Friday, August 31, 2018

Because I was a cool kid

The Beast Wars video game is not well regarded as a good game. That's fair, as it's not a good game. However, it's a bad game I couldn't get enough of. I've got both the PC and PS version of the game. That's right, I bought both. Why? Well, I'm crazy obviously, but also, I had a great time with it. You see, I mainly played the PS version for the single player mode as I never found a good way to play it on the PC. I've never been a big fan of mouse and keyboard controls, and never found a controller I was totally happy with. But the PS version was by default designed for a standard controller, so I was able to enjoy it more that way, and I did enjoy playing it for all it's faults.

The PC version is the main reason we're here right now. Because I got it first and played it most, despite my earlier complaints about the controls. Why? Because I'm crazy obviously, but also, I had a great time with it. You see, it had a online mode that was a lot of fun. Sure, it was the standard fair death match. But that wasn't what was fun. While I'm sure it could be played online other ways, the intended and main way was through the MSN gaming site at the time that it was designed for. What made that so special? Well, each game had it's channels on the MSN gaming site at the time with several hubs for folks to gather and play. Each hub was basically a chat room until folks would go in to play the game. I spent hours, weeks, months, in those chat hubs.

Those chat hubs for a time were great places for fans to interact that was just fun. Usually free of the fandom drama and gate keepers that were in the usual haunts, the hubs were just a good place to talk Transformers. It eventually fizzled out, but for a time, it was great. I still remember it and some of those old excite/yahoo chat rooms during that time as my favorite places together with other Transformers fans and just enjoy the hobby with others. I guess it's an awkward way to gather, but back in those times talking Transformers was always an extra turn around your elbow on the way to your booty. Avoiding the nonsense made it well worth it though.

Halloween Burger Chef Magic Meal commercial

Have I mentioned just how much I love old fast food commercials? The good old days are long gone in favor of more healthy living and one can't really complain about a push towards better living, though realistically I'm sure the same level of advertising could peddle the more healthier options just as well.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Universe Optimus Primal

We will win if we believe in ourselves and our unity.
After his ultimate sacrifice to defeat Megatron, in which he became part of the core of Cybertron itself, Optimus Primal rose to the level of a mythic legend among the grateful populace of Cybertron. Now as the battle against the ancient monster planet known as Unicron has begun once again, Primus himself has called Optimus Primal to be brought back into action to help in the fight for the very survival of Cybertron. Optimus Primal represents a uniquely powerful fusion of the Maximal Forces' advanced technology with the raw power of their mighty Autobot ancestors. In this supercharged form Optimus Primal possesses unmatched strength among the techno-organic populace of Cybertron. His weaponry has also been upgraded significantly: He wields an impressive array of both long range and melee weapons including twin battle blades that can cut through solid rock, a vanadium steel reinforced mace, left arm retractable double barreled plasma cannon, and twin indepently targetable shoulder mounted missile launchers. Rear mounted jets give him flight capability. Energy receptors allow him to absorb much of the damage from energy-based attacks and rechannel it back at his enemies. Intelligence, experience, passion and skill are all crucial parts of what makes Optimus Primal a born leader of the Autobot cause. Serves as an inspiration to help others find their own strength to keep fighting despite the odds.

Shadows Rising promotional video

Putties want candy too

I was going to make a joke about the Putty Patrol bobbing for apples and playing pin on the donkey at the Angel Grove Halloween party, but can we take a minute to do something about those costumes?

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Studio Serious Business

News coming from Fan Expo Canada is showing some new Studio Series figures coming soon and man... let me just say something about movie Sideswipe.

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Special

August 28th is now International Power Rangers Day as it was the day Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted in 1993. To celebrate the occasion, a special crossover episode of Super Ninja Steel was shown in prime time last night featuring several past Rangers teaming with the Ninja Steel gang to fight a dimension hopping bad guy who's building a army of evil clone Rangers. This was easily the best crossover special they've done as basically the entire episode was a summary of what everyone says when they talk about Power Rangers. Tommy is the best one. Oh sure, there's always the standard wannabe nerd hipster that auto complains about anything popular, but facts are facts and Tommy is the most popular one. So he pretty much steals the show here. I didn't mind as he's my favorite regardless of how stereotypical that might be.

Seeing as the episode just aired under 24 hours ago, I won't go into any spoilers as not everyone has seen it yet. Though I will say, it was probably the best episode of Power Rangers in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though I do wish there was a little more to it. I guess with a 30 minute show filled with so much, you're only getting cliff notes to work with, but man did they use those 30 minutes. I really wish the show was normally like this. If you get a chance to watch this, I recommend doing so. Even if you have only the most casual enjoyment of Power Rangers, it's still enjoyable enough on it's own strengths.

Burger King Halloween Icee/Treehouse of Horror kids meal commercial

You know, Burger King and McDonald's used to be locked in Mortal Kombat over who could do the best at Halloween. These days, McDonald's can't keep it's shake machine working and the last time Burger King did something for Halloween, it turned peoples poop green (that was a good burger though). Though we can all look back at the good old days long past where Burger King had a spooky black icee that turned your tongue black (and probably your poop green) and had a rocking Simpsons Treehouse of Horror kids club meal.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cyberverse first impressions

So, before I had said I planned to watch Cyberverse as it broadcasts instead of in demand and on apps... so, I totally didn't do that and watched the first 2 episodes today on my in demand menu. There's still episode 3 to watch in the morning as I enjoy my daily bagel and grapefruit. Just like every other fan who decides to post his opinions on the internet, I've decided to talk my first thoughts. Clearly it's super important that I do.

I liked it.

Now, before I go any further, I can already hear some of you saying 'you like everything'. I can see how it seems that way, but that's not true. I don't choose to spend my leisure time with things I don't enjoy and Transformers is fortunately one of the things I have a hard time not enjoying. So, if it seems that I like something that I normally like... then I guess you paid attention to the normal behaviors of an average person and his habits. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to be themselves, and that extends to me too.

So, in the first two episodes that I watched, the premise of the show was introduced. Bumblebee has lost his memories (he's even forgotten how to talk) and his friend Windblade has found him and is trying to help him remember as he's on a very important mission. The two episodes were very chronological, which I don't know if will be an ongoing thing or just for the beginning of the show. Personally I was hoping for a more episodic show, but I really don't mind this approach. Episodes are about 10 minutes long, so it wouldn't take too much to catch up if I got a little behind.

One problem I've always has with most shows is that the first few episodes usually differ from the rest of the actual show. Generally it takes a bit for the creative forces to find their groove and get everything to gel together on top of the initial introduction of characters and world building they have to do. This is more prominent in a cartoon as it usually is more concept driven than a sitcom, so with the shorter episode format of Cyberverse, I fear it might take a little longer to get the car on the interstate (so to say). Regardless, what I've seen so far has been enjoyable.

I like the big bright colorful characters. I enjoy the humor in their dialog. So far the show is a bit funny, which could change as it goes along, but it's funny right now. I like that. Sure, I enjoy a darker more mature show. Not everything has to be dark though, so a more cheerful show is just as welcome as a brooding one. I like the glimpses of Cybertron. The art direction of the show looks really sharp on Cybertron and the robots themselves. It's a simple approach that works well. I've posted the intro here before, it really fits in well. An episode does a short cold opening, into intro, and back into the show. Short, sweet, and simple. It's a nice bit sized nugget in a world of tweets. I like the theme music too. I never really liked the theme music for Robots in Disguise (2015, I loved the old shows music) while I enjoy the catchy electronic jingle here.

I plan to watch the third episode in the morning and each episode as it becomes available to me. With such a short run time, it'll be easy to watch even with as busy as life can get. I hope the show continues to be enjoyable and hope it continues to get better as it goes on. Right now it's pretty pleasant and fun, which for the introductory episodes is all you can really ask for. Hopefully it continues to be so.

Happy Power Rangers Day!

Don't forget to watch the 25th Anniversary special tonight!

Pillsbury Halloween Cookies commercial

Sure, I know now they just have the ones with the shape and stuff printed on the cookies when you take them out of the pack... but I think some icing is in order!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Bright Light Monday

He's practically a light source.

I've been particularly busy this weekend. I don't know if any of you reading this might have noticed, as I scheduled all of the past few days posts ahead of time. It dawned on me as Monday is sort of a dead posty day around here, that I should make a semi-regular Monday post. Like a, what the crap I did this past weekend post. I mean, sometimes I post during the weekend among the scheduled posts. Sometimes I don't. I assure you this is very important to do. I think. I'm sure.

For the record, I'm sure I've said this before here, but I'll say it again for clarity and because... because. I work overnight. Generally from 6pm -7am with a few extra hours put in Saturday morning to assure I don't need to come back in to finish anything up. So, usually my weekends are spent with my wife whom I don't see a lot during the week (thus the mostly scheduled posts). Today, I actually had to come in a few hours earlier for a work related class. So my internal clock in way off.

Saturday, after getting home, instead of going to sleep for a few hours, the wife and I went out after I showered so we could hit a few stores as they first opened. Following the beginning of Halloween several stores have their official launch of seasonal products, so we wanted to get to Bath & Body Works as well as Yankee Candle to get an early start on their Halloween products for this year. Well my wife did, it's more her thing, but I felt like coming along. We also hit up Walmart and Target where I scored a Dracula Mego and POTP Novastar. I had intended to grab the Cyberverse Scout Starscream and Megatron, but the Cyberverse toys were wiped out. That's right haters, they're selling. I live in the rural outskirts of a major American city, so I don't know if that's much of an indication, but you know... perhaps. So it looks like I have to wait for a restock on the remaining Scouts but was happy that they sold well.

After waking up, I watched the new episode of Ninja Steel on my DVR. I enjoyed how it obviously segways into the 25th anniversary episode showing Tuesday night (Happy Early Power Ranger Day!) and introduced the Blaze Megazord into the show. People crap on Ninja Steel (go figure), but this was a pretty decent episode. The use of classic Power Ranger music in recent episodes is a definite plus.

Cyberverse finally showed on my DVR listing so I set my recording schedule. I'm aware that a few episodes are already available on Cartoon Network's site and app, but I plan to watch them off my DVR as they broadcast. Though, keep such things as Cartoon Network posting them on their app and site or setting a DVR in mind for when people who manage to watch shows that don't come on in their country complain about the shows time slot.  Just watch, somehow they just can't figure out how to watch it.

Speaking of Cyberverse, earlier today when I was making myself sleep all day so I could be functional off my normal schedule, I spied some stock photos of upcoming toys online. It's nothing new, toy's we've known are coming, but it did sell me on Acidstorm. Before I hadn't noticed just how freaking eye searingly bright he is. Maybe even brighter than Actionmaster Thundercracker and that's saying something! So, of course I have to have it. He's so bright, he might just make a good back up flash light.

Yamaha Snow Blower Super Sentai commercial

Terminator 2 3D Sadako edition

Part 1 (of 3)
Part 2 (of 3)
Part 3 (of 3)

Man, during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, nothing is off limits. In this video at the Japan park (I believe in 2015) they did a special Halloween version of Terminator 2 3D where Cyberdyne Systems got infected with the Ring virus. For those of you who've never seen Terminator 2 3D, it's a 4D attraction with actors walking in and out of the screen in addition to the 3D film with various effects. So that bit at the end when Sadako walks out of the screen and then scares everyone... she was literally in your face if you were there.

Talk about a jump scare warning.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sparkstalker instructions

"The smallest details reveal the largest secrets."

His greatest talents are revealed in the tiniest structures. An expert in robbing memory banks, counterfeiting printed circuits, decoding binary messages. Meticulous, cautious, obsessed with minute details. Decepticons appreciate his appearance more than his other talents because he terrifies Autobots. Shoots flame from mouth with limited accuracy. Better equipped to light campfires than melt Autobots.

Clock Tower 2 trailer

Saturday, August 25, 2018

New Breed Transformers Promo

Yes I was mentally correcting them the entire time.

Vamp Instructions

Spooky Goop Halloween Make-Up commercial

It's never too early to start thinking of your Halloween costume. Sure, it's late August, but before you know it that same mask that's been collecting dust all season at Walgreen's will be sold out by the time you walk into buy it (and a Pepsi). I've mentioned before my affinity towards Halloween make up kits before. From the dollar tubes of generic colors, to the more elaborate kits (that you somehow end up still just using the basic colors). Then there's the kits with a gimmick, some extra concoction that sticks to your face adding in some kind of effect. A scar, warts, that weird icy crystal stuff we've all tried once. Usually the extra stuff dries up and falls off somewhere around when it's too late to go back home and fix it, but too early to clean it off. Leaving you with a giant make-up hole in your face that you end up explaining for the rest of the night (I'm looking at you Terminator 2 set).

Spooky Goop was sold more on the novelty of mixing it up in neato mad scientist type gear than the end product. Which was 100% the idea as who wouldn't want to mix up a fizzy potion to put on their face instead of just smearing that generic dollar tube of green on that smells like farts? Sure the end result looks like that weird skin mask stuff thing Mom spreads on her face before bed time (and seemingly does nothing), but you got to mix it together in a coffin and vial made from the thinnest plastic known to mankind!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Cyberverse clip- Memories of the Allspark

CN posted another teaser clip for Cyberverse and just like each preceding clip, it keeps looking better and better. My hopes for the show are getting higher based on these clips as it's went from what looked my a neat show to a fun show, to maybe a great show after all. I really hope this show turns out amazing, not only for enjoyment of something I like. But also, just to stick it to the haters who've been crapping on it since forever. Of course they'll act like they never said anything.

Cyborg Station CX1 commercial

That was amazing.

Haunted Mansion ride through

SInce I was just talking about Disney and Halloween... well shucks, can't not talk about the Haunted Mansion! This is a really good quality video, though I will say it bleeds out some of the better projection effects (Leota, Constance) and the sound is a big wall of sound. Normally each sound comes at you from individual places while the music plays in the background and all of it on top of each other in the video drowns out the Ghost Host who's speakers are in your Doom Buggy. Regardless, the video quality is so good you can really make out a lot of the details. Speaking of a Ghost Host who's audio is drowned out in the video, one of the reasons I picked this one was you can clearly see the crow. He's a little easier to see here than in the ride itself in some parts. Fun fact, at one point he was intended to be the Ghost Host, which is why you see him whenever the narration comes on.

Haunted House (1929)

Man, Disney is #@%#^&$* awesome. One of the biggest companies in the world and they do Halloween better than anyone ever gives them credit. Disney's Halloween Treat is still a favorite of the wife and I (we literally have every single version of it... there's a lot of versions) and we're all over everything Disney and Halloween. We hope to make it out to the Not So Scary Halloween party next year because that just looks super amazing. This old Micky Mouse cartoon has the mouse exploring a most radical haunted house with skeletons that play songs on each others butts.

Grim grinning ghosts indeed.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Cyberverse trailer

As Cyberverse's debut draws closer, of course we're getting more and more sneak peaks and I'm pretty happy for that. The show looks great. It looks to have solid writing and I do really like the big bright characters. I know the line certainly has it's share of critics, but I'm not one of them. I like the visual direction and don't mind the lines concessions (I do understand why the folks who aren't happy with it, it's not for everyone). Right now it's coming up pretty positive for me, I'm really looking forward to the show. I understand it's premiering on the 1st of September on Cartoon Network, which is a perfect fit for a holiday weekend, but I've not been able to set my DVR for it yet. So, I'm checking the listings every day for the chance to set those record options.

Energon Ignitors commercial

Sometime last night this bad boy was discovered. I've already been speaking highly of this line based on initial impressions alone. Seeing them in actual use only strengthens my early opinions.

These look great.

Machine Robo- Revenge of Cronos commercial

One thing (of many) that I really love about Machine Robo commercials is that they're freaking nuts! The color overlays and manic pace create the intensity of a fever dream nightmare nearing the point where you wake up jolting straight up in your bead covered in sweat. Only then as you lay back down and try to calm yourself back into sleep can you try to whisper the words 'Devil Invaders' without screaming.

Dracula trailer (1931)

I think the strangest thing about the  Bela Lugosi Dracula, is apart from the classic spooky visuals and classic horror of the move itself is... it's hilarious. Obviously unintentional and wasn't considered so back in it's heyday, but man it's funny as crap. Like, seriously laugh out loud funny. Sometimes things don't age well, or loose their impact as they age... but I think Dracula is one of the few films to go from utterly horrifying in it's initial release to insanely funny today.

Then there's the whole piece of cardboard in the shot situation...

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mail Away Creepy commercial

I miss these kinds of promotions, clip and save points, mail away for a free toy. Sometimes, like in this case, it was an exclusive version of a figure. I think the last time I can remember was around 2009 for that exclusive N.E.S.T version of Ravage. Creepy here is absolutely in the Halloween state of mind. A Monster Gobot decked out in those ooky spooky green and purple colors and appearing in a commercial straight out of a late night horror film. Not to mention his name is Creepy.

McDonalds Halloween commercial (1979)

I don't remember ever getting McDonald's gift certificates when I'd go trick or treating, but I do remember being a teenager working at McDonald's during Halloween and Christmas when folks were buying those gift certificate booklets like crazy. Half the time I was working in the drive through window. Not taking orders, but in the second window handing out orders (you know how it works). Normally customers would pay at the first window, but occasionally they'd want to buy something else while I was handing them their bags of cheeseburgers.

This involved grabbing a cashier and having them ring it up and relay the money from the window and back. The gift certificates required getting a manager, who had to ring them up specifically and would go get them from the locked cabinet in the office. Which just sucked because I never had a fast food manager who did things timely. Then the line would get backed up and I'd get yelled at by customers for keeping them waiting in line as well as the manager would yell at me for the line when it was them everyone was waiting for.

I know working fast food when you're 16 is supposed to suck, but jeeze...

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Carless Whisper

Recent rumors of listings of Siege Decepticons in store systems are suggesting a new version of the Micromaster Air Strike Patrol. Which leads me to do a happy dance, a joyful jig, a delighted squirm... I should stop. My co-worker looks uncomfortable. Either way, fingers crossed for a new Whisper. I like him.

per TFW2005-

The full lineup of Siege Wave 1 toys is as follows:
  • Micromaster two-packs: Race Patrol, Battle Patrol, Air Strike Patrol
  • Battle Masters: Firedrive (Firebolt), Lionizer, Blowpipe
  • Deluxe: Cog, Hound, Sideswipe, Skytread (Flywheels)
  • Voyager: Optimus Prime, Megatron
  • Leader: Ultra Magnus, Shockwave

Da Garn Land Bison commercial

First Halloween Shopping Trip of 2018

Halloween is a tricky season. It has to bide it's time for Back to School to wrap up before it can start getting stocked. Sure it creeps up here and there, but as Back to School isn't a hard date universally, it's kinda at the whim of kids getting pencils and then coming back to buy all new pencils after the teacher tells them those pencils just won't do (anyone else have this kind of problem back then?). These days late August seems to be the general cutting off point where stores finally start wrapping up the pallets of notebook paper and putting out the day-glo trick or treating pails. You can't set your clock to an exact time, but you can always assume stores that specialize in decorations are going to be the first to throw down the orange and black. So this past Saturday my wife and I went to a bunch of those.

The entire store hated those little girls...
Michael's really brought the noise, with aisles decked out in spooky parlor. We went to two different stores, the first not having as much as the second (but man the second had a ton). Of course they had the usual miniature spooky town set up and craft related stuff. But they also had tons of various skeletons, pumpkins, and black cats. The kind of thing you absolutely need for a proper Halloween mantle. One thing I've been noticing, certainly in Michael's, but also in general is a vintage theme in a lot of the Halloween decorations this year. I believe the proper term is 'old timey', but there's a neat early 1900's look to a lot of the stuff and honestly I dig it.

I've never intentionally went inside a Home Goods before, usually I just walk through it to go to the bathroom as our local one shares a space with TJ Max for whatever reason. Though we've come to learn that they usually have some neat Halloween stuff. They were just getting started Saturday, with just a small (but neat) selection. Also they had a group of little girls running in between people and legs at any moment like a pack of feral creatures. I think I almost fell over them at least a hundred time in the 10 minutes we were there. They were the worst.

We also went to Ross and Tuesday Morning who had a smattering of items out, Tuesday Morning having more, but Ross having this giant skull that I kind of want. I want to put it on my porch as a sorta universal symbol that I could be in a metal band and my name could be Snake. Though both let me down in the robot department. So, I guess I'll have to visit some other locations. Because I freaking want a Cogman. Either way, sooner or later more and more Halloween stuff will be on shelves. Usually our local Walmart has it out in full force come Labor Day Weekend, which is a nice slamming of the door on summer and opening arms to fall.

Monday, August 20, 2018

TFNation 2019 logo is awesome

Realistically, I'll never get to go to a TFNation show. That's a shame because it looks like a really good time, but being a working professional, going a few states over for a convention is hard to fathom theses days let alone another country on the other side of the world. Regardless, they deserve a great deal of applause for the Beast Machines inspired logo for next years show. Say what you will about Beast Machines (and you probably already are), but that was a good looking logo and packaging. Nice to see it getting some love here, specially in these G1 era heavy days.

Imaginext MMPR Mastodon Zord

I had the good fortune of picking up the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Mastodon Zord by Imaginext at my local Ollie's this past Saturday for the low price of $9 (it's normally $15). I had been wanting to grab this guy for a while now, but had been putting it off for one reason or another. Fortunately I stumbled across him while buying household supplies (I tell you that Ollie's is a great place to buy soap). I've been singing praise of Imaginext as well as Imaginext's treatment of Power Rangers for awhile now and this is no different. The Mastodon looks incredible, like other Zords done by Imaginext it makes me think of Starrior animal based companion mounts. That big blockyness just lends itself to the Imaginext toy model. It's a simple toy that works well, it just looks great.

The Zord itself is really simple. Firing missiles (even comes with extras in case you lose some), a play action feature when you turn the figure in the cock pit (he raises his head to gore you with those tusks or let out a bellow), and wheels on his feet to roll the big guy around. No articulation, but none really needed. It's a simple toy intended for young children to push around on the carpet, but in the hands of a 40 year old enthusiast, it's an elegant example in the joys of simplicity.

I don't have any complaints about this charming guy, though I do wish he featured some sort of storage for those extra missile. That though, is a common complaint I have with these Imaginext Zords as I'm often sticking them in the hands of the Ranger driving the thing. I'm sure I could just store them elsewhere, but with that big blocky body, a little compartment isn't too much too expect. Speaking of the Ranger driver:

Included is the standard Black Ranger figure without any of the variations used on other Rangers who have duplicate releases. This is pretty normal for the initial batch of Ranger figures though as the variations came later. It's a good figure, standard Imaginext with those sharp looking Ranger sculpts. He doesn't have his power axe though. I've gotten several instances of this guy already, so that's no big deal. Though I suppose he's wielding those extra missiles in case he needs to hop out of the Zord and lay the smack down.

That's probably where all those extra explosions come from.

Phantom of the Opera trailer

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Power Rangers 25th anniversary new trailer

Beast Morphers teaser!

Sky Shadow bio

An intelligent, brilliant colored robot, Sky Shadow is one of the most charismatic and popular of the Predacons. A good statesman and leader, he acts as one of Megatron's most trusted counselors. In actuality however, he despises everyone and wants nothing more than to rule the Predacons with his own, "more imaginative techniques." He is an expert in concealment and surprise-assault tactics; with reptilian patience he can lie for days in wait and then suddenly attack with a powerful turbo-missile, or convert to robot form and overwhelm unsuspecting Maximals with his devastating saw-edged pincer. Powerful wings allow him to hover over targets, giving him a distinct advantage with targeting accuracy and in reconnaissance missions.

Burger King 'Eat like a snake' commercial

Friday, August 17, 2018

Cyberverse clip- The Scout Ship

This is a much better clip of the upcoming Cyberverse than the last one. Looking forward to it, though wondering when the air date is?  Fall 2018 is a wee bit vague. 

Slog intructions

"Destruction is the highest form of art."

He has taken sculpture out of the art studio and transplanted it onto the battlefield. In his Pretender guise, he can whittle an Autobot warrior into an abstract wreck within minutes. He considers his carved-up conquests to be renowned masterpieces. His diamond-steel alloy talons can tear through any material known to man or robot. Enclosed creature/robot is armed with a magnetic repellor-attractor which rips iron-bearing opponents into microscopic pieces.

Horror Savage World figures!

I was just admiring the Mortal Kombat Savage World figures at Target this past weekend and today pics of Funko's newest Savage World series hit the internet! Savage World is Funko's action figure line that pays homage to fantasy figures of the 80's and utilizes that certain beefy barbarian (a He-Man like physique you might say) look in the most amazing way. These classic horror characters really work well in the style and I can't begin to tell you how excited for them I became when I saw them. Let's just say my neighbors were mad. Horror is the perfect base for this type of figure as I've often noted the play sets for those old toys often looked like re-purposed Halloween decorations. Not to mention the art was straight off an 80's heavy metal album cover (which I've already explained my association with Halloween). Just like the horror ReAction figures, I'm finding myself thinking up all sorts of play sets and stuff to add to the fun. I could really see little rubber versions of kids in Silver Shamrock masks, Jason as a child, or other assorted monsters to partner with the characters like Blackstar had.

This is just so freaking cool.

Cursed Kleenex commercial

Allegedly the entire crew who filmed this commercial died and if you watch it at midnight, crazy things will happen. Look, it's up to you when you watch it...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Places I'd like to be this weekend

There's two conventions going on this weekend I'd love to be at, first off the annual TFNation Transformers convention in the UK that since it's inception has looked like a really great time. UK TF fans do things a bit different than US TF fans and I'd love to experience it for myself. There's always a bunch of cool fan made items (been seeing pictures of a freaking Firecon candle!) and zines that I see that always make me wish I was there.

Power Morphicon is also going on this weekend in California and boy I wish I was there. With this year being the first since Hasbro has taken over, I'm sure it's going to be a blast. First peeks of new Hasbro Power Rangers product is supposed to be shown and I can't wait to finally see Beast Morphers stuff!

The Mutant & Monster Mayhem show was last weekend, but I still would have loved to go. Serving the needs of various monster (horror/kaiju) fans, this would have been really neat to experience for me.

Now where am I going to be this weekend? At home with my wife, which is pretty much the best place to be. There just isn't time for us to do any travel right now, but that's ok. We have a pretty awesome life. This weekend (after I wake up from work), we plan to check out some local stores that are supposedly getting Halloween stuff in. This includes Ross and Tuesday Morning who've been getting TF5 stuff in and I'd really like to find Cogman as well as scope out any cool k.o robots that Tuesday Morning might surprise me with. So while I wish I was at these awesome places, I'm going to have a great weekend regardless. Hope everyone else does as well.

Golobulus bio


Descended from the serpent kings of pre-history; Golobulus rules over Cobra-La, a hidden, secret valley in the Himalayas where the high priests of the Bio-Mechanical cult have created a technology based solely on living organisms. The buildings of Cobra-La are really crustaceans, and the clothes of inhabitants are as alive as the people who wear them. Golobulus has achieved immortality through symbiosis... at the cost of his humanity.

"The plates of Golobulus' body armor are living mutations of lobsters and crabs, each genetically altered to perform a specific function and bred for the tensile strength of their chitinous shells. Over the centuries, so much of Golobulus' body parts have been replaced or bio-mechanically altered that very little of the original is left except for his brain and his central nervous system."

Autoway tires commercial (jump scare warning)

Driving in the snow is scary, and so is this commercial. There is two warnings at the beginning for good reason. 

My heart is about to go through my chest...

Castlevania X: Rondo of Blood intro

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Creepy instructions

From the depths of the Antares Star System, on a scorched planet of soot and ash, a modified mutant emerges -- Creepy. Through a weird intermingling of metallic and living parts, this fearsome creature rises -- easily able to change from monster-robot to monster-vehicle. A welcome recruit to Cy-Kill's band of Renegades, Creepy can use his claws to snap GoBots in half, or send a lethal poison shooting out from his spider legs. The worst of all monsters to creep into existance, Creepy thrills to the sport of his deadly games. Even Renegades must take care that Creepy's power doesn't threaten their existence. Guardians -- Beware! The final conflict may be near!

McDonalds is even worse for you in Japan

Put a smile on.

Undead Skyquake

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tales from the Darkside intro

 Real talk, this is what my drive to and from work looks exactly like.

Scowl instructions

"Control sound, and the faintest whisper can be the fiercest weapon."

A terrifying, merciless warrior who signed on as a Pretender when he realized he didn't scare anybody with his appearance! With his menacing new outer shell and his steel-shattering, hypersonic, stereophonic implants, his bark now matches his bite! His supersonic hearing capabilities enable him to pinpoint even the quietest sound! Enclosed creature/robot is armed with dual-sonic disrupter gun.

Werewolf of London trailer

The Universal Monsters is my favorite shared movie universe. They're not just monster movies, they're full out dramatic pieces dealing with real problems. It just so happens that a monster is at the root of those problems. It's amazing how older I get, the deeper they get. Modern takes on these monsters are all style with no substances, the classics are all substance with style. The Werewolf of London, for example, has a real complex underlining plot thread. The main character realizes he is a werewolf and is trying his best to find a cure. Doing so he's trying to protect his wife from finding out what he's become and keep her safe. Problem is, her childhood friend is trying to steal her away from him and he's quite aware.

Halloween Horrorcon 2018 is go!

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Like I said, when I start seeing Halloween stuff in stores Horrorcon will begin. I bought Halloween stuff this past weekend at the Dollar Tree. Don't worry, I plan to start slow, like how your local drug store slowly works out the candy corn, and then a little orange here and there. Then BAM... it's everywhere.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Burn baby burn, Autobot Inferno

Earlier today, or I suppose yesterday... Friday morning. Friday morning (exact days can be confusing when you work over night) I stopped by Walmart on the way home from work to pick up some cat food. A quick visit to the toy aisle and I picked up Power of the Primes Inferno. I was pretty happy for this as I wanted him, but also... man I like Inferno. I just really like Inferno. I can't say I have all of his toys, but I do got a good bit and always glad to get another. There's just something about a red fire truck I guess. It doesn't hurt that I can't think of an ugly Inferno toy. He usually comes out looking great. I guess the traditional Inferno look just translates well into toy form. You got a fire truck, who doesn't love a fire truck? The traditional can chest really works well making this big beefy guy. He's just hard to hate.

This Inferno is based on the Combiner Wars Hot Spot toy mold. Which works pretty well, though I keep thinking it would have made for a perfect Pyro update. Probably because of the design of fire truck. His combiner form makes for a good modern Guard City. Some have been sticking Protectobots on him to serve this purpose. Me? Well, I've discussed before how I'd utilize other combining figures not in use and I plan to do so. New Guard City if you will. It's not an exact update, but it's not really intended to be. Just a clever nod for those in the know.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Beast Bots buddy

Images of the way cool Beast Morphers 2018 calendar have been all over the web and really looking sharp. I'll get one and proudly display it! Along with the calendar has been news of the Beast Bots names in the show!
  • The Red Ranger’s partner is Cruise the jaguar (Cheeda Nick in Go-Busters)
  • The Blue Ranger’s partner is Smash the gorilla (Gorisaki Banana in Go-Busters)
  • The Yellow Ranger’s partner is Jax the Rabbit (Usada Lettuce in Go-Busters)
 I'm trying my best to remain patient for Beast Morphers, but they ain't making it easy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Transformers the Movie trailer (1986)

32 years ago a little movie came out and changed everything. Ok, maybe not everything (maybe the cast of the show), but it certainly meant the world to me. I didn't know when I was sitting in that small town movie theater that this movie was going to play as big of a role in my life as it did. Though that's how fate works I suppose.

You Mighty Morphin Hassenfeld Brothers!

Ever since last years Power Rangers movie, talks of a sequel have been on many Ranger fan's mouths, minds and keyboards. Despite initial impressions (those first looks wern't the best), the movie was a very satisfying movie and worthy update of the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Unfortunately all reports seemed to point to it's failure to launch a film series. Fortunately, though, those reports seem to be wrong.

Earlier this year when Hasbro bought Power Rangers, I cheered as Hasbro has a habit of singing the songs I like to hear. 

I've made myself be patient for the fruits of the Hasbro era as the old era winds down with the last of Ninja Steel debuting later this month. Beast Morphers is sure to be awesome. There's no shortage of enthusiasm I have for Beast Morphers. Now with this excellent news, I anticipate a new movie that builds on the foundation that the first laid. I hope for more in suit Ranger action. More Zords, more monsters, can I cross my fingers for Lord Zedd? There was a tease of what the sequel could be about in the credits, which I hope comes to pass as it's a story thread I've always liked.

This isn't good news, no, this is great news. 

Morphinominal News.

Steel Jeeg intro

I learned of Jeeg from Baron Karza of Micronaughts. Noting that his mold came from the Jeeg Magnemo toy mold and not a Microman, I see Jeeg constantly in Microman and super robot circles. It's funny how these things work out. Red Falcon is Death Cross, Baron Karza and Force Commander were Jeeg toys with new heads. Meanwhile, a Transformers fan who's older brother had Mego toys, learns of all these other things because of the association. I must have really been born at just the right time, because that 80's Star Wars space opera influence on everything really colored the rest of my life.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Omega Prime commercial

I'm really jealous of those kids. Not because they have those toys, I have them too, but the fact that they were able to get them transformed while running down the stairs and across their yards like that. Those were pretty complex figures.

That took skill.

Micronaughts Battle Cruiser commercial

I was just sitting here at my desk, working as usual, when I decided to take a break and look at some of my favorite groups. In Microfans somebody brought up the similarities between the Micronaughts Battle Cruiser and Cybertron Starscream in vehicle mode. Sure enough, they are pretty similar. Obviously a coincidence, but still pretty darned neat. Though the Battle Cruiser is such a cool toy, not only is it a big space craft, but it can separate into several components. That is awesome.

Beast Morphicon

I've never been to a Power Morphicon, I don't know if I'll ever get to, but man this year looks like the one to be at. With Hasbro now in control, there is just so much excitement and hope for Beast Morphers that it's at near atomic levels. I've been seeing these con exclusive pins and wow they look cool. My wife collects Disney pins, so I can't help but to notice pins as is, but you can't deny how great they look.

Voltron season 7 reminder

Friendly reminder, Voltron season 7 hits Netflix August 10th... THIS FRIDAY!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Ignite Speeding Energon

More looks at the upcoming Energon Igniters line popped up yesterday and man does it look great. Following a bit in the steps of the original Cyberverse (ironically just after the launch of the new Cyberverse), the line looks great. Though unlike the original Cyberverse, the line features Legion and Commanders under a new size class name with higher end line mates whom share their gimmick. That little plug and play Core Reactor can work on the various classes that don't include one. Personally, I'm focusing on the smaller Speed (Legion) and Power (Commander/Legend) class figures and maybe a few of the higher end figures (because everyone knows I love smaller figures). They look like a lot of fun (as was Cyberverse... the original Cyberverse...).

Microman commercial (pretty old)

Dino Tanker

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Cyberverse Shockwave (warrior class)

I've said I only plan to buy the occasional standard sized Cyberverse toy, because there is some super cool figures that I just need. Shockwave here was impossible to walk away from. His normal design just lends itself to the Cyberverse cartoonish styling. The new Warrior class for Cyberverse is different from the Warrior class from Robots in Disguise in that each one has a much more prominent play feature. Shockwave for example has a 'wave cannon'. I've talked about the really sharp packaging before, but just look at that. Those colors are so sharp! While I didn't need to use the instructions, I found myself looking through them as the colors were on those as well and made for a really nice looking pamphlet.I wish they'd include some story blurb or a bio to take advantage of that good looking paperwork.

Just look at that darn Shockwave. He looks really nice in this toy and aesthetic. I do wish he had a few more paint apps to bring out more of that sculpted detail, but for $14.99, there's going to be some compromises. I pay about $16.99 for a Generations deluxe which has more paint and 20$ for a Studio Series deluxe which has the more premium treatment. Siege toys look to be going towards that as well, so I assume they'll be more premium as well. So $14.99 is going to have a few concessions to make it cost a little less. It is what it is. Shockwave as some hollow parts and thinner plastic as well. He's pretty light, but was still pretty sturdy and didn't fall apart or anything. So honestly, it's not much to complain about, for me anyway. He has a fair amount of articulation, but his head doesn't move. Which isn't a big deal, but does seem a bit odd considering.

So that wave cannon on his back can fold over to mount on his shoulder for some fighting action.The cannon actually pegs into his back pretty well, and that peg is the lever intended to use to deploy the wave action. By the way, do you notice his antenna? There's not room for the cannon to fold down without hitting them, fortunately they can move forward to make the needed room. I'll be honest, I didn't care for that. There's nothing really wrong with it, I just didn't like it. The cannons lever moves to fold out the laser waves (snicker) of the wave cannon firing during that fight.

Kinda looks like the slime from Ghostbusters 2
I don't know if this is just one mine, or on all Shockwaves, but those fold out laser waves (snicker) didn't work well. The outside one did just fine, but the inside one stuck and didn't want to deploy. Maybe I got a weak spring.

Aside from his Alternator toy, Shockwave has never turned into a realistic Earth based form. In Cyberverse this continues as he turns into a spider tank. Spider tanks have been used in Transformers before and work for a cool sci fi tank variation. I almost wish this was a different character though as the mode seems more suited for someone more eccentric than Shockwave. It looks great though. The wave cannon is more present here, though you have to unfold it to let the wave shoot out.

Soon, the city will be mine and Megatron's... mainly Megatron's.
Warrior Class Shockwave is a good figure and really sharp looking despite a few flaws here and there. The flaws are mostly easy to ignore (and in some places are subjective) and it's a pretty good figure. I'm happy to have him and am reminded I need to get Cyber Battalion Shockwave as logic dictates that Shockwave toys are always a good choice.

Cyberverse Grimlock (scout class)

I've been looking forward to getting these new Cyberverse Scout figures for a while now (as regular readers already know) and was really happy to finally find my local Target newly stocked with the early waves of Cyberverse toys. I got Grimlock and plan to get the others later as I want to stretch out the process. It's more fun to get one or two things at a time that a bunch all at once with a long stretch in between. The original scout class was at the time a name refresh of the former basic class that came began with Cybertron, with basics going back to Beast Wars. The class was phased out by the Dark of the Moon toy line. It was replaced with the original Cyberverse sub line that renamed the original Legends class to what's still called Legion class and introduced the Commander class, which later got rebranded Legend class. Often newer fans will get older scouts/basics confused for Legends, which isn't the same... though it's not hard to understand the confusion. We now have this new Scout class that's a new thing all together.

Grimlock is a pleasantly squat and chunky little guy. My plan for Cyberverse is to focus on Scout class with the occasional full sized figure. My main focus is on Generations, Studio Series, and other lines more aimed at an older fan such at myself. Like Rescue Bots and Robots in Disguise, Cyberverse is more intended for younger children and I only have so much money to spend. Being a fan of smaller figures, like Legion class and such, these Scout class figures are just the thing. I get representations of the characters from the upcoming show, a fun inexpensive Transformers line to collect, and feed my love of smaller toys.

Remember when I said these new Scout class figures are a new thing? Well, I wasn't kidding. Upon first glance, you'd think they're bigger versions of Legion class figures. They certainly look that way and feel like that in robot mode. It's got a pleasant heft and hand feel, though they have a strange gimmick. The transformation is an odd half transformation/battle mode. If not for the cartoonish styling of the figures and the lack of definition of the gimmick, it can look like a more cheap attempt at a Transformer and has been called worse by more jaded fans. Which isn't unfair as the gimmick isn't described in much detail. Cyberverse is a very play heavy, gimmick laden line. So the Scout Class is given a 'gerwalk mode' gimmick which I can't help to think is also an attempt to differentiate the more bargain line from the bigger and more expensive figures.

Part of Grimlock's gimmick is a spring loaded chomping mouth. Which is a cute standard play feature in a lot of animal based toys. I suppose Grimlock's battle mode here is him stomping forward munching metal and handing out knuckle sandwiches. It's a silly little thing meant for a seven year old to play with in the backyard and not deter his parents from getting the bigger toy later on (see mom, it's not the same thing). For a 40 year old lifelong fan of the franchise, I got a cool figure of Grimlock from the new cartoon.

Shaun described him as sort of a new Action Master. That's a pretty good description, as he's got the same amount of articulation, about the same size, and probably what an Action Master would cost in the modern toy market. I was thinking earlier as I was taking my trash out that he was actually more in line with an Action Master Elite. Action Master Elite figures actually transformed, but it was a very basic transformation that wasn't much more than a robot bent a certain way and pointing a gun. So to say Cyberverse Scout class is a modern take on Action Masters is pretty spot on. Good thing I like Action Masters.

I'm happy with my new Grimlock figure and still plan on buying most if not all of these new Scout figures. This is going to sound like I'm making excuses here, and maybe I am. But I've been buying Transformers for 35 years, so I'd like to think my experience in doing so has prepared me for these things. The first figures from a new line are always the worst. Aside from mold reuses, future figures in the line will be better as the design team will essentially find their groove with these. So I don't know if they'll fully transform or the battle modes will improve, but I have faith that they'll get better. Grimlock is pretty cool though as is, I wouldn't mind getting some cool repaints of his mold later on.

Got more whoah

After picking up our grocery and Five Guys orders (we literally do everything from an app), we swung by Target and walked up on the Transformers section. A Transformers section freshly stocked with new Cyberverse figures. Man, no matter how many times I see a new line for the first time, it never stops being exciting. The eye catching packaging really pops on the shelves.

I only grabbed a Scout Grimlock and Warrior Shockwave for the time being. I still mainly plan on getting the Scouts with the occasional larger toy, but I don't want to do it all at once. I'll probably get the other first wave Scouts next week though. Sure they only partially transform, but I'm buying basic versions of the characters, they'd stay in robot mode anyway.

Man, that packaging looks super good.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Golden Lagoon Convoy

If you get a reservation purchase ticket of the Golden Lagoon Convoy at one festival venue, everyone who has not been confirmed yet! Please note that the booking deadline is until 13:00 on the 6th day of the week! It is a chance to flagey a month sooner than a general sale! Please see the booking ticket for how to purchase. Don't miss a Buy!