirit Halloween Wiki, and I suggest you spend a little time there.

The back theming of the store is 'Jack's Cave'. A super neat scary temple where many member's of adventuring clubs have found themselves sacrificed at. While the pandemic seems to have dictated this not be the walk through that past back themes have featured, it's still a pretty nifty display. I'll be sure to make another video of my local store like the one I did last year... though I'll make a point to not use some free editing software this time. Totes was having problems with my normal stuff and it didn't come out super great. Anyway, see for yourself below!

Transform Squadron 23- War For Walmart

Rob’s back for this August of 2020 edition talking about Siege on Netflix, and toys he wants at Walmart. Transformers, GIJOE, He-Man, and kaiju are all discussed as well as the incoming Halloween season. Also sneezing cats!

Monday, August 3, 2020

A Weekend Has Passed, Sadly

I'd act like I did very much this weekend... but I didn't. I did watch Siege on Netflix Friday (and finished it Monday) and enjoyed it quite a bit. I talk about it more in this months episode of Transform Squadron (which I also recorded Monday), but in short, I liked it. Really looking forward to the Earthrise season, but no clue when that'll be.

Saturday after getting home from work we went to Walmart to look for a few things. Considering we get our groceries delivered, it's just oddball things we go out for. I was hoping to find some new Masters of the Universe stuff, but alas, sadly it wasn't there. I don't know if it hadn't been stocked yet or if it had been cleared out. Considering the pictures in MOTU groups of dudes clearing out entire shelves in one visit, I'll never know.

It's mostly angering when I see the entire box of minis in the carts, that's what I want the most. Ghostbuster are still cleared out still, so I'm hoping a restock will allow me to get that Ray and Winston I need. Same bunch of Netflix Transformers on the pegs, leading me to hope the eventual clearance of Megatron and Sideswipe will be in my favor. We decided to go to the other Walmart 10 minutes away and while there I got Kong from the new Godzilla vs Kong line by Playmates.

Movie isn't due out until May, but they had a full shelf of toys. Not bad either, $10 for a standard figure. These aren't vinyl either, but outright action figures and I honesty like that. They make me think of TMNT figures in construction. They have battle damage similar Jurassic Park toys where a chunk of meat can be torn from the monsters in battle. Kong comes with a caveman style battle axe made from one of Godzilla's tail plates. That's awesome. Sadly neither Walmarts had Star Wars Mission Fleet figures, so I see a Target visit in my future. I do like those a bit.

Afterwards we went to Rack Room Shoes since we had a coupon and there was a sale on top of their normal BOGO deal. Got a sweet pair of new Reebok since they've been on my mind lately. I've noticed Reebok bags and socks at Walmart for back to school and keep wondering if other Reebok products will start showing at the store. A discount line or stuff like basketball shorts. I'd love something like $20 Reebok classics in a million colors.

That was pretty much it. We had Olive Garden take out for dinner and mostly chilled around the house the rest of the weekend. I had plans of doing some work on my room, but not doing anything for once since spring sure was nice. Had plans to grill out Sunday which became ordering pizza from Hungry Howie's as my Mom stopped by for a little bit.

Did some preliminary Halloween planning. We got a notebook to write all of our plans down while watching shopping videos of folks showing what they've found at their stores. I've been eyeing early leaks at upcoming Spirit Halloween stuff, and I love their theme this year. That'll be a post later this week along with that Mission Fleet one I forgot to do last week.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

LG Optimus

Sometimes I forget the more weird Transformers promoted items. During the heyday of the live action movies, there was the LG Optimus phones which of course had a promotional deal with Dark of the Moon. I had an LG Optimus for a while myself, though admittedly I bought mine for the low price during Black Friday sales at the time. It wasn't until I got it home that I noticed it was an Optimus.