Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Korean Car Robots sneakers commercial

Now this one is fun and also has me wishing for a pair. I'm sure they'd be just the thing for a trip to Target. The little dart game isn't as neat as the robot toys from the past few commercials, but it's still a neat piece of swag.

Korean Super Human Samurai Syber Squad/Gridman Sneakers commercial

Honestly, it's the original animation that's really got my interest in this one. The little included robot toy is also pretty familiar, I believe I've seen it a few times in discount toy lines at discount stores. I may be prompted to pick one up now.

Korean Microman sneakers

While I'm normally happy with a good pair of Nike's, my recent journey down the rabbit hole of Korean licensed sneakers (this is Zone Base, remember) has rewarded me with all sorts of goodies. This Microman sneaker commercial is freaking sweet! It's the late 90's incarnation of Microman, which I wish I had gotten more into when it was cheaper, and I'll put this bluntly. WHO IS THAT TANK? At first I thought it was a reuse of the G2 Megatron mold that I was unaware of but upon better inspection... it's a different toy. I'm not even remotely in the know about that guy and looking at various Microman pages has still left me in the dark (admittedly I was excited and might have skimmed over his entry). Though I recognize the mold, I've seen it knocked off in a million places.

Whoah, Korean sneaker commercials are awesome. 

Consider this a fair warning that there's going to be a good bit of Korean sneaker commercials posted tonight. I'm skimming through them as I work. It's great!

DinoCore looks pretty great

I've recently stumbled onto DinoCore and wow that looks great. I'm about a year behind on this one, but wow, that looks really cool. Here's hoping it get's put out on Netflix or YouTube like Miniforce and I can enjoy it. Really dig those bots. Looks like a fun cartoon.

*edit* Just discovered it is indeed on YouTube with English subtitles. Welp, know what I'm watching.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The concept to surprise

Dig it
This is the kinda stuff I cannot get enough. I love conceptual art. Little peeks into the creative process. What was planned, how it shaped out, what could have been. Action Masters has quite a bit of it floating around if you can find scans and it's normally really far out. I always dug Action Masters and thought the figures were super neat. This page features what probably would have been some awesome toys. I would love to have that Perceptor.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Like father, not quite like son

I'll be honest, my only reason for posting this is for that sweet original animation. Just look at that and imagine episodes we never got.

Diaclone Car Robot/ Autobot cars commercial

My appreciation of Japanese toy commercials can easily justified in this ad. Just the basic idea of the cars pulling out and driving down the highway before transforming and flying into action. Puts a little perspective on early Transformers episodes where the Autobots would just take off and fly. Wonder if the show runners used some of these commercials as source material?

I got the Blaze Megazord this weekend

I was ecstatic to finally get my hands on this guy this weekend. I've been wanting it for quite some time and literally jumped directly into the air upon seeing it. I even took it over some Power Of The Primes voyagers I also wanted. My wife and I give ourselves a weekly spending allowance to keep ourselves in check. She was a little aghast when she saw me pick it over the Grimlock I had been toting. Not that I didn't want the Grimlock, just man you have no clue how much I wanted this insane thing (I'll get Grimlock, I promise). Right now I'm at an odd place where there is literally a ton of stuff I want on the shelves at the same time (Power of The Primes, Voltron 84, Power Rangers Legacy Zords) that I'm making some decisions each week that I have to live with until I slowly accumulate everything I want. Fortunately it's the first quarter where everything is slow to get restocked.

Back to the Blaze Megazord, it's awesome. You got six super neat Zords that form into the Megazord using the Zord builder combination system, meaning it's possible to use other Zord parts to create even more interesting Megazords. It has a unique missile launcher, the missiles are the individual Rangers that launch from their cockpits to attack bad guys. It's a weird, non-nonsensical attack in a show that doesn't bother to make sense. 

It's so stinking rad.

I need more Drive Heads

My White Hope arrived this weekend and while I wait for his support vehicle Rescue Helicopter to show up I've made my mind up. I need more Drive Heads. Definitely want a Sonic Interceptor and most definitely a Transporter Gaia. These things rule.

Diaclone Train Robo/Raiden commercial

Friday, January 26, 2018

Evergreen greenhorns

I know I've said it before here, but I'm excited for the upcoming Authentics figures. I won't lie, I'm extremely tickled by the 'new' look of Transformers. I've been seeing the Evergreen designs on various merchandise here lately and with the  upcoming Cyberverse cartoon and all brand identity outside of movie stuff using the 'new' look going forward, I'm happy for a return to the old. Sure Generations has been around for sometime selling traditional looking Transformers to us old farts, but the creators of our beloved robots in disguise have gave up the goose and are returning to a more traditional look for the all ages stuff. That's great. Sure having a refreshed look and direction every few years is great. Don't get me wrong. I love Transformers, all of them at that (I'm sure readers have noticed). I welcome change and enjoy variety. But it is nice to see classic Optimus Prime (sure he's a little updated, but that's instantly recognized classic Optimus Prime) on Valentines Day's cards meant for children, those dinky character cups they sell for a dollar, and on toy shelves aimed at children. That's cool. Not to mention, it's nice to not have a tagline to keep up with on packaging. Really nice.

I also can't wait to get my hands on those Authentics. I think I've said that.

It's been years and I'm still waiting on more

Not everything works out as you'd expect. When Powercore Combiners hit I was ecstatic. This was going to be huge I thought. I was pumped, I thought it was great. I still remember sitting in a  Captain D's when the leaked images first started popping up. We had already had various rumors and scuttlebut, but suddenly here was leaked images of this actual new line. I was spending the day with my Mom and we decided to have something to eat, and while I was checking my Blackberry (it was a lot longer ago than it seems) there it was. I was pumped! I was excited! This, this was amazing! This was going to be huge!

Basically you take a basic sized figure and give it a Mini-Con that serves as a weapon or can form armor. Then, you have similarly themed drones that auto transform when connected to that basic sized figure to make a large combiner. I thought it was great! I loved the drones. I hoped for blind bagged crazy color variations! Man, just wait until Takara gets a hold of these, there's going to be a crazy story and so many more. This, this is perfect.

When they started hitting stores I snatched up all I could. I loved these things, they were great. Unfortunately I was the only one who thought so, but luckily that meant I got plenty of them for cheap on clearance.

Smile Bot

While I don't have the 80's Pepsi Optimus Prime, I have both of the newer versions from around a decade ago. It's another particular favorite of mine for sillier reasons I suppose, but I doubt there's any real serious reasons for having preferences in a toy robot hobby. I'm a soda junkie. Drink it way more than I should and relish every drop I drink. Love it. Despite being from Georgia, I've always vastly preferred Pepsi and Pepsi products. I doubt I'd have to elaborate much further as to why I'd find a Pepsi edition of Optimus Prime favorable.

Just look at that, that's great.
together we are more

Without a doubt

I'm sure I've said it before and most likely will say it again, the Beast Machines Dinobots are my favorite group in Transformers. I don't think I can completely put it into words as to why or what it is that makes them so much more special to me than any other group. Nor do I honestly want to. I feel to many people try to focus on why instead of just doing. I've often hoped for updates to these guys, and had to use my hoping hand to help out with the overpopulation in the other hand (look... it's really starting to pile up). It's not happening. When the Fall of Cybertron Grimlock was shown to have an alternate Megatron head, my mind was taken over with hope for the eventual T-Wrecks version of the toy by way of random exclusive. Same with the movie Dinobots. They're solid candidates as updates in my book. The Walmart Dinobots I hoped were the second coming at the time, but alas, just another (awesome) set of Dinobots that were not the beast era N.W.O.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gobots: Battle Of The Rock Lords trailer

Killer Bike

Action Toys just released the larger version of Bike Robo in that above photo and folks are going crazy for it. It comes with an exchangeable face to give him Cy-Kill's cartoon face. Though personally, I really want the smaller version and have been holding out on getting it for some time now. I'm hoping now that the bigger fancier version is out and has everyone's attention the smaller version will reduce in price eventually and I can snap one up. Then I'll probably have to wait for an even nicer version of the big one to come so I can grab the current one at a reduced price.

Man, those are some sharp Gobots.

Since I'm talking Snarl

The name Snarl often gets reused on other pretty cool characters. The Beast Machines Snarl character was never on the show, but was featured in the 3H fiction that took place just after the show ended. Snarl's toy got re-released in the Universe toy line with a new deco and he got some much deserved time to shine. At one point the mold was going to represent Alpha Trion, but a toy was never made. It's a great figure, a neat techno organic lion with a pretty solid robot mode. He's not too different from toys of the time, but that's not a bad thing. I really liked him then and wish he got more love in current times.


I've always been pretty partial to Snarl. True, I favor Dinobots in general, but Snarl has always been the standout one for me. I like stegosaurus themed things in general (Godzilla got them plates yo). It's just a overall pleasant design/look to me. In robot mode the way the tail separates and the plates/spikes fold across his back looks great. The standard Dinobot colors really work on that visual. It's just an all around good looking design for a robot. When I was in second grade, I was Snarl for Halloween. I had one of those old Collegeville costumes and loved it. I still have the mask, though it's slowly fading away into time. I assume one day it will just blow away in the wind while I watch with a tear in my eye.

Lord Zedd is every metal album cover

I'm not having a good day. In times like these, I lean on Lord Zedd to cheer me up.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Things I didn't even consider

I never thought about what all went into pinball machines. With the Transformers pinball game released some time ago, it never occurred to me all that went into it. For example, here's a commercial for the display.

Soundwave has the most beautiful voice

I never get tired of Soundwave's voice in the Chinese dub of Transformers. Instead of his standard reverberated tones, we instead get a sultry lounge singer. Ravge eject? Well, I think Ravage would rather stick around and let your soothing voice hold him tightly.

Gobots French Intro

This is kinda amazing. The intro music to Gobots in France is a great little tune. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Awesome in the Machine

I really liked Machine Wars. Sure the molds were reuses of Euro G2 and some unused G2 with nothing original made for the line, but long hair don't care I dug it. Just a neat anomaly in the Transformers world. Beast Wars was in full steam when this line was tested out at Kay Bee's (some folks swear to have seen them at Meijers and maybe they did) judging if vehicle based TF's would still sell (it didn't do well, to a beast naysayer's nay saying). Lot's of folks like to say Machine Wars was in response to a Kenner employee misspeaking at BotCon essentially causing the line. I don't necessarily agree with that. I mean, sure it's possible (I'm not one of those robot nerds who thinks he knows everything), but it's a little hard to fathom why a toy company would sink the small fortune to release such a line just to cover a mistake an employee said to a relatively small amount of people (in a time when not enough people had the internet to really spread the information). I'd imagine Hasbro/Kenner (remember when Kenner made Transformers?) would just move along like nothing happened and if questioned would just say the employee was mistaken. I like to think the employee was directly speaking about what Machine Wars turned out to be and probably just worded it badly or it was interpreted wrong (I mean, people do make mistakes).

Of course that's just me theorizing and only folks employed by the involved companies know the actual truth. Regardless, it was a super neat line. I always have and still really do like those old classic boxy Transformers toys and just overall thought it was neat. Machine Wars toys had these pretty great decos that were not traditional on mostly traditional characters. Not to mention that packaging just screams out to me. Those colors man, there just not what M&M kept babbling about when they found him, they're a real visual treat on that box. I always found the budget of the packaging hilarious. They essentially reused box tooling they had and made the toys fit inside them and doctored up some existing art (in some cases of not the same toy) to match the new characters inside.

Most of the molds found themselves released in other colors and as other characters in other lines, but there's just something special about that little series in the blue boxes to me.

Dino Robo

The Diaclone versions of the Dinobots isn't too big of a departure from the Transformers use of them. This great commercial really sells them on the idea of being better than other dinosaur toys. Grimlock has usually been depicted as having fire breath, which I always took as a play on Godzilla. The ability was even in his Diaclone counterpart, because it's pretty rad. Though I can see the generic dinosaur toys being a stand in for various kaiju in this commercial. It's pretty clear the idea is there.

Super Ninja Steel

Set those DVR's!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Imaginext is literally the best

I just screamed out loud at that Cyclopsis.
I don't know what I want more, the new figures or the metallic Rangers (the new figures duh, but man the old ones are sssoooo good).

Pics from GRNRNGR


MMPR Japanese Intro

Describing the Japanese version of Power Rangers is like describing a turducken.
You take a Japanese show. Edit in American actors and dub the Japanese scenes in English. Then take THAT show, and dub it in Japanese and show it to a bunch of kids who saw the Japanese source material last year.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Rocky liked my post on Instagram

Battle Bikes/Roadsaurers

In the past few months, I've been increasingly becoming a bigger and bigger fan of the motorcycles the Rangers used to travel about. They were more heavily used in Zyuranger, as the Zyurangers main mode of transportation to wherever a monster might be causing havoc. Regardless the series or name they've went by, they're completely badass.

There's something poetic about a motorcycle that looks like a dinosaur, packing firearms, and being used by superheroes to drive around looking for monsters to beat up. I'm not even much of a motorcycle person. I'm not even much of a car guy. I just want something that runs good, gets me from point a to point b, and I'd like it to look nice. Which is ironic considering my hobbies revolve around robots that turn into cars and the like.

So far I have the black battle bike from Imaginext with hopes to score the blue one as well. I wish there was a red one, but I suppose a boy can only dream. So far Imaginext has only made the two bikes with sidecars. I sometimes aspire to acquire a stand alone Imaginext motorcycle to customize into the Red Rangers bike. Though I'd much rather an official one. I know there's other Ranger toys versions of them, but hey... Imaginext has pretty much cornered the market in Power Rangers toys.

Terror Toad/Dora Boogaranan

I just wanted to take a second and just elaborate on exactly how horrifying the Terror Toad actually is.

He's eat the Power Rangers terrifying. 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Z Putty's all have wedgies

My Terror Toad (I got one today) came with a Putty Patrol member in a hammer wielding motorcycle. I had noticed prior that his colors were a little different than the standard set that you can buy and as I was checking out I also noticed that he was a Z Putty Patrol member! Imaginext literally colored it to match the costumes in season 2 of MMPR with painted on Z-pad and vest!

Good thing they left out the but cheeks. 

Terror Toad FTW

I got the Imaginext Terror Toad earlier today. I'm excited.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

And Nightracer too, waiting there for me, yes I do

I don't buy a lot of Masterpiece. I've got a few that I like quite a lot, but I don't buy every one that comes out. Occasionally they put out one that sings to me, and oh my did they.

Shadow Panther is one of those toys that I've always loved. Sure to most he's just a repaint of Cheetor as a quasi Ravage toy. But to me, to me he's special. Maybe I'm just ridiculous, but he was one of those must have toys at the time for me. Even though most fans passed on him at the time or bought one on clearance.

First off, the Cheetor design just really pops in those colors. Second, sue me, I like Ravage repaints of non Ravage toys. Don't know why in particular I like it when a Ravage is made from someone else, but I do.

Third, I have fond memories of buying mine. You see at BotCon 2002 there was a guy selling Ravage X-9's for a really low price. At the time I hadn't had much cash on me and when I saw the price, I ran to the ATM in the hotel. Which was out of cash. So I then ran to the ATM down the street, ran back, and ...

Some turd was walking away with all the Ravage X-9's to another table, in which then got marked with a much bigger price. Well, a snooty 'not shopping from that guy from me' and shortly after saw a guy selling Shadow Panther unopened for next to nothing. I had been wanting one so decided it was a good time to finally get one. So basically, Shadow Panther is basically the mascot for me not putting up with douchebags within the fandom.

I like Shadow Panther.

Now this is cool

Apparently in Japan there's a Takara promotional DVD available if you buy at least 2,500 yen in I'm assuming Transformers or other Takara product. The DVD markets Transformers, Shinkalion, and Driveheads. So of course it has my interest. I'm also fully admitting to enjoying looking at foreign advertising (which Zone Base readers have already figured out).

I'm still snowed in so I watched Godzilla

I watched the new awesome Godzilla anime on Netflix last night and boy are my arms tired. This was a great film. I really like the visual presentation, the overall darkness. A giant monster destroying your planet is going to be dark and grim. It has a similar vibe to Attack on Titan, the entire hopeless world ending all around you and trying to stand up to impossible odds. You can't fight a storm, you can just take cover and try to stay alive. You can try to fight and kill a monster that's destroying everything. And that's really well sold in this, 'we've got to stop this'. All while dealing with various issues like governing entities and emotions.

There's great science fiction to it too. Aliens, cool weapons, mech suits, space ships. I almost felt like I was watching one of those Diaclone commercials watching the military forces pull into action and mobilize. I would love a video game set in this world.

Godzilla isn't some cute monster dancing around, he's a big dark destroyer that's taking over and there's nothing you can do about it. Adding to everything is a background mystery with an overall sinister vibe. You feel like there is more going on more and more while watching and I'm sure that's going to be more prevalent as the series continues. Not to mention little hints (some more obvious than others) of things to come.

I'm very happy with this presentation of Godzilla, much more than the last two films (that I did enjoy, but not as much as this). I really hope the series continues this level of greatness going forward or even builds on it. If you like kaiju, anime, science fiction, or even just a good story, I recommend it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ice Zone

I'm currently snowed in. Good thing the new Godzilla is on Netflix today, so I can watch that later. I never know how to handle these days. I live in the American South, which means we don't really know how to deal with show and ice. When we have a storm, basically everything is covered under inches of ice and it's random if the city salts the roads. So, I promise to get back to regular posting soon, just today I'm literally a fish out of water. The wife and I just ventured to our local Circle K and we feel like we just went on a epic adventure. To be fair, there was a lot of cars ran off the road.

Zone Base fun will continue soon, pinky swear. Probably tommorow, just today's weird for me. I feel like I should apologize. I'm sorry, I promise to get back to regular posting tommorow.

Insecticons 1985 commercial

I've always been drawn to the Insecticons. Just a cool concept that I've always dug. Think about it. Alien bugs from outer space. In Diaclone, the bad guys were the Waruders, a race of alien bug people whose mecha was giant robot bugs. The deluxe Insecticons were Beetras toys and didn't get used on the cartoon. The main three that we all know and love were reuses of Diaclone Insect Robo, which were the main soldiers of the Waruder army. Once I learned more of Diaclone and Waruders, I was amazed by how similar the Insecticons were portrayed on the cartoon to their Diaclone forefathers.

Diaclone Blitzwing

One thing from the past I miss was when Takara would do some sort of reissue of a G1 toy, E-Hobby would release the toy in a special edition. Usually in the Diaclone colors of the toy mold and as a new character. This was super cool and really neat in most cases. Getting an original Diaclone toy can be expensive, so having the option for a reissue was a great alternative for someone who just wanted to have one. Not to mention having it folded into the greater TF mythos was a great plus. The Blitzwing edition was particularly cool as it was intended to represent a new line of military robots produced by the Quintessons with a funny name, 'Overcharge'. Obviously a joke for fans to laugh at, the name in fiction is meant to be a nickname used to refer to the bots. The soldiers are Drones called the Terrorbots, sold for high dollar and use exceptionally high amounts of energy.

Get it?

GiG Throttlebots

Italian Transformers commercials are slowly becoming a favorite of mine. Just look at that plucky Goldbug zoom around there. That's pretty gosh darned great.

Must see beast TV

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fuzors are cool man

Speaking of forgotten Beast Wars commercial CGI, did you freaking see that mural on a stoners van come to life to sell the concept of Fuzors? That was freaking amazing! Like Hey kids, do you party? Are you cool? No, I mean are you cool? NOT COOLER THAN NEW BEAST WARS FUZORS!  

B'boom goes the dynamite

Folks often remember those old G2 commercials for the CGI, but often the CGI in early Beast Wars commercials goes forgotten. This commercial sells the poop out of these new (at the time) Mega Beast Wars figures. B'boom was a great figure that really was the ideal early beast era figure. Cool alt mode, cool robot mode, and cool weapon platform thingy mode (this was an early gimmick in BW as was the mutant heads). Transquito was around on shelves for years to come up into the early 2000's. I'm not sure why as he's a fun toy in his own right, though I think at some point you could have built a house from stacked up Transquito boxes at the local Toys r Us. Both molds got reused in Beast Wars II, which is great that they got another chance at much deserved limelight.

Onyx Primal BotCon 1996

'...and I will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers, and you will know my name is Onyx when I lay my vengeance upon thee.'

GiG Finback

Playing with my Primemasters last night got me all excited for Pretenders. Words cannot express how stoked for tiny Pretender homages I am.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Beast Wars Metals intros 1&2

Intro 1

Intro 2

Gigastorm, Tanko Tank, and even the N.W.O I think

Playing with my Titans Return Trypticon last night and thinking about Beast Wars today guided me down the path of Gigastorm and this awesome commercial. Really selling the crap out of the line, the announcer is practically yelling and still not conveying my excitement for anything Beast Wars. I'm still kicking myself for passing over the mountains of discounted Sonokong Gigastorms in the past. They were reduced to such low prices! Playing with my new giant Trypticon last night kinda made me wish for a Gigastorm variation, but no. It's just not different enough to warrant a release. Though, in red, Trypticon would be gorgeous.

Big Convoy vs Magmatron

Since I'm talking Lio Convoy, I can't not talk Big Convoy. Beast Wars Neo had a ton of new molds that many were very frustrating to transform, but ultimately really good looking and very beloved by me. Big Convoy to this day is one of the best looking Transformers in my opinion. It's just this amazing looking robot made of kick ass. Magmatron isn't anything to sneeze at either. Just this big, imposing robot made of three dinosaurs. Beast Wars Neo was just a showstopper.

Lio Convoy vs Galvatron

A conversation in a group about Lio Convoy has got me looking back fondly at Beast Wars 2 toys. While basically a repaint line, Lio Convoy and Galvatron were original molds and pretty nice ones at that. Convoy was a bit fiddly to keep together in his robot mode due to his transformation, but still a really sharp looking toy. Galvatron was heralded as one of the best Transformers toys for years to come. I often say that beast era was my favorite time to be a fan, and I'll admit there's probably some rose tint in my memories, but I can't deny the complete joy I get from it still.

GIG Diaclone Powerdashers

Every time I look at smaller, discount line aimed Transformers, I wonder why we don't get a return to toys like these. Small, inexpensive, simple transformations, and a pull back play feature. Of course I'm just arm chair quarter backing, but I could see them selling somewhat well.

I'd buy them.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Just can't get them out of my (drive) head

My infatuation with Driveheads continues to grow as the wait for the toy's I ordered continues. Free shipping from Japan is code for 'about a month' and January is a magical month where time slows to a halt. Something I really appreciate after the hustle and rushed nature of the holiday season, but when you're waiting on something... good grief. The toys themselves are pricey enough (though, I've found them for reasonable prices in the most obvious of places) to keep me from going on a buying spree and snapping them all up as fast as possible. Fortunately the usual array of smaller/cheaper convenience store toys are available and might just prove to be the stop gap I need in between importing and waiting forever.

I've always been a fan of these type toys, so they're something I naturally gravitate towards anyway. Long before everyone was hip to the Kabaya model kits, I was steadily snapping them up (they sure were cheaper back then too *shrug*) as well as the random figurines produced of various characters. There's just something special about a good pvc or mini figure.

Having a Prime Adventure

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Japanese promo

Now this is different. I knew some Power Rangers was dubbed in Japanese and broadcast in Japan, which I always thought was funny. I mean, generally a Power Rangers series takes footage from a series of Super Sentai and inserts American scenes. Usually Power Rangers is not very far behind Super Sentai, so whenever the Japanese version of a Power Rangers show would air, a good chunk of the episode had already been seen by viewers a year or so prior. Well, Power Ranger movies are usually completely original productions, so I got to wonder how well they're received over there by fans.

I mean, think about it. Saban commissioned new Zyuranger footage for use in Power Rangers. The 1995 movie had Zords based on Kakuranger. Turbo, using Carranger costumes and Zords. Then 2017 movie? All new suits and designs based on Zyuranger.

I'm sure there's some big toku fan who'd tell me how it was revived over there, but I'm more curious about the average person in Japan who may not get to invested in shows past average viewing.

Galaxy Force Korean intro

One thing I really appreciate (if you haven't noticed) is the differences in shows in various countries. I've made note here before of my interest in Korean robot shows and it occurred to me to see how the Korean versions of shows I already know go. The Korean version is basically the second intro for the Japanese version, which is still drastically different from the Cybertron intro. Glad I choose Galaxy Force/Cybertron, I could almost be convinced it was a different show. Super neat.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Battle Beastformer Saga

It's a shame that Beast Saga wasn't as big of a hit as I think it should have been. I'd love to see it made it's way here. Personally, I think kids in the US would have went crazy for them.

Power Rangers VR

Figured it would be a good time for another VR post. This one's a 360 vdeo, so make sure you're phone can do 360 before you pop it into that headset! If not, you can watch it here on your computer screen and use the mouse to look around.

Robot Dinosaurs are always cool

I was just thinking how it's a shame that a sequel to the Power Rangers movie most likely won't happen. Not just because I genuinely liked the movie. I'd love a bigger budget to give me more of those Zord scenes.

Mail call!

Today came the mail and with it awesome stuff. First was my Grotusque whom my wife ordered for me and came in a bonafide contraption like Arcee did. I kinda like these contraptions and wish more toys came in them.

Also my friend John, knowing my love of Kinder Surprise Eggs and blind bagged toys set me a care package of Kinder copy cats that I'm really excited to open. I plan to do that this weekend and make a post here of it. I'm pretty excited (hear that music starting up, told y'all, thug life). Also he sent a cheese ball that's a tradition of his heritage which I think I find more awesome than the eggs. I'm going to share that with the wife this weekend. Paired with a great Star Wars card, this made for a great high five to start my day!

Battle Armor Five

Now THIS is cool. It's an animated commercial for the Machine Robo Battle Armor Five set, which is also known as Courageous in Gobots. I wish I could say more, but I'm in awe struck at just how awesome the animation is. 

Timing is everything

Ok, now every time there's a new Transformers movie, I start clamoring for the return of the Bumblebee Snickers bar. But... you know... there's a Bumblebee movie coming out this summer, which would be just the perfect time.

Look, my stock pile ran out in 2010 and I haven't been holding out for a candy bar for 8 years for nothing.

Oh hey, think Sonic will get those Transformers slushes again?

Those were good.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

This is my jam and I'd put it on toast if I could.

Pardon the blurry pic, it's a small pic blown up to actually see things

Sometimes I could kick myself for skipping over things in the past that later became more expensive than I'd let myself pay for. Case in point, look at this ad for Microman toys. See anything familiar? Well, just like how Transformers used molds from Microman, Takara used Transformers molds in other lines. That green truck is Action Master Optimus Primes truck.The two bike robots in the bottom right are light cycle molds from G2. They actually modified the handlebars so that Microman figures could hold them when they drive. I think that's a forever in the mold thing now as uses of the molds in Robots in Disguise and Robot Masters had the new Microman handles.

I totally had opportunities to get these super cheap back in the day and passed for other things (sometimes there's only so much money for trivial things and you make decisions, ok?). Sometimes I still see the figures from this Microman series online for fair prices, but not the things I'd really like that I passed over.

Just look at that magnificent deco on the truck. It's not far removed from Thunderclash, and man it looks sharp. When I buy things like Legends, or look forward to the upcoming Authentics, this is the kinda thing I'd like for it. Sure, Cyberverse did a great job of providing cool vehicles that were similar in play pattern. But MAN would it be awesome to buy a Legends scale Optimus that came with a new version of his old truck play set.

I've got to make a run to Walmart

Welp, looks like Walmart has a sale on specifically Autobots for $7.38 each. I'd like to make a joke about prices, but I'm incapable of forming anything particularly clever. Adjusted for inflation, that's 17.59 in current dollars. Which is more expensive than a current deluxe at Walmart (mine at least), but those reissues were around $30-40 normally (except Hot Rod, who was around $20 for some magic reason) a little over a decade ago. You know what else? I was alive back then and $5 was still just $5. In short, inflation is pretty crappy and doesn't always make sense without a long explanation that's usually still kinda fuzzy on details.


Looks like Walmart had them on sale, let's, uh, go to Walmart.

Man, my KFC half the time doesn't have chicken

I've noted here before just how rad KFC is in other countries, but man, I'm really jealous of that bucket.

So, this was made

I stumbled across this random 'learn your colors' childrens educational video and I'm really uncomfortable. I know it looks innocent, but I think I have 7 days now before Sadoka comes to kill me.

Beast Machines/Beast Wars Returns intros

Beast Machines

Beast Wars Returns

Both are pretty much the same thing except title card and dudes yelling. Music is surprisingly the same, which isn't bad as the song is good.

Pour one out for Beast Wars Sausages

 Beast Wars Sausages, you were too good for this world. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I think that was amazing

Somewhere in time this commercial for (a Chinese retail juggernaut) happened and boy did it happen. Basically, Bumblebee is getting his honeycomb kicked by a generic Decepticon and oh man he's down for the count. Fortunately, somebody ordered what appears to be the Marvel G2 version of the Matrix from (the shipment apparently comes from the same factory that makes Robots In Disguise toys) and Optimus helps the delivery. In the meantime the delivery truck is also a Transformer and the mascot shows up to help bring Bumblebee the magic of the apparent matrix and he's got his second wind.

It's a really neat commercial and decently animated with what's obviously not the movie CGI models, but clearly based on them. Perhaps a lower res version that's cheaper to animate for things like this. It gets props for using the AOE Bumblebee look, which I've always really like. Though, I'm not sure of the age, so it could have been from AOE marketing.

Grotusque, hurry up

The Titans Return Grotusque set finally popped up on TRU over the weekend and my wife ordered me one. I'm not on pins and needles waiting for my toy to arrive or anything, but I'm on pins and needles waiting for my toy to arrive. I'm already anxious enough for my Drivehead to show up later this month, but now I got this guy coming in the next few days. Can I just say tracking numbers are bullcrap? I mean, the concept isn't, the concept is great. Just the execution is bullcrap. So far I know they've printed a label but nothing else. Well great, don't leave me in suspense over here, did they put the label on the box? Will I get an update for that?

Monday, January 8, 2018

I'm going to talk about Universal Studios, take a shot

One of my favorite YouTube Vloggers, Tim Tracker, just posted a new video from USO and he found some new Transformers ride swag I'd like to get my hands on.

These are from the video

These also are from the video

There's two diecast kit cars themed as Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. These are a part of what looks like a new park line of merchandising as there's also a car for Jurassic Park and a slew for Fast and Furious. Actually, Fast and Furious has a neat station where you can build your own. Wonder what else will get those neat cars?

There's also a new candy bar, which is part of the park characters candy bar line. Looks like a regular chocolate bar, so should be enough for even the most picky fan. The wrapper matches a TF lanyard they sell (yes I have it). I don't know when I'll get to go back, but man I hope it's in time to score some of these.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Nanos are pretty metal

I had been eyeing the Nano Metalfigs at stores for some time now. Thinking they were really neat, but ultimately deciding the last thing I should do is take up another toy line. My wife took note of my attention, loaded up a stocking full of them for me at Christmas basically made me change my mind on another toy line.

They're really cheap, a dollar a figure, with multi packs basically still costing a dollar a figure. They've got plenty of fun properties to sell. So far I've got the complete Street Fighter series, a few Disney, and a good number of Spider-Man figures.

My overall direction with this line is complete a few series depending on overall feeling towards it and random figures from other sets. I've completed Street Fighter untill they release more. I think for Disney I'm going to aim at a more sci fi/fantasy area. I've got Gizmo Duck and the Armored Baymax. I'd like to get the matching Scrooge McDuck and non armored Baymax and then see what else they release down the road. The classic Disney stuff is charming for sure, but not sure if I want it at the time. Spider-Man is a very fun series, various Spider Society figures with various costumes makes for a fun thing to collect. Though Carnage is a really hard to find figure, so he's going to take some effort. I think I may also try to get all the Batman figures. Not necessarily DC as a whole, but definitely Batman and his multiple figures.

There's so many figures with so many exclusive figures at such a low cost that it's just the right mix for enjoying the past time of collecting alone as well as the things I like that they've licensed. The above picture is just what I grabbed at Walmart while running out to get a roll of plastic to cover the windows (wintertime, you wouldn't believe how much that little plastic cuts out drafty windows and the heat kicking on). That's $6 worth of stuff (not counting my nachos underneath... I was hungry...and hey, they were a dollar too!). The 5 pack is actually about 10-20 cents cheaper than buying figures individually and there's multi pack exclusives.

There's even display playsets Jada makes to go along with them, though for now I've been using my tried and true plastic craft boxes I've always used for sorting and storing small things. The Nano group I'm in is often taking those and making pretty sharp display cases, and I'm honestly tempted to try that out.

In all it's a fun addition to the stuff I already buy and at such a cheap price gives me something fun to pick up even at times when finances can be tight (hello household bills directly after Christmas). Here's hoping the fun little diecast figures keep being fun.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

They just call him sports car

I'm just sitting in my living room eating frozen pizza and drinking some ice tea from a dollar store tumblr watching old commercials on my tablet (I know what you're thinking and this is exactly the definition of thug life, cue the music). I was actually having a hard time locating the Black Convoy/Build King commercial. Well, that's not true, I keep finding a grainy one, but I was hoping to get one in a little better quality. That lead to the above compilation of assorted Car Robots commercials (which was fun to watch... still thuggin).

It briefly took me back to the days of watching subtitled Car Robots on VHS while eating frozen pizza and drinking ice tea from a dollar store tumblr (I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me... cue the music) and taking note of the commercials. Those old tapes of dubious release always had a few of the shows related ads included.

My best friend since childhood and I used to live together and he'd regularly rent Gundam episodes on those tapes and we'd watch the commercials. He found it funny that they'd make such a production for a few second commercial and as I've said here time and time again, I thought the tiny tokusatsu style productions were neat. It'd always make for a good time. My next roommate was another old friend that I had made at that garbage Office Max I worked while attending community college. He had a sorta part time job at the same store we'd get those Gundam tapes from (they paid him in free rentals) and eventually they got a copy of the first Car Robots release from that shady anime VHS company.

Which he brought home one night and we promptly made a copy of (because that thug life). Eventually I found a few more releases of the series the company made before the show debuted on Fox Kids. Which was a relief since those shady VHS tapes always made weird noises in my VCR. In all honesty they were probably made on those dollar store VHS blanks sold next to my tumblrs.

That I used to copy of a shady anime VHS tapes.

Put mah jet pants on

Armada toys were so stinking fun to get.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


I've said it before and I'll say it again. McDonald's Beast Wars is one of my favorite things in Transformers. I still remember being a doofy high school kid who didn't fit in (if not for trying) working my doofy high school job at McDonald's. I'd often find myself in in the employee only areas that would often have random employee posters on the walls. Things to educate you about the product. Random little official McDonald's songs and dances meant to be fun that I don't think anyone did (except that Arch Deluxe dance contest to win $100 dollars that the manager magically won). There was usually a poster for the next coming Happy Meal toys, so you'd be in the know by the time they arrived in store.

The manager was a real butt (as noted above) and wouldn't let any of us keep store materials (I'd understand if they were being shipped back, but he threw them away and then locked the dumpster). The poster for the upcoming Beast Wars Happy Meal toys was like a siren song. Man, I wanted these, and I doubt it's a surprise that several toys came home with me each night.


Every so often I wish McDonald's would revive these. They'd be great! They'd be awesome! They'd make so much more sense than anything they've done in a long time (I mean, I can buy 2 for 2.50 6 piece chicken nuggets and add on fries and drink for less than the 10 piece chicken nuggets meal)!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Mail Call Heroics!

My hero Shawn saved the Ramhorn day!

Go! Go! Rescue!

Super Action Pose

The Japanese versions of G2 commercials are pretty simple, just an announcer talking over US footage with custom ending bumper. Can't argue as the G2 commercials are pretty much perfect as is. Pretty decent for the time CGI, good selling of the toys features, and those cheesy raps. They're a perfect time capsule of the early 90's.

I kind of still like the CGI.

1987 Headmasters

I absolutely love the sound effects used during the exciting action sequences.

Bee real

Back before Bumblebee was forever a hatchback (or Camaro, beep beep) there was an honest attempt at making him a Beetle in the Alternators/Binaltech line. Though Volkswagen didn't want their products associated with war (anymore) it never made it past conceptual art and as his body in a BotCon comic appearance. There was talk for awhile of making him a Mini Cooper which for the life of me I could never understand. Sure, other characters all day, but Bee? I find the sporty hatchback a good alternative. It's similar to the Beetle design, while still up to date, and lends itself to a very unmistakable classic looking robot mode.

You know, I really liked Alternators. They weren't really good toys, though they wasn't intended to be. They were intended to be pretty things to put on a display shelf before Masterpiece was a thing (it was just Optimus with a repaint as a cab mode Ultra Magnus... and a Brave guy). There was even comments from the Hasbro design team at OTFCC at the time that they intended them to go along with the Masterpiece Optimus Prime. Some fans derided them at the time (those magical ones who seemingly hate anything everyone else likes coincidentally...why do people keep giving these guys a platform to be heard?), but mostly everyone liked them. They were a nightmare to transform, but were really sharp looking robots. That initial Smokescreen toy is still one of the sharpest looking Transformers toys I've seen to this day.