Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Transformers Greek Commercial

I really like that computer display in the opening shots. The date on the commercial says 1992, which thanks to the video quality makes it seem older. It features a red Tracks, which stands out. I'm not well versed enough in releases to know if he came in red there, or if that's just a Joustra figure used for the shoot despite the Hasbro branding at the end. Wheeljack's missile launchers look really different in one shot. Don't know if that's from the grainy video or just some production mistake. Another random thing is the commercial spotlighting standard Optimus Prime, but showing Powermaster Optimus Prime's box. It's really a mixed bag of a commercial. Something about these older grainy videos made from a found VHS tape always make me wonder if I have 7 days left to live after watching.

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