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Monday, March 1, 2021

It's Not A Demon Invasion, Just Monday

It's Monday, and you know what that means? That's right! Another week of robots, monsters, and misadventure here on Planet Zone! If you missed it, there's a new episode of Not As Brightly Lit for a little something spooky. I talk about a urban legend from my childhood and the day some friends and I took it on. I've got a fun week of posts planned for your eyeballs that just might scar you for life. As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to share with your friends!

Friday, February 26, 2021

Blurr Teaches At Bayside High

If I listened to other people regarding toys, I'd have probably skipped over the new Studio Series 86 Blurr figure. There's been a little derision regarding him due to factors like his arms and face sculpt. None of that bothers me much at all. I expect a little alt mode kibble and what's here is easy to ignore.

His face doesn't bother me. In the cartoon, sometimes it's longer than others. I think it looks fine, and to be frank, I'm really impressed with this toy. I picked it up at Walmart this past weekend and found myself looking at him while I walked around the store constantly. I've always really liked Blurr's colors. I know, I know... it's just two shades of blue and a little white. It also looks super sharp. There's elegance in simplicity. 

True to his classic design, Blurr turns into a Cybertronian race car. It's meant to be sci fi and represent the way off future of 2005. I suppose they envisioned in twenty years cars would only seat one or two and have enormous bodies. Blurr is also some sort of hover car and doesn't have wheels. It's cool looking.

Transformations is really easy. The legs fold up to form the car's backside while the arms form the sides with a few twists and folds. His torso makes up the canopy and front fender. Considering how compact everything folds up and how easily it does, I'm kinda amazed I got it right on the first try.

Blurr comes with the rifle he you saw him using often. I do wonder if some of these guys will get re-released with Targetmasters at some point. For a specific homage to his original animated appearance, it's a great accessory. He also has a welding tool attachment so you can recreate that scene. That's a nice little extra that could have been left out, but I find nice that was included. Both the gun and welding tool can be stored in car mode for an attack mode. I literally have nothing bad to say about this toy. I really like it. Prior to this my favorite Blurr toy was the Shattered Glass figure. I like the mold and just think it looks cool. This time they nailed it. It looks just like Blurr I've seen on my TV and happens to be a good toy while doing so. Twenty dollars well spent y'all.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Not As Brightly Lit: Suicide Hill

We've all heard an urban legend or two that's given us the spooks. This week, Rob talks about one from his childhood called Suicide Hill and the adventure to it's location one spring day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Hive Class Synthoid

"Synthoids are used in all Kharn operations and are not to be underestimated. They have very advanced technology, a synthetic biology, and are highly intelligent" 

Today we're looking at the Synthoid. These guys look like a cross between a shark and a space ship with some insect thrown in for good measure. The figure comes as you see here out of the package, but can be decked out with the Synthoid Pack accessory set. This gives you an alternate set of arms and back mounted gun pods for extra fire power. It's a pretty cool extra option.

I appreciate the far out sci fi look of Synthoids. The other two Kharn figures look like extras from Doom while these guys are classic B movie aliens. The colors are great, but like others in the Final Faction group... I want to see these guys in translucent colors. The Synthoid specifically would look great in random florescent transparent plastic. I could really see myself driving to a bunch of different Dollar Tree's and stocking up on all the different ones I could find. Maybe stop by McDonald's for lunch. Get a McDouble or two.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.

Sky Lynx Is Majectic Nonsense

Sky Lynx from Earthrise was another Christmas gift from the Mrs. He's always been one of the more neat members of the Autobots. You've got a space shuttle that transforms into some kind of dinosaur bird thing, while the booster pack/transporter thing turns into a lynx. The two robots then combine to form Sky Lynx, whom best can be described as something. But a specifically majestic something. He's makes no sense whatsoever and that specifically makes him perfect. Majestically.

This new figure is an extremely solid update. Bringing the original toy to the modern era with all sorts of fancy articulation and improving on the original toys flaws. It's pretty great and he'd tell you the same.

This is a pretty big toy with a bunch of different modes. Despite all of that he transforms really easily. It's a snap to convert everything into everything and combine those everythings into an new everything. He's a lot of things, but not a complex thing. That's a nice thing.

I'm particularly happy that the designers kept him as faithful to the original design as possible while updating him at the same time. Sky Lynx is such an individual, he needs to be stuck in his era. I can't imagine a sleeker version would look any better. Something this weird needs that big chunky 80's super robot aesthetic.

They gave Sky Link a big articulated neck and tail. He's always had a big neck and tail, but the articulation allows for a nice range of movement. My mental go to imagery for Sky Lynx is the episode 'Call of the Primitives'. He's portrayed more like a brontosaurus in that episode and this neck and tail make that more possible than his original toy. By that, I mean, he can actually be bent that way. 

Before anyone tells me a brontosaurs doesn't actually exist, neither does giant alien robots that turn into fifty thousand different things. But they should have feathers. Not dinosaurs, Transformers. 

In case all his different modes weren't enough, Sky Lynx has a base mode as well. Obviously it's meant for Micromasters to function as a base for. However I find it just makes a good launching pad for the space shuttle. Though I guess that would mean the Lynx portion would be left behind. That never stopped Omega Supreme though. It's uh... not a very realistic cartoon.

I do like the base mode a lot, even though mine didn't hold together very well. Admittedly I may not have stuck it all together right. There's a nice ramp that runs up to the shuttles canopy. Said canopy can open, even though it cannot actually hold anything. It's the thought that counts.

It's super hard not to like this toy. Big, chunky, and downright insane. He even comes with some of those plug in action effect thingies. They're all fire blasts. One big segmented one and three smaller ones. You can use them for the space shuttles thrust or Sky Lynx's fire breath. Their may be some other uses for them that I didn't notice.

Like I said directly above, it's hard not to like this toy. It's literally all toy and you can just sit and play around with him forever. There's a real visceral joy to a large dinosaur/space ship thing. Just want to fly him around the house for hours. Watch out for the cat.

Monday, February 22, 2021

The Strange Case Of A New Week

It's a new week here on Planet Zone! Like you I have a busy work week. The stress and pressure can really make a monster out of you! Fortunately I've got a fun week of posts in mind to make things better! There's a new episode of Not As Brightly Lit for your weekly dose of something spooky. ToyLanta is in a few weeks and I'm making plans. Dusty and I have been planning the Transformers panel, not to mention it'd be nice to go to a con again. Not sure how many people will brave it considering everything, but if you're there, feel free to say hi! As always, thank you so much for reading Zone Base and please share with your friends!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Blind Boxed Beast Mode

I had recently started noticing these new WWE Beast Mode blind boxes at Walmart and finally bought one this weekend. I'm glad I did, this is a neat little series. Imagine a stylized mini figure of a wrestler with a Pretender shell. Sounds pretty cool huh? That's exactly what you get with these and I'm definitely getting more. The shell is the 'beast mode' making your little wrestler a monster that's hard not to like.

Unfortunately the shell isn't articulated, but the wrestler is at the shoulders and hips. They're pleasantly rubbery and even have a cool blind box delivery system. The pull tag is a 'chain' that you rip off revealing a red cardboard crate. Tear that thing open to see who you got.

I paid around $5 for one and that's not bad. Unfortunately the cool Undertaker in the picture I used above isn't in the currently available series 1. There's a code system to ensure you don't get a million Triple H's thankfully. Just look at the bottom of the box and you'll see a code above the UPC. The last letter dictates which is inside (I got a Rock).

A: Braun Strowman
B: Finn Balor
C: Becky Lynch
D: Roman Reigns
E: Triple H
F: AJ Styles
G: Daniel Bryan
H: The Rock

Friday, February 19, 2021

The Scourge Tracker

I was lucky enough to stumble across Scourge from the new Transformers Studio Series 86 line. As opposed to normal Studio Series figures, the 86 line focuses on the original 1986 Transformers movie. Bringing nicer quality versions of the cast to store shelves with very screen accurate toys. Paired up with some of the non-beast Kingdom figures being released, this makes for a very good looking movie cast update. 

I've always liked Scourge. Visually, he's the transformers version of an evil sorcerer from your brothers Dungeons and Dragons books. In the 90's a fan described him and Cyclonus as wizard and knight bodyguards for Galvatron. I could never forget that mental imagery to this day. His beard, wings, pointy fingers, and collar just help give him an evil look. 

Toys of Scourge never really nailed his classic look from the movie and following cartoon seasons. They've come close. I think until the Titans Return toy, the closest was the Titanium figure. I really liked that one.

Scourge's transformation is pretty simple, though it doesn't look like it is. Head folds down into his chest, legs up, and his arms lay down his side by way of weirdly placed hinge at the shoulders. As you'd expect, those evil wings are the sides of his alt mode. Which is a spaceship that looks like a boat.

The term cybertronian hovercraft has been thrown around a lot, and it originally was intended to be a land based mode. I prefer it as a spaceship though. It's weird and funky looking. If the space robot devil changes some corpses into new servants, they should be weird looking. Dammit.

Scourge's rifle doesn't hide anywhere within his cavernous space ship, instead plugs onto the side. That's the closest thing I can find to a fault on this toy. I don't even mind it, but the point is a screen accurate depiction and that wasn't where he had it in alt mode. Also included is one of those special effects thingies that plugs onto his gun barrels for laser blasting effects action. It kind of looks like a cross between a loogie and a drill bit. I guess it kind of looks like his particular laser blasts in the movie.

This is an awesome toy. It looks just like how I'd think a toy of Scourge based on his 1986 movie appearance should look. Not just that, but it's specifically sharp. It's nice looking. I used italics because I fucking meant it. Upon seeing it at Target, my wife was very vocal about how cool he was and insisted that I get him right then and there. 

I hope to get more if not all of these new Studio Series 86 figures. I'm from that generation of Transformers fans who held the original movie up to an untouchable standard back in the day and kinda still do. Despite how many of these guys I already have, it's nice to have screen accurate figures of the cast specifically meant to represent that particular benchmark. 

The box also states he was made from Thundercracker. Somewhere there's a giant argument over that.


Thursday, February 18, 2021

Not As Brightly Lit: Seen And Not Hurt

There are many, many, many dangers associated with trick or treating. So many that the topic of safety is as much a part of Halloween as plastic fangs. This week, Rob talks about the importance of flashlights and reflective tape.