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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Kong Is King And This Toy Is Pretty Good Too

Playmates new Godzilla and Kong toy line is starting to show up at my local stores. My wife snuck a few of them into my birthday presents last week with much appreciation. Kong here represents his appearance from Skull Island in the standard line, while there is a larger figure available as well (I'm getting that too, no worry). I'm admittedly smitten with the Monsterverse's version of Kong, but dang I love this toy. While the Bandai toys that preceded Playmates line were sofubi figures, these new toys are outright action figures similar to the Trendmasters line from the 90's. I have noticed Playmates reissuing some of the Bandai sofubi toys, so maybe they're doing some distributing for Bandai as well. I'd love that.

Kong is roughly in scale with the standard kaiju figure around 6-7". He has a solid hard plastic body with a more rubbery plastic for his arms, legs, and head. Think of the build used in a 80's He-Man figure and you're not far off. Kong's arms and legs move classic swivel joint style like a Kenner Star Wars figure and now I'm imagining him driving an X-Wing. Not too shabby. His feet also swivel helping to stabilize him while standing. Those long gorilla arms can throw off the weight a bit. His head is on more of a ball joint allowing for a greater range of movement. This may not seem like much, but thanks to his nice head sculpt, it adds a lot more personality when having Kong look around.

I have a hard time not loving Kong or Godzilla as is. I literally feel my chest swell with happiness whenever the subject comes up. The amount of exhilaration I felt as I was playing with this toy, let alone talking about it now, is off the charts. I'm really happy Playmates took over the license. Not that I didn't love what Bandai has been doing, it's because I'm so happy with this toy. I'm excited for the line in general and look forward to more releases. When the Kong Vs Godzilla movie comes out, I might go nuts grabbing figures. I've seen a few leaked pics and man they look great.

Military Patrol Patrols, Sleeping Patrol Sleeps

For a site named after a Micromaster base, I sure haven't talked much about the new Micromasters that have been coming out. Yeah, what's up with that? Anyway, the new Earthrise Military Patrol brings updated versions of Growl and Bombshock from the original Military Patrol. I love them so.

These newer Micromasters have a lot in common with Mini-Cons from Armada. Similar build and construction. This isn't too surprising as Mini-Cons were basically a return to Micromasters at the time. It makes for a nicer toy with more moving parts versus the limited articulation of older Micromasters. They were tiny G1 toys, it's kind of amazing they had joints at all. Thankfully with more modern toy advances, Growl and Bombshock can move a lot more. 

These newer Micromasters have a combining gimmick were the two figures in the pack form a gun or other weapon kinda sorta. It's a nifty way to work such smaller toys into a line with much larger toys aside from the base modes. Not to mention, they pair well with the similarly sized Battlemasters by doing so. I keep forgetting about this though and forgot to take a picture. Thank goodness for Google images huh.

Being Micromasters, I unfairly love them. I'd probably (would) kill a fool over them. They're wonderful. Though I'm sure a few are probably bothered that a patrol is a 2 pack now and not a 4 pack like in G1. Times change, they didn't cost 10$ a patrol back then either. It is what it is. I hope the other two members will find release by way of repaint in a gift set ala that awesome Target Micromaster set from last year. I got so much more from that than I ever did from a BotCon set. Target's pretty awesome.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Transform Squadron 020 – Henshin Gorilla

This month Rob talks about Playmates Godzilla toys and Vigilante by Irem. He also rambles about Ghostbusters toys and stuff he got for his birthday. It’s a rambling sort of time.

Grapple With Thee


Another one of the Earthrise Transformers my wife got me for my birthday was Grapple. I was really excited to get him as the Grapple/Inferno mold holds a special place in my heart. I just love it, know what I mean? With Grapple, the toy designers started with the original Diaclone toy and worked up. He looks and feels just like the original toy upgraded. Which I just love. I've heard the complaints that newer Generation toys are basically G1 with knees... which is the idea...

Grapple turns into his traditional mobile crane alt mode. It looks great and like Starscream everything just went together naturally. It's really awesome just how good this toy is. Great robot mode, fun truck mode. I'm just a little amazed just how great Earthrise is turning out to be. There's been homages to G1 toys before... but these just NAIL it. I used bold there, because I meant it.

One could argue that the Masterpeice toys do it better, and while they look a lot nicer (they're like a hundred something dollars, they should), I'm way more impressed with these. The transformations just seem like a natural evolution of the original designs. If I'm buying an upgraded version of a old toy, I  want it to feel like the old toy upgraded.

A nice touch is the additional rigging equipment that can attached in both modes. My brother is a crane operator and I remember watching these in use while giving him a ride to work when his truck was broken down. It's just an extra bit of play value that adds a bit of realism to the crane. Not to mention, the original Grapple/Inferno mold had additional parts you could use in place of the hands in robot mode. It's nice to see a throwback to that. There's a nozzle attachment on the side of the truck that can also be used in this manner... which I didn't take a picture of. That gives you a much more traditional Grapple with his nozzle hand. Man, I love this toy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

King Kong Escapes

Screaming To The Stars

Among the birthday presents from my wife last week was Earthrise Starscream. While I wasn't the biggest fan of his Siege toy (loved the way it looked, just not so much the execution), this I like quite a bit. Seeming like they took the 2006 Classics mold and worked from there, Starscream just works like you expect him too. He's a voyager scale toy, and he really feels more like a voyager toy of old. Bigger and heftier.

Starscream kinda just transforms himself, he just naturally goes into his jet mode. This is a brand new figure and my first time playing with it since getting it last week, but I automatically knew exactly what to do. Either it's from 36 years of Transformers, or just a well executed toy. I'll go with a mix of both.

Starscream turns into his classic jet mode and looks great in both modes. He's exactly what you have in mind when thinking of traditional Starscream. That's what Earthrise is all about, 100% what you have in mind when you think about traditional looking Transformers. It's like the classics model on steroids. It's nice having all these Diaclone designs refreshed and I anticipate seeing quite a lot of customs converting them into those older incarnations. They're also great toys. I fiddled with this guy for seemingly forever today.

I've been admittedly having a little Seeker fatigue the past few years, opting to get just a few of each as opposed to tracking down each one released in a new mold. I'm not sure if I'll go whole hog here, but that Target two pack with Thundercracker and Skywarp looks a lot more tempting now than it did Friday. This is a good Transformers toy. If I have any complaints, it would be in transformation, I had a little hang up with his arms. That was my fault though, not the toys. Nothings perfect, but so far I've played with a few Earthrise toys and have found them all to be near it.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

New Transformers Earthrise Target Exclusives

Transformers: Generations -- War for Cybertron: Earthrise WFC-E30 Decepticon Clones 2-Pack
(Ages 8 and Up/Approx. Retail Price $24.99/ Available 7/24/2020)

Here comes double the trouble! The Decepticon Clone figures, Pounce and Wingspan, come together in this one exciting pack. Inspired by the classic G1 cartoon, these figures are brothers with twin robot modes, both standing at 3.5 inches. The vicious infiltrator, Decepticon Pounce, converts to puma mode in 9 steps and the driven Decepticon data processor, Wingspan, converts to eagle mode in 7 steps.

Build the Battlefield Beyond -- The siege is over, but the War for Cybertron has just begun. The Autobots and Decepticons have left Cybertron, but their battle rages on as they speed through space in pursuit of the Allspark. Now, fighters must instantly adapt to battle anywhere in the cosmos. With the advanced A.I.R. (Adaptable Interconnection Retrofitter) Locks system, fighters don’t head to the battlefield -- they become it. Bots capable of converting into Modular Battle Stations can A.I.R.-Lock together in custom configurations to fit the needs of battle. Available at and in-store 7/24/2020.

Transformers: Generations -- War for Cybertron: Earthrise WFC-E29 Voyager Seeker 2-Pack
(Ages 8 and Up/Approx. Retail Price $59.99/ Available 7/3/2020)

Add key Seekers to expand your Seekers army collection! Skywarp and Thundercracker join the Earthrise Seeker lineup in this special Seeker 2-pack! Standing at 7-inches, the Decepticon Seekers, Skywarp and Thundercracker, convert into classic G1 jet modes in 30 steps and each come with 2 Null Ray blaster accessories that attach to the figures in both robot and jet mode.

Thanks to Rogers & Cowan for providing Zone Base readers with this news.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Friday Night Frights- Halloween Party (1953)

It's Friday, and you know what that means around the base? Friday Night Frights, where I disguise a video as a post! We're all still walking around in masks, in fact, now it's getting mandated in some areas! I swear we didn't usher in a early Halloween...because this sucks and Halloween is awesome. But we could all use a little extra fun right now and what better way than one of my specialties? I've double dipped some of the videos before, I admit. I posted this last Halloween. I figure there's a fair amount of time in between postings when it's fair game again and hey.. who cares right?

This is Halloween Party, a school film allegedly from 1953 that... I really have no clue about it's purpose. There's no safety tips or anything. Just a little production of a family celebrating Halloween and their dog Shep who causes some trouble. There's actually a shorter version of this that cuts off as the family goes to bed, while this the longer version goes into an adventure with costuming. I initially thought Shep gets rabies and attempts to kill the children at the end... but on further viewings have noticed something. If you skim ahead to minute 6:03 it becomes clear. Shep is clearly targeting the kid with racist costume. Get 'em Shep!

Bios- Micromaster Rescue Patrol

True victory can only lie in the ability to locate and mend the injured.
This fearless foursome braves the heaviest combat fire on land and sea to perform their assigned tasks. Fully equipped to administer emergency aid under the most adverse conditions: Seawatch has over-the-horizon radar and towing capability; Stakeout has a state-of-the-air communications dashboard; Fixit is outfitted with repair bay and life-function monitors; Red Hot contains fire-retardant chemical foam.

What The WWF

These day's I'm mainly an AEW fan, but back in the day I would switch the channel between WWF and WCW basking in the glory of both companies. The wrestling video games during that time were pretty great as well. I vastly preferred WWF Superstars and WWF WrestleFest in the arcades, but they were long gone by the time WWF Wrestlemania hit my local arcades in 1995. When the home console versions came out, my Genesis found itself occupied with the likes of Lex Luger and The Undertaker. It was a good time. Something I was able to do at home that I couldn't at the arcade was beat the game... and that's what we're here for today. Brace yourselves.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Bios- Bumblebee (K-Mart Legends)

The least likely can be the most dangerous!
A free-wheeling, fun-loving Autobot. This formerly tiny titan is now bigger and better than before. Forged of reinforced titanium armor and equipped with multi-band radio transmitter and thermal tracking meters. Also armed with X-ray lasers in headlights that can burn through solid rock. Entire frame and chassis refortified for added endurance and fighting power on the battlefield. Armed with laser pistol in robot mode.


Wear A M.A.S.K, Drive A Truck

M.A.S.K was a really cool toy line featuring transforming vehicles by Kenner. I've talked about it before and you've probably had your own share of fun with it. This commercial with live action actors just jives with me right now. Probably because I've been putting on my face mask often. It's a triviality of the current situation, but man. I feel like I'm gearing up for action when I get up from my desk and go to the break room for some coffee. It's a little chilly today, so a little while ago I put on my hoodie and mask when I needed to leave my office for something. Had to gear up, naw meen brah? If the mask didn't cause my glasses to fog up I'd wear it driving home.