Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Creature Mushi

For Halloween, my wife surprised me with a Creature Mushi figure from The GodBeast. Creature Mushi is a Kabuto Mushi figure themed to homage The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Readers of Zone Base will understand why I would want such a thing. As all Godbeast creations, Creature Mushi uses the Glyos system and is a wonderfully hefty little figure.

Like all Kabuto Mushi variations, Creature comes with a mini Mushi figure. It's a nice little touch and I love a good companion toy. In case the naming of Kabuto Mushi wasn't an indicator, the figure is based off a Rhinoceros Beetle. I've said before that while I don't care for bugs, I love a good insect toy. In the Creature Mushi colors, the sculpt looks wonderful. I have a prior version that looks great too, but man that green pops! Though I should have used a different background color to take the pics as it played havoc on my cameras lens (if the pics here don't clue you in... it kept going in and out of yellow like a bizarre fever dream in the viewfinder).

Godbeast toys often come with alternate parts, like all Glyos system designed figures, swapping out parts and creating your own figures is encouraged. Kabuto Mushi figures come with this cool alternate heard that cane be snapped on in place of the horn on Mushi's head. It certainly looks cool, but I prefer to use it as a weird freaky backpack.

It's hard not to like a cool figure with as much charm as a Kabuto Mushi, but a Creature from the Black Lagoon themed one? Come on, there was no way to ignore it. I like Godbeast stuff quite a bit. If you have any interest in neato indie toys as well as cool monster figures... maybe you would want to check out some of his stuff. You'll be glad you did.

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