Monday, November 5, 2018

Energon Igniters Optimus Prime (Speed Series)

My love of Legion figures is far known and the new Speed Series naming for the scale is something I quite like a lot. It's just a better name. As part of the Bumblebee movie toys and aesthetic Optimus Prime looks very traditional mixed with his established movie look. In his truck mode, Optimus is a very pleasant flat nosed semi that despite it's small size, is compatible with a Energon Igniters Power Core (available with the larger figures in the line).

I have nothing bad to say about this figure. It looks good, has solid play value, and only costs $5. The past few legion class Optimus toys have been reuses of the ROTF mold and this is an upgrade. It's a welcome change and I can only hope the recolors of it are as many as the prior mold. The toy has a pleasant amount of articulation and a simple transformation. The metallic blue paint is a really nice touch. Just a great toy.

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