Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Kellog's Starbots

Earlier today (yesterday for you) I was opening a Kinder Joy Egg and my prize was a fun little robot that transformed into a boat. Not my first robot from a Kinder Egg, but one that really surprised me. Because it made me think a whole lot about Starbots. Starbots (for those who might not know) was a cereal premium from the mid-80's that found a special place in the hearts of people like you and me.

Starbots weren't just cheap plastic toys, they were cheap plastic transforming robots in a time when Transformers and Gobots were in hot competition with each other. Transformers were always generally expensive toys. Gobots, Convertors, not so much, but Transformers... yeah. For us from blue collar families there were sometimes pretty wide gaps in between getting a new Autobot or Decepticon due to that. However, a box of cereal? Your ass was getting one every week and holy crap STARBOTS. They were basic and they sure were fun. Available in a variety of colors and it was up to pure random chance over which one you got that week. You know, they might be one of the reasons I like blind packaged things so much.

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