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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Guns In Mystery Bags

Today I was thinking about something that's not unlike an earlier thought I had. What if Battlemasters came in blind bags? Not like the main guys, but a side line full of funky repaints? During the Unicron Trilogy Takara sold funky colored Mini-Cons/Microns in blind packaging and it was great! Battlemasters would be perfect to equip guys lacking in firepower. It doesn't even have to be Generations aimed either. Earlier this week I got the Cyberverse Sharkticons and Quintesson sets. It would be cool to have some firepower to give the bots in those sets. Or even some of the standard figures. Warrior Hot Rod sure would look sweet with a gun!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Phantom Of The Big Apple

Friday Nights are usually pretty busy for me, but it's always a good time to share something with you all.

Sometimes GI JOE fights monsters

G.I. Joe is the code name for America's daring, highly trained, special mission force. Its purpose: To defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless, terrorist organization who apparently has a ton of monsters just laying around. To be honest, I'm kinda at a loss at just how Cobra looses all the time. Even without monsters they have ninjas, punk rock pirates who's leader could just morph into other people. Some weirdo in a metal mask, a guy with a robot arm, a freaking mad scientist, a bootleg Dr. Strange, robot soldiers... and that's before you get to the secret city of snake people and the second (and better) leader who was a damn Frankenstein Monster with a portion of his parts coming from Dracula himself!

At some point Cobra decided to outright just start using monsters, because why the fuck not? The hell with those twins, we've got Mega Monsters! GI JOE had to make another special team called the MEGA MARINES to drive up in their Monster Blaster A.P.C to shoot a big ass rocket with. But not to be outdone, when Cobra took their antics to space, GI JOE had to utilize space robots. The Manimals would have come in around then, but something happened and they didn't see the light of day until the early 2000's. What are the Manimals you ask?

Freaking mutating solders that's what. I was lucky enough to score a couple on clearance at Kay Bee Toys and let me tell you, Manimals were freaking amazing. In case the Mega Monsters, snake people, and drug dealers weren't enough... mutant soldiers that changed into terrifying monsters should do the trick. With toys like Manimals, there's no rational reason for GI JOE not to still be on shelves. In the immortal words of Ronnie James Dio, it's always a mystery.

What if mutating soldiers and giant monsters STILL aren't enough? Well, just pull out the zombies I guess. Both Cobra and GI JOE have Eco Warriors teams. Utilizing things like toxic waste for evil, Cobra's cool Toxo-Vipers are awesome enough on their own.  Packing chemical sprayers and a shotgun... I just can't love these neon colored warriors enough. But you can't just go around squirting toxic sludge around and despite all the amazing stuff Cobra has, they have terrible quality control. Toxo-Vipers suits will eventually leak and create a new soldier called the Toxo-Zombie. I'm not kidding, they literally just call workplace accidents a new type of soldier. Somehow these new zombie soldiers were trusted with more chemical sprayers. At this point why the hell not?

At some point Cobra decided accidental zombies weren't enough and developed Zombie-Vipers. According to the bio-card on the back, Compound Z is a chemical that just turns Vipers into zombies. Zombie (a monster known for dragging it's limps) soldiers with big tentacles hanging off their arms. After ten years of The Walking Dead and people dispatching zombies with sticks, starting to understand how the Joes keep winning.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dang, Gobots are Scary

I've been pondering what all to look for at Toylanta this year. Admittedly I'll probably not follow up on any of my plans, but I intend to keep an eye out for the things I'm keeping in mind. If somebodies got it for a good price, yep. Well... as you all know I fall into Halloween withdrawal around the first week of November. What's a dude in a spooky mood to do? Well, I do plan to look for Gobots. I've said it before, they're a good candidate for a toy show. Dude. Monster Gobots are just the thing! I has Halloween Robots in March?

Mashin Sentai Kiramager trailer!

Pretty neat!

Tomica Kizuna! Earth Granner!

About two and a half years since the drive head! From April, Tomica's TV animation will be broadcast on TV Osaka and TV Tokyo affiliated stations. The name is… Tomica Kizuna is united! _People people people people people_ > Earth Granner <  ̄Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ^ Y ̄

New Authentics!

It feels good to be a dollar store gangster. News recently broke of more Authentics coming to stores soon! While I haven't gotten any of the Titan Changers recently sold at the stores, I've made no secret of my love for these not very expensive figures. Soundwave looks to be taking a cue from his Cyberverse incarnation... and not a bad step to follow. Ratchet looks pretty good, he'll probably be an Easter Egg shell like the Optimus, but I don't care! It's $5! Like I said, I haven't gotten any of the Titan Changers... but that Grimlock might be the gateway to those. These look like just the thing to hunt in discount stores very soon!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Zaxxon LCD

I'm horrible at Zaxxon. Though I imagine I'd be much better at a more simplified version like would be found on LCD. This commercial for Bandai's version is incredible. Original animation and cool Trapper Keeper graphics really sell the whole package. Honestly the unit itself looks pretty amazing on it's own. I kinda want to frame one and display it in a museum.

How did Mighty Max not die?

If there ever was a toy line that should and could make a return in today's world of smaller toys it's Mighty Max! I could easily see the little figures being sold in blind packs as well as with play sets. Mighty Max was great because you had this totally every Saturday morning cartoon looking kid in horrible situations. Damn, where are his parents? Literally Max is finding himself in some random evil fortress shaped like some random terror (a skull in this commercial). Not only is the evil fortress shaped like a random terror.... it's full of random terror! Monsters, ghosts, skeletons, demons, all out for Max's blood. I'm all for the backwards hat wearing cool kid and his fast ways... but let's face facts. They killed him.

If I had a Force, it'd be a Tiger one

With all the news around the upcoming Snake Eyes movie and new GIJOE toys on the way, it's been pretty hard for me to not get excited. GIJOE is another one of those things I grew up with that I've always loved. Sadly in more recent times the line has struggled to keep a presence in retail. I'm hoping this attempt is successful, because duh.

One of my favorite GIJOE teams is Tiger Force. A series of repaints using prior molds, Tiger Force made for some good looking toys. The above commercial states the premise of the new team and even outright admits that they're repainting older stuff. Though it makes sense (Tiger Force needs new gear!), the "use the enemies tech" ideology is a tried and true formula.

I really, really appreciate the original animation used in this commercial. It just looks amazing. Not to mention, like I said, Tiger Force just looks great. I don't expect for the new GIJOE stuff to revisit the old stuff much. Though if they did... I'd be pretty happy for some new Tiger Force toys.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Spooky Fruit

At some point fruit snacks went from legitimate dried up fruit to pieces of candy that's somehow more acceptable to eat as a snack. Sunkist was the king of the fruit snacks back when with their various bars and bags full of little odd shapes. While Spooky Fruit was perfect for Halloween, I'd be happy with it all year round. I'm pretty certain they were available for more than just Halloween, but I'm willing to admit I'm wrong on that. The space shapes pretty much were though.

Creepy Cousins

The other day I was pondering things to look for at Toylanta. Gobots are pretty high on the list. I always get one or two there. I love the little guys and thanks to their unfair 'poor mans Transformers' reputation, can usually get them pretty cheap. I decided to keep an eye out for Monster Gobots as I love them, but especially for Creepy. While I'd love to get the special mail away version as seen in the awesome commercial above... I'm not betting to hard on sucess with that. However, a standard version might not be impossible. He's mainly purple and black. Which brings a mental comparison I made years ago come to mind.

Look familiar? That's Transmetal Scorponok from the McDonald's Beast Wars Transmetals Happy Meals. It's not exact, but man they sure do look alike. Considering the first Beast Wars Happy Meal toys were all original characters, I wonder just how close it could have been to the Transmetal ones doing the same? Or perhaps using some other names not on shelves like one from the purchase of Tonka? Like... what if we were pretty close to Creepy as a Beast Wars character available with a kids meal? Probably not at all, but that similarity is super close.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Super Nintendo World Japan

Dang, I'm really jealous of those lucky ones in Japan this summer.

YouTube Channel Updates

New videos for the Zone Base YouTube Channel are up! I'm still learning here (relearning, I used to make a lot of videos a good decade ago), so they're a work in progress. Intentionally making them short until I get better.