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Friday, April 23, 2021

Bios: Crossblades

Function: Ground Reinforcement

"A warrior is only as good as his weapons."

A hyperactive, overheated sky jockey. Talks constantly. Patrols Autobot headquarter perimeters with lightning speed, searching for Decepticon infiltrators. Only stops long enough to refuel and check his weapons. Armed with automatic 35mm machine guns, air-to-air missiles, and a searing thermal cannon. Also equipped with mid-flight refueling capabilities and cloaking device that makes him invisible. Transforms to supersonic dragster, equipped with high-speed turbo boosters and electro-jammers that disrupt enemy circuitry. Outer shell chopper equipped with metal-eating roto-blades. Combines with dragster to form ultra-sonic helicopter equipped with front-mounted magneto-ray that magnetizes on impact.

Godzilla Burns While Jet Jaguar Isn't King Kong

I happily found Playmates new Burning Godzilla and Jet Jaguar figures while at Target last Saturday. These are part of the 6.5" Godzilla line that was previously exclusive to Walmart. I've been a pretty big cheerleader for Playmates Godzilla toys and happy to see more. Playmates has seemingly improved their work on this line as these are soft vinyl figures closer in detail to a Bandai figure as opposed to the hard vinyl ones from earlier releases. At first glance, I honestly assumed they were Bandai reissues. A big step up from that Shin Godzilla.

Burning Godzilla represents the big guy as he appeared in Godzilla vs Destoroyah. Jet Jaguar is Toho's attempt at an Ultraman like superhero of their own before going with Zone Fighter. Jet Jaguar doesn't get much love here in the states, so I was pretty happy to get this toy. Hopefully this part of Playmates Godzilla line continues as I'd love more stuff like this at my local stores for pretty reasonable prices.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bios: Predacon

Birthplace: The Badlands, Planet Trilenium

Primary Specialty: Alien Tracking

Secondary Specialty: Arm Wrestler

A vicious Lunartix alien, PREDACON makes his living by capturing criminals and selling them back to the Galactic Authorities. If the authorities reject the criminals, Predacon imprisons them in his private alien zoo. This four-armed monster is loyal only to his tribal clan on planet Trilenium, and he's proud to wear its ancestral medallion on his chest plate, along with Lunartix hieroglyphics that are etched into his arm guards.

Not As Brightly Lit: Spooky Treats

Listen and Download Here!

Nothing says 'right now' like a look into some of this years upcoming Halloween food items!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bios: Razorclaw

Function: Undercover Attack

Capable of remaining motionless beneath a layer of sand, Razorclaw is one of the best quick attack specialists they've got! When enemies approach his hidden location, his powerful pincer claw shoots up through the surface to capture and impale victims with the claw's protruding cyber-spikes! Radar defeating shell armor allows him to stay cloaked from Maximal sensors. Blaster rifle in secondary in claw fires disrupter particles, temporarily paralyzing his unsuspecting prey.

Shit Slush Head

In the late 80's Mattel decided to refresh He-Man by taking him to space in 'The New Adventures of He-Man'. No longer fighting armies of living Halloween decorations on Eternia, He-Man finds himself fighting space mutants on the planet Primus (no relation). In the mini-comics, Skeletor takes control of the Evil Mutants and it's business as usual. In the cartoon however, Skeletor makes an alliance with the leader of the Evil Mutants Flogg. 

Slush Head is a swamp creature member of the Evil Mutants. The fish bowl on his head is full of swamp water to keep him alive when he's having new adventures with He-Man. In toy form this makes for a neat toy gimmick as do his tentacles. Looking straight out of a cheesy sci fi B movie he also is packing a matching laser gun that can double as an axe. If Slush Head can't shoot you, I guess he can cut your head off.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Bios: Divebomb

Function: Aerial Assault

"Conquer the skies and what's below you will fall."

He's like a kid at a candy store - always delighted by all the targets he has to choose from. Builds mecha-nests atop tall buildings and mountains; composed of late Model sports cars, wings of jets, theater marquees. Back-mounted rocket thrusters allows speeds of 300mph, 2000 mile range. Can see a dime from 10,000 feet. Has particle-beam rifle with infra-red sight, and laser-guided sword. Magnetism inhibits flying ability. With fellow Predacons, forms Predaking.

GIJOE In Discount Missions

On my birthday last month, the Mrs. ended my quest for the new Dollar Tree GIJOE figures I had talked about before. Taped to each present was one of the much searched for figures (and some Tiny Turbo Changers, but we'll discuss those later) and I was overjoyed. Today seemed like a good day to talk about them. I hardly ever plan anything on this site ahead of time. It's complete anarchy. Just chaos.

These are mini figures of GIJOE characters sold at Dollar Tree and other similar stores for $1 each. They're small, about the size of a M.A.S.K figure without any articulation. The sculpts are pretty nice and so is the paint. Destro probably got the worst paint job, with his exposed skin being the same shade of grey as the trademark mask. It's not terrible though, just a little better paint detail would go a long way. 

I think my favorite is the Cobra Red Ninja followed closely by Snake Eyes. They just came out the best in my non- snaked eyes. I really like this type of mini figures sold at Dollar Tree and other similar stores. Basic inexpensive figurines of characters I like. They've got a particular charm about them and there's a thrill of buying a handful of them for $1 each. I hope to see more figures released. I'd love wacky colored repaints.

Monday, April 19, 2021

It's Not A Curse, It's Just Monday

Looks like it's the start of a brand new week here on Planet Zone! There's a new episode of Not As Brightly Lit up for your weekly dose of something spooky. This is the first show that I've posted a old time radio show and it seemed to be pretty popular. If you like such a thing, there'll be more coming! Also, for readers who've used the email subscription service. That service has been discontinued. Until I find a replacement, I've removed the option from the site. I'm not sure how much longer it will work. If you just stop getting the email posts... I guess it finally stopped. Thanks to those of you who participated in it. Hopefully I'll get it restored sooner than later. I've got a fun week of posts coming that I hope you all like. Thank you for reading Zone Base and as always please share with your friends!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Bios: Windsweeper

Function: Air Defense

"Uninvited guests soon become smouldering wrecks."

Malicious and meticulous. Feels the sky is his home and that it should be kept "clean" of anything that flies. Notorious for shooting his fellow Decepticons. High-intensity heat generators in wings enable him to sear through solid steel. Also equipped with long-range infrared scanners, sensitive enough to find a lug-nut in a junkyard. Armed with two, lock-target, long-range laser cannons.