Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mutant Turtles: Choujin Densetsu-hen intro

I love TMNT, but admittedly I love it in my own way. I love what's refereed to as the 80's cartoon (the casual naming of this gets in my crawl a bit as it was more of a early 90's thing that started in the late 80's, but whatever). I love the older video games by Konami. I love the older movies. Love the Mirage comics, still have my copy of the old RPG book. The newer stuff, sure, it's ok. I don't hate it, just I like TMNT my way. Fair enough right? When I buy newer TMNT toys, it's usually mini fig type deals and frankly, I'm happy. Sure I bought a ton of the older toys back then, but that was back then.

One thing I've always enjoyed ever since learning about it in college was this awesome OVA for Japanese audiences where the Turtles go a sentai route. Sure, it's crazy to us Americans who are used to our more traditional TMNT, but there's no denying it's charm. Specially if you have tastes like myself. When I mentioned the older Playmates toys, I wasn't kidding. I had a ton (there still in my mom's garage). I always particularly loved the crazy variations of all the turtles. So when I learned of this, first I was amazed. Second I was jealous that I never got the toys. Third... man, I wish this would have happened here. I mean, sure, it probably wouldn't have went over so well... but honestly... I'm only considering my own enjoyment here. I would have loved that.

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