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Friday, September 17, 2021

Hey Creep, Pickup The Phone

If I were younger and somebody were to explain 1-900 numbers to me, I'd probably think they were making it all up. Even though I lived through the relentless commercials in the 80's and 90's... I still have a hard time believing they were a real thing. There was a lot of horror ones, especially around Halloween time. As much as I've never understood 1-900 numbers, this one does look fun. I love the production in general. I guess $2 is worth it for some spooky shit. Maybe for a rainy Friday night in October. Or at least a few spooky minutes.

Target Sold Me Buzzworthy Toys Like This

I was fortunate enough to finally find the new Origins Bumblebee recently. Happily so as I've been looking for him for a while now. For those not in the know, this is part of the Target exclusive Buzzworthy Bumblebee line. It's a new mold representing Bumblebee as he first appeared in the original cartoon before coming to Earth. They put War For Cybertron trilogy logos on the box, obviously implying the toy is meant to be a part of that series. Somebody in marketing must have been trying to flex. Hasbro recently started hosting the original cartoon on their YouTube and it's currently available on Tubi. So this appearance is readily available to view for free if you're not familiar with it.

It's no secret that I'm a Bumblebee fan. He pops up often on this site enough for regular readers to know. Aside from some Bumblebee fatigue around 2008-2012 when he was a little too abundant, I've always loved the little guy. This is a good figure of him. Like I said, it's based on his pre-Earth first appearance in the original cartoon and it's a pretty good representation of that. Both modes look right and honestly I don't have anything negative to say about it. He's pleasantly articulated and the transformation was pretty easy. BB's sporting his laser pistol you saw him shoot at those Seekers before transforming in that first episode. It's black, not grey like on the cartoon. That's going to bother somebody for some reason.

BB is sold as a deluxe, but is pretty small. I'd argue a little smaller than his Netflix deluxe toy, but I think with the alt mode kibble, it's similar in mass. To fill out the price point and his box, they've included the jet pack he used in Dinobot Island. Also in the box is the energy conductors him and Wheeljack were stealing when he first appeared like this. He can't hold them, but he's got them. Like the Cheetor that I talked about this week, his box doesn't have cellophane. I'd take a second to check out the toy before buying one. I really like this toy. Not just because it's Bumblebee, but also because it's a good toy. Go get one.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

What A Spooky Poser

This past Sunday morning I found myself in another Walmart than the one I shopped at Saturday. Of course I took the time to look at the Halloween section with the wife. Different Walmart's tend to have different stock and that's usually noticeable in the holiday sections. There's probably a reason for it, but I don't give it too much thought. I just don't care. I like the variety between locations. Each store is it's own thing despite being part of a big chain. Like I said, we were checking out the Halloween section and for the record, this location usually has great holiday areas. 

Each weekend they're getting a bunch of new stuff. It's fun to check it out and maybe get a cool surprise while doing so. Which brings us here today. Whilst looking around, I found a lone peg hook with articulated skeleton action figures for $3.88. It was just there, seemingly hung randomly with no actual spot to call it's own. I like to think it's supposed to go on one of those hanging strips and whoever just stuck it there. But there it was, cool as crap. So I bought one.

A Instagram friend pointed out it's a bootleg ReMent Skeleton that's been making the rounds. If you check the link, you'll see that's a $70 dollar toy. Holly crap, wow. You can imagine my surprise and apparently others as well after I pointed it out to others online. One guy pointed out that it's been in Big Lot's for a few years. I've never seen it, so maybe. On it's own, it's a pretty good figure. Lot's and lot's of articulation allows you to put it in a ton of poses. It is a bootleg, so the plastic quality isn't super awesome, but it'll do. It's not fragile or anything, so go ahead and put it in the Ironman pose.

Bee In The City Going Grocery


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♬ Music for the Wii - Ishike

I'm trying my hand at making little short videos on TikTok. I had been making occasional ones on Instagram, but really it's a site for pictures and not videos. So, I guess there's a Instagram and TikTok for more Zone Base. I can't promise what I'll make will be any good, but... well I can't promise anything. But I hope you all like what I make. I'm trying y'all.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The One Thing I'm Not Is A Scaredy Cat

Garfield's Halloween Adventure is really a special kind of ...uh... special. You see, most Halloween specials revolve around the regular cast participating in the holiday. Maybe they're going to a party, or trick or treating. One thing's for sure is the general reveal of familiar faces in their costume. Here we see Garfield convince Odie to come with him, watch them make their costumes, and go out trick or treating. That's already how most Halloween specials go. That would be the entire thing. Maybe somebody would learn a lesson or something. Not here, nope, Garfield and Odie do that BEFORE finding themselves stranded on an island in a haunted house. It's just the type of thing you want to happen on Halloween. Spooky shit of the finest caliber. Garfield's Halloween Adventure is just the best. The best spooky shit.

Riding A High Horse And Opening A Can Of Whoop Ass

Stridor and Fisto are such a natural fit that you wonder why sometimes He-Man is depicted riding the robot horse. Naturally the new Eternia Minis Stridor comes packed with Fisto and it makes for a perfect set of toys. At first glace you may think it's the same Fisto as the single carded version, but like Beastman there's a difference. It's a small paint variation. His belt is unpainted and he doesn't come with his sword. The individual version has a painted belt and the sword. It's minor, I know, but these little things count in a 'collect them all' style toy line. I'd like to get them all, but realistically am happy to complete the sets I'm working on (that Stratos is going to drive me crazy).

This is another reason I wish they came with stickers. I'd like to make a notebook with a page for each series I'm working on. Each character in the series would have it's spot, and when found, I could put it's sticker there. I'd have a stamp made that said something like 'complete' and stamp it at the bottom of the page when I completed the series. I got the idea from some keshi collectors whom make videos of hunting down the figures. Usually mini figures come with a check list to keep up with who you've found and who to look for. Eternia Minis come with a leaflet doing that... but man, imagine a book full of stickers. Dang.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Trick Or Treat, Your Breath Stinks

Whenever I'd get gum in my treat bag, it was usually some Double Bubble or Bazooka. Hubba Bubba or Bubble Yum if I was lucky. Wrigley's thought to throw their hat in the Halloween ...hat pile... and pitched some good old fashioned Wrigley's Chewing gum as a more 'wholesome' treat to give out. I can't fault them for it. It's a standby of the candy stand, everyone loves it. Even inside the pack, each stick is individually wrapped and the stuff is cheap. At least 5 sticks for a quarter. Starting to think about handing out Juicy Fruit myself!

Score One For This Deluxe Cat

Sunday I picked up the new Cyberverse Deluxe Cheetor figure. I also got a Cherry Vanilla Coke and a Bueno bar, but I didn't want to show off. Let's just focus on the cat. Speaking of, what a good kitty he turned out to be. Normally I prefer to focus on the other classes with Cyberverse. Warrior, Turbo Changers, you know the variety. It's not that I don't like the deluxe class, I do. I also buy plenty of it in Generations and enjoy the variety. Not to mention, like I've said before, I enjoy the old school nature of these simpler toys. With the design aesthetic of the more kid friendly lines, they really take me back to older robot toys. It's something I enjoy a lot. Am I crazy? Probably.

Cheetor really works for me here. Cyberverse gave him a more angular design, similar to G1 Predacons. While I love my Beast Wars, I admittedly have always dug that angular animal look and it looks fabulous here. As you could expect from a Cyberverse toy, it's a faithful character representation in the visual style of the series. Cheetor looks like you'd expect him to and turns into what you expect. They did give him some new gear. Dual energy swords similar to the scimitars he carried in Beast Machines and cool snap on armor for beast mode. Combined with the swords, the armor makes for a cool new look on an old design. The claws and helmet can be mounted on his robot mode as well. It's a nice little extra touch. 

Cheetor looks pretty great, and is well articulated. In all he's a pretty good figure. If I had any complaints, it would be his beast mode chest didn't hold together super tight. Or at least it didn't on mine. Another point of concern is newer Transformers toys are moving away from cellophane on the boxes. I don't mind that too much, however you really have to check your figure ahead of time to assure it isn't missing anything. I'd advise looking over the toy and in the box to be sure that you're getting everything that's supposed to be there.

Fortunately the little tie downs they use in packaging hold things in pretty well, but I saw one missing a cheetah head on the shelf. With shitty people in general you can never be too careful. Take an extra second to look over your purchase. Come to think about it, with Christmas around the corner... your loved ones may not know about this. Either let them know or be prepared to do some exchanges in the future. You never know if somebody trashed a toy on the shelf or stole a part. Some people suck.

I really liked this figure. It was fun to play around with in my living room while watching paranormal TV. Cheetor is one of my favorite characters in Transformers and I try to get as many of his toys that I can. Despite my issues getting his beast mode to hold together perfectly, it was still a pretty good cheetah. It's not exact, but it's similar enough to his toys that have came before. I transformed him mostly by muscle memory from those figures and that's not something I mind. The battle armor is a welcome addition and I thought it made him a little more badass. I would easily welcome several repaints of this mold. Score one more for this cool cat.

Monday, September 13, 2021

GeGeGe New Week

It's a brand new week here on Planet Zone and I've got a bunch of fun planned for the week. I didn't do a whole bunch this past weekend, just a trip to Walmart and Target on top of doing stuff around the house. Actually ended up at two Walmarts as my grocery pickup was Sunday at a different store. We also stopped by the Dollar Tree which should be getting new Final Faction figures soon. Looking forward to that. Just hope I can find the Master of the Universe mini figures there. It feels like I've been looking forever.

Speaking of dollar stores, there's been sightings of a NEW Halloween army set at Dollar General. There hasn't been a new set since 2018 and I've been really hoping it'd be a more regularly updated thing. I can't wait until my local stores start their spooky stocking. I grabbed a bunch of fun Halloween stuff at Target's dollar spot. They have these great build kits with colored skeletons. Super neat.

Walmart has these cool skeleton action figures in their seasonal area. Turns out they're bootlegs of a much more expensive figure. That's going to be a post soon. I was hoping to find this triceratops skeleton sold with the usual animal skeletons decorations. They're still stocking the section, so I'll just keep waiting for that one. I love these things, perfect He-Man/Battle Tribes monsters.

Speaking of Target, I usually get something Starbucks when I go. Word to the wise, vanilla bean frappuccino with about 3 pumps of strawberry puree. Amazingly good, tastes like a milkshake. I got a new hoodie while out. When you wear as many as I do it's a big production getting a new one. Usually involves donating older ones to the Goodwill. My new ones looks like a solid new addition to my arsenal and the ones departing are appreciated for their service. 

I still haven't found that Stratos Eternia Mini, and Fright Features are still impossible to find locally. It's pretty frustrating after waiting so long for them, but I'm glad to see them selling well. Eat it naysayers. Ghostbusters rule. I picked up Cyberverse Cheetor, the new deluxe version. I'm glad the line is sticking around, I love it. Hopefully I can grab some of the new Dinobots. They look amazing.

It's that time of year where I have to make a list to help out the wife and relatives for Christmas presents. There's a great new yokai story book I'm putting on that sumbitch. The upcoming Kitaro haunted house at Universal Studios Japan makes me wish collections of his manga were easier to come by. Love that guy. We decided to cancel our trip to the Florida park this year before I had my health problems. It was a hard decision, but at the time we thought it would be a good idea since covid keeps going up and down. We just thought it'd be a good idea, with delta and my recovery, it turned out to be. Well, time to run some errands. Thanks for reading Zone Base and thanks for your continued support. I really appreciate it and please share with your friends!

Also, would you all watch a TikTok made by me? I like making short videos on occasion and it's obviously the best place for them. Kinda debating it.

Friday, September 10, 2021

All Assembly And No Meatballs Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Everybody loves The Shinning, it's a great movie. Honestly, I like it better than the book. Stanley Kubrick replaced a lot of filler words with 5 thousand shots of Scatman Crothers answering the phone exactly the same way until they remembered to put film in the camera got it just right. In the end it resulted in a movie that really portrayed the pure hell Danny and his family went through. It's so well recreated in this commercial for Ikea, that I was expecting Jack to pop out of one of those displays at any minute! When doing the Halloween content here on the site I run across a ton of old local furniture store commercials. Usually it's just the store's owner wearing a Dracula cape and doing a horrible Bela Lugosi impression while pitching no interested for 6 months.