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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Creepy instructions

From the depths of the Antares Star System, on a scorched planet of soot and ash, a modified mutant emerges -- Creepy. Through a weird intermingling of metallic and living parts, this fearsome creature rises -- easily able to change from monster-robot to monster-vehicle. A welcome recruit to Cy-Kill's band of Renegades, Creepy can use his claws to snap GoBots in half, or send a lethal poison shooting out from his spider legs. The worst of all monsters to creep into existance, Creepy thrills to the sport of his deadly games. Even Renegades must take care that Creepy's power doesn't threaten their existence. Guardians -- Beware! The final conflict may be near!

McDonalds is even worse for you in Japan

Put a smile on.

Undead Skyquake

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tales from the Darkside intro

 Real talk, this is what my drive to and from work looks exactly like.

Scowl instructions

"Control sound, and the faintest whisper can be the fiercest weapon."

A terrifying, merciless warrior who signed on as a Pretender when he realized he didn't scare anybody with his appearance! With his menacing new outer shell and his steel-shattering, hypersonic, stereophonic implants, his bark now matches his bite! His supersonic hearing capabilities enable him to pinpoint even the quietest sound! Enclosed creature/robot is armed with dual-sonic disrupter gun.

Werewolf of London trailer

The Universal Monsters is my favorite shared movie universe. They're not just monster movies, they're full out dramatic pieces dealing with real problems. It just so happens that a monster is at the root of those problems. It's amazing how older I get, the deeper they get. Modern takes on these monsters are all style with no substances, the classics are all substance with style. The Werewolf of London, for example, has a real complex underlining plot thread. The main character realizes he is a werewolf and is trying his best to find a cure. Doing so he's trying to protect his wife from finding out what he's become and keep her safe. Problem is, her childhood friend is trying to steal her away from him and he's quite aware.

Halloween Horrorcon 2018 is go!

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Like I said, when I start seeing Halloween stuff in stores Horrorcon will begin. I bought Halloween stuff this past weekend at the Dollar Tree. Don't worry, I plan to start slow, like how your local drug store slowly works out the candy corn, and then a little orange here and there. Then BAM... it's everywhere.

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