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Friday, April 19, 2019

The Other World was out of this world

Are you sure that's not a Halloween decoration?
When I was talking Shogun Warriors I mentioned discount stores and Arco toys. Arco Toys was a toy company (in case the name wasn't obvious enough) based in Hong Kong that made a lot of (guess what) toys that were generally in discount stores and other non-traditional places like drug and grocery stores. Hasbro didn't make Authentics back then, so maybe you'd find some close out older name brand toy... but more often it'd be one of these off brand lines. But that's not a dig, there's gold in those weird brands.

The Other World was such gold, a weird fantasy line when fantasy was all the rage thanks to He-Man and Star Wars. With packaging that looked like a heavy metal album and toys that looked like Halloween decorations mixed with just enough neat factor... The Other World was pretty great.

If you noticed from the picture of Castle Zendo, the figures are all standing with their arms outstretched. That's because they literally had no articulation as you traditionally know it. They were rubber bendy figures, the kid with a wire skeleton. Which of course resulted in eventual wire snaps creating arms in permanent 'gimme a hug' poses. A small inconvenience then the lizard man figure came with hell yeah awesome glow in the dark accessories. My love of glow in the dark stuff knows no bounds and in fact could be other worldly no damn pun intended. I lied, I totally intended it.

Figures came in a variety of ways. Solo figures with two of those little rubber weirdos. Extra weapon packs with rubber weirdos. Double figure packs with maybe one rubber weirdo. Monsters with a rubber weirdo. Big gift sets full of figures and monsters with rubber weirdos. No matter how you bought it, you were getting those little rubber weirdos and damn well like it. The orange weirdos are Jipps, basically little good guys to give your heroes support. The purple weirdos are Mogs, little jerks that work for the bad guys.

The Other World was a weird and wonderful toy line that didn't cost much. That's a recipe for sucess that doesn't come around as often as it should. The next time you're at that odd discount store picking up some random thing you need check out the toys. Sometimes there's a little rubber Halloween decoration trying to pass itself off as an action figure. How can you possibly ignore that?

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Shogun Warriors are pretty metal

Earlier when talking about the Shogun Warriors kaiju, I mentioned the smaller die cast figures. Those are the Shogun Warriors toys I had as a kid. Sure the moment for the line had past, but being from those working class roots meant I often got toys from a discount store. These days discount stores usually have a specific version of mainline toys made particularly for that market with a little peppering of off brand goods. Then, however, you had a ton of off brand goods and a smattering of close out buys. So here I was in that preschool (I initially misspelled that and the spelling suggestion was pee school) age at some random shopping trip in between holidays and birthdays either going home with something made by Arco or one fateful day... Shogun Warriors.

I had no clue who Dragun or Poseidon was, but dude they were neat! They soon joined the forces of Darth Vader who now had whoopass robots to fight Luke Skywalker and The Hulk in battle. Super 7 has a cool line of Shogun Warriors in their ReAction series. I should get some of those.

Shogun Warriors Godzilla

Shogun Warriors were just before my time, though not for my older brother. While I had a few of the small die cast figures that had found their way to discount stores, my brother had a few of the awesome big ass Shogun Warriors. Godzilla and Rodan were part of that and I doubt I need to tell you the impact they had on me. Rodan stayed with me for years after my brother moved onto other things like boom boxes and recording songs off the radio. Literally the same Debbie Gibson song like fifty times...

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Siege: The World Warrior

Hasbro Taiwan produced this neat stop motion Siege video in the style of a fighting game. I've been describing Siege box art as great Sega Genesis packaging... because it looks like Sega Genesis box art. I could see it programmed by Probe and presented by Acclaim.

it works for other consoles as well.

Star Wars Cup Noodle

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Megatron's Neutro-Fusion Tank

Conquest of the universe rests upon the immediate termination of all Autobots!
Cybertron and Earth are not enough for this power-hungry Decepticon! Now he wants the whole galaxy! More ferocious and powerful than ever, this living engine of evil seeks the worlds throughout the cosmos and utterly crushes all those who dare defy him, especially the Autobots. In pursuit of these grisly goals, he drives the Neutro-Fusion Tank, a high-impact battle tank armed with fusion cannon, corrosive smoke shells, anti-aircraft photon machine guns, and heat-seeking mechano-sensors. The tank converts into a ground-to-air, wire-guided missile launcher, and search and destroy jet throne.

Jurassic Park Cup Noodle

Basically, you could win a T-Shirt and everyone will want your new t-shirt. 

I think.

Micro Morphers in a plastic shoebox

Simply put, Micro Morphers are driving me crazy. Because not only are they type of thing I go crazy over, but also because I haven't found any yet. It's hard not to want these things. Blind bag toys, check. Blind bag toys of something I like, check. Neat looking blind bag toys of something I like, check. It's not helping that Target hasn't restocked the blind bag Jurassic World Dino Rivals in a minute, but man when they do... oh man. Freaking check.

I'm anticipating getting multiple extras as it's obvious that the molds are getting heavily reused. Hoping for available codes, preparing for a million extras. You get two figures per pack, which is pretty good. In the Zords packs you get 2 figures and a Megazord. I'm mainly worried about getting too many extra Megazords as they look like they'll take up more space. A bunch of the regular figures, no problem, I plan on just putting them in one of those plastic Sterilite shoe boxes anyway. One of those boxes are $1 and stack. No problem. But those Megazords might require they're own box.

I have hopes and plans of some weekend hitting Target/Walmart to buy a ton of Micro Morphers and Dino Rival blind bags. Then maybe get pizza on the way home and have a helluva good time opening them. That would be a busy time on my Instagram. I know how to party.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Generations Selects Smokecreen

Thanks to Hasbro and Rogers and Cowan
for providing Zone Base with this news

The new Generations Selects Smokecreen is up for pre-order at most online retailers now, so go out and get one! I don't have any affiliate links, so don't worry which one benefits Zone Base, just hope readers enjoy the site!

That's pretty sharp looking, hope I can get one myself.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Depth Charge

A magnificent giant soars through the oceans in regal silence. Depth Charge was commissioned by Optimus Primal to act as a first line of defense against Predacon undersea aggressors. Though he would rather study military strategies than execute them, Depth Charge is a dedicated fighter and inspired leader. Nuclear cybershark drone conducts recon missions, doubles as reinforcement in battle, and fires dual proton torpedoes. Intermediate space-cruiser mode can achieve planetary orbit or withstand the deepest oceanic pressures. As a robot, he fires shrapnel grenades from his chest and can maintain a force field for five mega cycles. With unshakable nerves and Energon-cutlass in hand, Depth Charge leads his brave platoon into battle.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Star Wars episode IX sneak peak excitement

Celebration is happening this weekend. Best thing about these mega cons for those who don't attend is the flux of news that comes from them. That means the first trailer for Star Wars IX : The Rise of Skywalker. Which of course means I've been an emotional tornado since waking up today. Joy, excitement, happiness, pure bliss. Star Wars is the reason I'm into the things I'm into and something I purely love. But enough about my feels and more onto my thoughts. Thoughts other than fist pumping and making noises that make the dogs bark. I don't have dogs, but that's what's wrong with yours.

I've been a huge fan of The First Order since they were revealed and that opening shot of the Tie Fighter heading right into Rey is awesome. The First Order to me is just so menacing. Like, ok, The Empire was of course the big bad. But The Empire fell and the follow up HAS to be a force to reclaim what they had. The First Order doesn't pull punches and is genuinely scary. They are the space military equivalent of a slasher movie killer. Not to mention, the imagery is awesome. I love the black and red combinations. Love the Storm Troopers. Love Kylo Ren's look, and seeing him putting his helmet back together makes me oh so happy.

My love for licensed merchandise is no secret and that's another fault of Star Wars. The prospect of all that fun stuff coming tied into this movie has me literally salivating in anticipation. Force Friday is October 4th this year, and I'll be directly at my local Walmart after getting off work that morning to check out the goods. I'm a fan of Hasbro's standard 5 point 3 1/4 line and can't wait to dig into the goods. I hope At Games Star Wars consoles will be out by then, I figured they'd have the Marvel ones out in time for Avengers 4, but guess not. I wonder if they'll start pumping out the Disney ones by Christmas, maybe even as Disney Plus launches.

Warduke is everything

I'm not a Dungeons and Dragons guy. I've tried to play it, it seems awesome, I'm just not a role player. I've certainly enjoyed D&D in other forms. The cartoon (which was awesome), the old toy line, various books and the occasional video game. You know, stuff. The stuff is great. One character that I've always loved and held in high regard is Warduke. Warduke is good stuff.

I was first introduced to Mr. Duke by getting his action figure, then he'd pop up on the cartoon and other outlets (odd children's book via weekly reader and other stuff). Just pure bad ass. One day I'm going to replace my old action figure of him (his parts lay in memorial at my Mom's house). Though despite only getting that one action figure, I've kinda gotten him in other forms. It's a stretch, but work with me here, I'm going somewhere with this. Somewhere bad ass.

Warduke has a very distinct looking design. Know how you see a skeleton warrior and Skeletor just pops in your mind? A red and blue robot, that's nobody else than Optimus Prime. Warduke has that kind of design for me. Death Adder, Sideways, Powers of Pain... the list could go on, but I've made my point. If not, look I don't know what to tell you. I totally made it, ok? You fucking know I did.

I don't know if Warduke's design is based on an older thing, and really I don't care. Warduke is just my general name for that look. Every gelatin is Jello, every tissue is Kleenex, every kinda mid evil/bat wing head heavy metal looking dude is Warduke. I feel like every air brushed carnival ride has featured Warduke in some way. I know I've seen variations of his design on haunted houses in the shady parking lot carnivals a million times. That's how the old cartoon started, so you might want to be careful riding one of those. You'll either be transported to the world of Dungeons & Dragons, or catch some weird disease. The seats on those things man... what are those stains even from?

Is it poop?

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Anti-Aircraft Base

Persistence is the cornerstone of victory.
One of the most powerful Decepticon weapons ever. Commanded by Spaceshot and Blackout that combine to form a B-1 bomber jet. Able to plot a course of attack in the middle of battle, change maneuvers to match the enemy and emerge victorious. Often circles overhead during battle, surveying the battlefield and providing air and ground support when necessary. Tank armed with sophisticated all-terrain and underwater attack capabilities. Also armed with dual 50mm cannons for long range firepower. In battle station Mode, outfitted with 3-stage photon rocket launcher, heat-seeking stun laser and turret that converts to devastating gun emplacement. On-board computer radar guidance systems and automated repair bays provide additional ground support. Self-propelled scout vehicle fully equipped for short range reconnaissance missions, and can reach speeds in excess of Mach 1.