Monday, January 18, 2021

Do The New Week

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Optimus And Freinds On Netflix At Walmart

Another of the Christmas gifts from my wife is the Netflix Optimus Prime set exclusive to Walmart. Like some of the others in this line, Optimus comes with some Battlemasters. It makes for a really cool set and still makes we wish the Netflix War for Cybertron series included them as well. 

Optimus is the Earthrise version sans trailer. It's a really good toy. I've talked about it here before and that didn't keep me from wanting it again. His slightly different colors make me think of that one G2 version. Which I've always liked. This is just a really good Optimus Prime, I kinda want them all.

Optimus comes with Battlemasters Sheeldron and Enerax. Sheeldron is a repaint of Soundbarrier whom I've also talked about here before in a really cool yellow scheme. Enerax is a repaint of Pteraxadon from Siege, whom I have but not talked about here before. I'm gonna rectify that now. I also wish there was a Battlemaster named Rectify.

Enerax turns into an energy axe or laser gun. What makes this neat is that his robot mode is a pterodactyl instead of your standard humanoid robot. It's always been pretty cool when Transformers have non-traditional robot modes like this. Enerax is also in that great yellow scheme like Sheeldron. Yes, those are some awkward names. I wish Enerax was Sundor. Another clear yellow bird Transformer.

The addition of the two makes for a more savage Optimus Prime wielding an energy axe and shield in battle. Mentally skipping past the Netflix series, I could easily see this team up on some cosmic adventure. It's visual says Marvel to me more than that War for Cybertron. I love this Optimus toy and partner figures with it just makes a lot of sense. There's literally nothing bad I can say about this set and a million good things I can. Go buy it.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

DDT Stands For The End

Masters of the WWE Universe is a weird toy line. I know I've talked about them before here, but it's one of those concepts I can't help but to describe each time. Are they wrestling figures or He-Man toys? 

Both. They're both. 

These are literally MOTU Origins toys with wrestlers as characters in an alternate timeline. I'd been really wanting to get a hold of the new Jake the Snake Roberts figure since learning about him. Jake is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time and I was instantly sold on him being in the MOTU ranks. Thankfully, the wife got me one for Christmas. Or as she said, she got me a weird old man toy.

Playing into his scary guy who carries around a snake gimmick, Jake is WWEternia's answer to King Hiss. In human form, Jake pretty much looks how you'd expect. With MOTU style armor decorated like his tights carrying his trademark snake. I'd like to think it's Lucifer, not Damien.

But remember, you can't trust a snake! By removing his armor and mask a reptilian freak is exposed! A reptilian freak with a mullet! I've mentioned a million times about how Masters of the Universe is a bunch of Halloween decorations. This is literally a toy of a person who removes his disguise to reveal a demonic true form. It's January, doesn't matter, trick or treat mother fuckers.

If you haven't gotten you hands on a MOTU Origins figure yet, let me explain one to you. Imagine all the charm of an original He-Man figure with modern day articulation. They're literally using Origins molds to make these with oddball WWE parts and whatever other stuff they have laying around. 

Jake might have the most original molding with his face mask and reptilian head. I'm sure the snake is from other figures. The armor is the same that came with Macho Man, but sans the additional chest plates for battle damage. I kind of wish he came with a weapon. The snake works, but a knife would have been perfect.

Jake is an obvious choice for a Snake Man on WWEternia. I really like the playing up of 'one with the darkness' into his overall presentation. Jake always seemed like that guy in a random episode of Tales from the Darkside. The shady dude in a silk shirt, cowboy boots, and was involved with a voodoo priest. Later who turns into a snake to kill the guy who wronged the voodoo priest. Or I guess that guy from the old PSA. Come to think about it, I always saw that during Tales from the Darkside. Dang.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Goopy And Spooky

Say 'Spooky Goop' just like the announcer.

Right now.


Another of the Christmas gifts from my wife was the super cool Megatron with Pinpointer and Lionizer set exclusive to Walmart. This is both winners with chicken dinner for me as I love toys with partner figures and the Siege Megatron mold as is. The more premium looking chrome paint on said mold is irresistible. This toy is part of the Netflix series and is intended to represent Megatron as he appears on the show. Considering how toy accurate the shows CGI models are, I'd say it does that pretty well.

It's a really good updated version of classic Megatron. It looks pretty much just like you want him to look. No he doesn't turn into a fucking gun. He turns into a tank like usual. You that saying "I remember when Mtv played music?" It's been longer since they haven't than they did. Things change, and sometimes it was a long ass time ago.

I really wish the Battlemasters were in the Netflix show. They're not, but they are in some of the sets. I love a good partner figure and here we've got a neat situation. Instead of just throwing some in their for Megatron to have, these are his captives. Just a little bit of toy only fiction, but it's appreciated. These two are being forced to serve Megatron. Considering their alt modes are weapons, that's some pretty dark stuff.

Lionizer is a catbot that turns into a sword and Pinpointer has a more traditional bot form that turns into a double barreled gun with some sort of cluster bomb attachment. That's the fun thing about Battlemasters. Instead of just generic guns, you get a variety of weapons. Like other Battlemasters, they come with action effect thingies. A swoosh and two pew pews. A Battle is getting mastered with flair.

If you haven't had any experience with this mold, he's quite the treat. Plentiful articulation and a transformation with just enough steps to please almost everybody. It's a pretty good toy all around and a great Megatron. So much a perfect Megatron that the only other character they could make with it is Archforce. That's not a bad thing though. Often they get so creative with Megatron designs, he could be anybody. So much so that you wonder why didn't they just make a new character. Having a Megatron that without any kind of doubt is Megatron is the perfect thing to do here.

In case it wasn't clear, I like the toy. It's a good looking version classic Megatron that 100% fits the part. From his fusion cannon to sword, he looks like a happy marriage of the old box art and cartoon made into a pretty great toy. The shiny chrome is offset by the 'battle damage' that I personally dig. Megatron has been through hell and it looks like it. He's fighting a War for Cybertron after all. I also love the inclusion of the Battlemasters. Partner figures is a toy gimmick I never get tired of and with the additional fiction of these being his captives just feels like something Megatron would do. The black and orange colors looks good on the little guys too. This feels more like something I would have gotten as some sort of convention exclusive rather than a store exclusive set. That's hard not to appreciate.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Disco Dracula On NBC

Why the hell not?

Boss Monkey

I've been pretty excited Kingdom toys to come out. I figured it'd be around March when they started showing up, so imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Optimus Primal at Target when running a few errands this morning. He was the only one out, so I don't know if I just got lucky or one found it's way out from the back. The rest of the section looks much like it did about two weeks ago. Well, aside from a fancy new section header. So maybe the rest will get stocked soon.

I was thankful to get him too. I love Transformers as a whole, but the beast era is without a doubt my favorite part. An updated gorilla Primal as part of the main line is just the bit of awesome I need to kick off what I hope to be a great year. 

Optimus is a voyager class toy who's a little smaller than they've been in the past. I recall reading somewhere that Kingdom toys would be, but mentally put it in the rumors section of my mind. Oddly enough he's about the size of a Beast Wars mega class toy, but more expensive than the ultra class. Which was what they called voyagers back then. Things change dude.

If you're new to Transformers, Optimus Primal isn't Optimus Prime and doesn't turn into a truck. He usually turns into a gorilla. Aside from his initial figure that is, which I really hope gets a core class update. This new toy is an update of the first gorilla Optimus Primal toy which he's most associated with. I've always liked the way this design looks. The mix of classic Optimus with King Kong is just fabulous. It just looks great.

In robot mode he looks ready to kick some ass. Big, beefy, and brandishing those trademarked swords. Speaking of those swords, Optimus retains his shoulder cannons and wrist guns from the original toy. He's missing that rad skull mace, however you can still get it separately. Primal has a lot of articulation, more than I initially thought he had. It's pretty neat and I'm sure those who pose their figures better are having a lot of fun with it.

Transformation is pretty easy. A common problem people had with beast era transformations is that they essentially stood up to transform. I don't have that problem, so I don't mind it. Just like Optimus Prime, Prowl, Bumblebee, and a lot of transformers before the beast era, Primal pretty much stands up to transform. You do adjust his limbs and twist around his hips to properly position them while arranging the back panels into place. The chest opens up to flip around his robot head and beast head out. It's pretty easy. I did have a little problem getting the beast head tucked away when transforming back into robot mode though. Not to the fault of the toy, I was just being a klutz. 

Those swords I talked about up above store on his back in beast mode. There may be another place more inconspicuous to put them, but a giant gorilla carrying swords is pretty hard to not want. That gorilla has some well sculpted hair and a much better face than the original. I'm pretty happy with this guy. I had been looking forward to this so hard that getting one practically made me shit my pants. Don't look at me like that. I had Pizza Hut. I'm pretty surprised to find these already at physical retail and I'm not complaining either. This is a good update to a classic toy and I really hope that positive lead continues. I'm super looking forward to more Kingdom toys and hoping mainline beast warriors are here to stay.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Attack Of The New Week

It's Monday and you know what that means? Mushroom people... I mean a new week here on Planet Zone! I've got a fun week of content planned. Thank you for reading and please share with your friends!