Thursday, November 29, 2018

Secret Files of Teletran II: Quintessons (Japanese version)

I've always really liked the Quintessons for reasons I don't fully understand, it's one of those "I just do" kind of things. A race of ill intended aliens that are or are not behind everything (depending on who's writing today) is just kinda interesting. Add that in with far out and scary designs and you've got a deal. On my Thanksgiving break I watched a few episodes of Energon and was reminded of how much I liked Alpha Quintesson. This lead me to this direction mentally. So I knew I wanted to post something about them. That lead to finding the Japanese version of the Quintesson based Secret Files short. I liked and still like The Secret Files of Teletran II so much more than the former PSA's at the end of an episode. It was that extra bit of world building and just a touch of extra cartoon before the credits ran that made it something special. I didn't set out to post a Japanese version of the short, but when I found it... just had to use it. It's just neat seeing a variation like that.

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