Friday, November 16, 2018

Starriors Armored Battle Station Commercial

This morning I bought some gas and myself a nice hot cup of pecan flavored coffee. What does that have to do with Starriors? Nothing. But while I was driving home and enjoying that coffee I found myself lost in thought over Zoids. This went to memories of Starriors and wondering if it would work in current times. I think if the toys were a smaller scale they would. Of course it's just me agreeing with myself about things I like. I don't claim to know everything, that's just ludicrous. Just while hearing that local gas station commercial and realizing I had coffee in my beard I couldn't help myself. Sometimes memories come as they do and thoughts go the way they go.

It's hard to not admire the Armored Battle Station though, just look how nice looking it is. That great robotic cobra headed, pyramid inspired fortress looks wonderful. I've always fancied an evil version of it with robotic mummies and scarabs. Wouldn't that be cool?

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