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Friday, March 23, 2018

Tickets Uprising!

Earlier tonight, my wife purchased our tickets to Pacific Rim Uprising and boy are my arms tired. Mostly because of me flapping them around like crazy in excitement. I was a little peeved by the lack of listings at my local theaters to purchase them ahead of time, but then like a sudden Uprising of awesome all the theaters suddenly posted showtimes! We bought our tickets in what the theater calls 2D Extreme which I'm assuming means a better sound system, and that's totes ok by me!

My excitement is near catastrophic levels, I've been waiting for this ever since the sequel was first announced as Maelstrom. Pacific Rim when it hit in 2013 was the perfect storm and completely blew me away. It was like a religious experience, I was telling people about this movie I saw that was amazing. Going in a fan of robots and kaiju and witnessing an amazing big budget love letter to all things super robot, tokusatsu, kaiju, Saturday morning cartoons performed to perfection was a game changer. It took me awhile to accept that my long time favorite movie, Halloween (1978) had been knocked off it's throne in my head space. It had been so long that Halloween and Transformers the movie (1986) had occupied a shared ground in that favorite movie category in my mind that I ... had to come with terms with it.

So with the long awaited sequel coming (releasing tonight, but work schedule and you know, I can't buy things like movie tickets without a job) and my viewing Saturday afternoon (I'll sleep like 3 hours after work and drink a ton of Monster before seeing Gypsy Avenger punch a ton of monster) I am probably unbearable to deal with in levels of giddy.

I might shit my pants.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A little 3 step on the beach

Yes it's meant for children (toys? nah) and the toys are simple children's toys (what kind of world do we live in where...), but you know what? This commercial is great. Steeljaw just comes out of the sand like a monster and Bumblebee throws him in the water all while a kid looks on (and should have taken cover). That little 'yeah' from Bumblebee should have been followed by a high five or fist bump with the kid though. Sounds silly, and it is, but that old bit in the G1 commercials where the kid said 'robots in disguise' with the robot voice was often imitated on the playground.

Besides, who wouldn't like a high five?

Shattered Glass Sideswipe

There is only one rule now; revenge
Once part of Prime's elite Seeker unit, Sideswipe was feared as the most ruthless of the trio. Drench, the team's leader, believed that there should be a balance between a stern hand and compassion. Though there was a difference in philosophy between the two, there was also a mutual respect. However, for Optimus, these were not traits he found appealing in his sub-commander and when the opportunity arose, he had Drench killed. Sideswipe, though ruthless, was loyal and did not agree with the fate that had been dealt to his fallen leader. Sensing a conflict in Sideswipe's "loyalties," Prime let Sideswipe walk into a staged ambush in which he and a fellow Autobot were left to die. Though the companion, who had been there by mistake, was killed, Sideswipe survived and ended up being accepted into the ranks of the Decepticons. While Sideswipe fights for different reasons than his new comrades, he fights nonetheless. As a tribute to his former commander, Sideswipe has taken the colors Drench once bore as a constant reminder to Prime that vengeance is coming

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Somebody got it

An annoyance as a Pacific Rim fan is the person who just doesn't get it. No, not the person who may not be a fan or it's just not their thing, the person who just doesn't get it. The robot or kaiju fan who just compares it to other similar properties amd dismisses it with flippant and arrogant remarks. I try to just ignore them as it's usually the best policy, but it does get a little grating at times. Fortunately theirs the occasional little bit like this that 100% nails it.

Max Team Form Up!

Last week I briefly mentally compared Zenon to God Max, which resulted in having God Max on the brain. I spent a little time with mine afterwards, and what a great toy. Ok, mines a Family Dollar knock off, and so is most of my Brave toys. I think my Death Garry Gun is the only legit Brave toy I own. The rest being knock offs bought from various discount stores in various forms of quality. My God Max is pretty good actually, I think you can still find it at Family Dollar stores (comes in a set for about 15$). Decent quality (some loose bits, but it's a knock off of a 20 something year old toy) though the colors are off, which happens with discount store knock offs.

Fun toy, Brave toys are essentially G1 Transformers under a different line name and it shows. Takara decided to work on a  new venture and let Transformers cool, which resulted in a very Transformers show and toy line called Brave (think late Japanese G1 and you've pretty much got it). It's really neat to show someone who isn't familiar. First there's TF mold reuses in the line, which gets a few laughs, then you show them the newer mold toys for the line and their mind just blows.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Goldar is a badass

Can we just address the elephant in the room? Goldar is a complete bad ass. Just look at him, LOOK AT HIM. He can kick your ass by just looking at him. I think the most legitimate complaint with the Power Rangers movie is in that Goldar was mishandled. Sure, he was cool, no doubt, but there's no comparison to the real deal.


Think before you shoot, but shoot before you're shot!
With more moves than an all-pro halfback, this clever, cool-headed daredevil is equally adept at combating Decepticons or calculating the coefficient of friction for a rocket booster. Paired with Lionizer, a roaring raging bundle of overheated circuits who can change into an atom-smashing blaster at the drop of a microchip... unless Rad can cool his engines first.