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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Lupinkaiser and Patokaiser are swell

I really like Lupinranger vs Patoranger. Really hope Hasbro makes it a Power Rangers series one day so I can get the toys for a good price (man I'd love to get my hands on these). I particularly love Lupinkaiser's combination lock themed transformation. It's just so dang clever and imaginative.

For the cost of a Legion...

I'm going to invent a time machine and ...

Burger King Trick or Treat saftey commercial

When I first saw this commercial a few weeks ago, I was a little amazed. I mean... that flashlight had to have cost as much as a kids meal and they were just giving them out!?!?!?!?!!

Monday, September 17, 2018

What the heck did I do this weekend?

This weekend was pretty chill. The wife and I did our weekly shopping Saturday morning when I got home from work, leaving the rest of the weekend relaxing around the house. We stopped by Target to look at all the cool Halloween stuff they'd put out since last weekend. On the Transformers front they still hadn't stocked the last wave of Primemasters or Optimal Optimus. They did have Shadow Striker and Grimlock from Cyberverse in the larger $20 scale. I plan to get those, just didn't right then. I've got a few items coming from online purchases and I really don't like to spend too much at a time. Most notably from my online purchases coming is the bucket of monsters pictured above. I don't know what type of toy you technically call a green army man, but toys along that type are something I'm very fond of and jump on the more random assortments. In the past I've gotten great selections of robots, ninjas, zombies, skeletons, pirates, and all sorts of wacky designs. This set is really amazing. It's a large tube full of various monsters like Frankenstein, the Wolfman, Godzilla, and all sorts of cool monsters. It's coming Friday and honestly I'm having a hard time waiting. We also picked up out Walmart grocery order as well as a trip inside to peak the Halloween stuff. A nice supper from Zaxby's and a great weekend at home.
Some stuff did come to my attention over the weekend. Just as I completed the first wave of scouts from Cyberverse there's been reports of wave 2. Now, there's just 3 figures I need from this set as I already have Bumblebee. I'm looking forward to the cool recolors of the Starscream mold for Windblade and Slipstream, though I'm a little hesitant to fiddle with them. My Starscream's wings kept popping off and his left arm was pretty loose. I'm hoping I don't have that same issue with these two jets here. The QC issue was a bit of a bummer for me as I've mentioned it's the recolors that make little toys like this fun and I'm betting the jet mold is going to get the most mileage. I really don't want to have the same issue with a million jets.

Pictures of the upcoming Battlemasters in packaging went about the internet this weekend and man do they look great. The package art with the neat SIEGE logo makes it looks like a game for the SEGA Genesis. Just super sharp packaging. Despite the negativity floating around online around Siege (I just don't get it), I'm really looking forward to it. This looks like a great time.
Mega Construx has been showing off their new Breakout Beasts blind package line and I think they look swell. Little monsters and dragons in an egg with slime... what's not to love? I'll be sure to jump on these when I find them.

Friday I finally figured out what Instagram TV is despite it being as thing for a few months now. Despite being a regular user of Instagram, that one just passed me by. It's pretty neat and I plan on using it semi-regularly. I had tried on doing some sort of vlogs using YouTube but I just can't put into words what went wrong there. For some reason Instagram TV makes more sense in my head, so be sure to check out my Instagram page for updates (links are in the about section... mobile users, click the full web version down at the bottom of this page for the links) and go ahead and follow me as I posts regularly there. I don't know if I want to call it my photo blog, but it sure is something.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Repost- Transform Squadron episode 1

For the Weekend Crowd:

After some introductions, Rob talks about the Dollar Tree Robots toy line! He then talks the Power Rangers 25th anniversary episode, the upcoming conclusion of Voltron Legendary Defender, and thoughts on new Transformers stuff! Robots/Monsters/Misadventure

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Showtime Halloween Make Up commercial (1988)

I've made my fondness for Halloween make up kits known pretty often, so obviously it's something I have something to say about. My local stores have been slowly putting out the seasonal stuff, finally telling all the back to school section to beat it. I guess it takes so long because the first month of school is always the non stop battle of teachers not approving of any of the supplies you got, despite the list of supplies the school gave your parents. But the first things on shelves are candy with a smattering of decorations and costumes before the stock starts going out in full force. The make up kits are usually in that initial batch of first out. Just the simple stuff first. Budget kits, a few tubes of various colors, and then wham the more deluxe kits.

Last week I was enjoying looking at the kits that were already on shelves and man, no matter how many times I get disappointed by that tube of glow in the dark make up (Why does it only seem to glow when it's in the tube?), there I am... in awe. This commercial for Showtime make up (a more prominent brand at the time) is intended for adult costuming. Which brings something to mind that I've always noticed. When I was a kid in the 80's and into the 90's these adult kits always seemed to market those metallic face designs. I don't think I've ever actually seen it in real life outside of commercials and packaging. Did anybody actually do that?

Vampire/Witch/Devil, sure. Animal face, yeah there's always those. Skull or ghosty face pretty often, with occasional variations on face paint color. Metallic faced person? Nope.

Friday, September 14, 2018

I just like saying Botbots

This has nothing to do with Botbots...I don't think
Those Transformers Botbots have popped up in the news again. I'm totally happy for more blind bagged stuff, but really want to know more about them. I looked at the Trademark for them and it looks like they transform in some manner. So... I guess they transform. I don't know if they're a new extension of Tiny Turbo Changers (still need the newer series on those, wonder if they'll eventually show up at Five Below?) or something all together new. I've often wondered if G1 style toys in blind bags would be a hit, they were in WST, but that wasn't at my local Walmart... that would have totally sold well at Walmart.

It'a kind of funny that a new blind bagged series is on the way, as I've been formulating a plan involving them. I'll go into that more later as it's silly to talk about here and better to just randomly do and post (hi Authentics hunt post!). Though I've been watching a lot of Gashapon videos on YouTube. I love Gashapon machines and am eternally jealous of Japan for having them in such abundance. I used to shop at a comic shop that had some set up and that was always a good time. Not to mention those fun nights in my early 20's of driving to every grocery store with a pocket full of quarters and buying as much vending machine toys as I could find (sssoooooo many Homies figures).

Blind bag and box toys are kind of like that, but I just buy them from a store. Five Below and Walgreens are really great places for those. Sometimes they can be a belly punch though, ever buy a $12 blind box toy and be COMPLETELY disappointed with what you got? I sure have (man... that was 10 dollars...). I know your encouraged to trade them, but I almost never get around to it. The wife does. She collects Tsum Tsums and often trades them online in various Tsum Tsum groups to great results. I think the bulk of what she got me for Christmas last year was paid for by selling off extra Tsum Tsums. That's Tsum luck right there. I almost forgot how to spell luck just then.

The most I did of that was the old Bubble Twist Transformers figures from around 2003-2004. Bubble Twist was a really neat little candy line with little capsules full of gum that you twisted out like a Play-Doh fun factory. Inside each capsule was a mystery toy... obviously the Transformers ones had Transformers toys. They were these great little keshi type figures of the Armada TF's in a variety of colors. I mainly wanted one of each, not really worrying about the colors while a friend wanted one of each in each set of colors. Somehow I ended up with extras in all sorts of colors... and he usually needed those. That was a cool thing, wish they made it again. I guess those Robots in Disguise waters are sort of similar, though I got discouraged. I wanted the little figurines and just kept getting pencil toppers.

So I'm all in for Botbots... even though I don't know anything about them. Mystery toys are fun.