Saturday, December 29, 2018

Botbots Pop Punk commercial

Mighty Orbots/GodMars into a New Year

Mighty Orbots/Godmars intros

I'm sure my regular readers are probably noticing the lack of postings the past few days, and as you can probably guess it's due to the holidays. I didn't make a programing note post as I figured most people would have figured that out on their own already (folks stay pretty busy themselves this time of year). I did carve out a little time to refresh the sites look which usually I do around this time of the year. I tried to keep the same overall space station arcade look, but went neon space arcade. Because I like neon, arcades, and space. I'm probably the only person who sees it because I'm crazy.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, some of the things I plan to do during this long holiday weekend (I had one for Christmas and now one for New Years with a few work days in between... I have no clue what day it is right now as result) is watch the Mighty Orbots DVD set my wife got me for Christmas and some episodes of Godmars (since they're super similar looking) that's been on my watch list for a while. Since I got a metric ton of cool stuff for Christmas, I plan on breaking out the light tent for some good picture posts of some (just some) of the neato toys I got for Christmas. That and play some of the great arcade games that came on this neat retro game console my wife got me. I also plan to play some Monster Hunter. Because I like Monster Hunter and got the newest game for my Switch with some gift card money on boxing day. I know you're concerned.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Needful Bots


Over the past few days, news and images of random Energon Igniters figures have been popping up and really grabbing my attention. There's the recently discovered Power Series Ratchet that somehow alluded news sites coverage. It's an odd bit as the toy is sculpted like Ratchet's earlier movie appearances and not his look in the Bumblebee movie (which the toy is tied too). Add in his deco looks more like Medix and you've got an pretty random toy. Which I'll buy.

Not to be outdone is random sightings of a Speed Series Cliffjumper. The repaints of legend/legion/speed series molds are usually a lot of fun, so I've been hoping for some good ones. Bumblebee toys just look good in red. They have since G1 and look good even these days when they're usually sold as Cliffjumper. So, I'm game. I kinda hope they do a red version of the Camaro Speed Series Bumblebee toy as Stinger. Mainly because I'm silly over Stinger, and also because I'm silly over Stinger.


Finally we have a Crystal version of Bumblebee that's a magazine exclusive in Febuary 2019. I'll probably never own this and it will haunt me to my dying day.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

SSSS. Gridman x Ultraman

Tsuburaya recently put out this little short clip as sort of a segway from SSSS. Gridman into the new Ultraman anime movie. It's a neat enough little clip, not that I needed anymore reason to look forward to the movie, but who am I to not appreciate a good bit of marketing?

SSSS. Gridman

I watched the final episode of SSSS. Gridman over my Christmas break. Wow, what a crazy ride this series has been. It started off weird and funny, only to end weird and a little sad. I won't go into too many details as I'm sure not everyone has had a chance to see it yet, but the ending wasn't what I expected. I certainly did like the way everything came together and feel just as confused at the same time. I don't know if that's a good thing, but I'm not complaining either way. It was great to see something I've always liked get a new life 20-ish years later and to see it done so well was nice. I really thought the overall vibe of the show was fun. Like others, the Transformers references in the character designs was something I found neat (though the weekly pointing out of it did get a bit old, just in time for the ones pointing it out to move onto something else to do fortunately). I hope to see more of Gridman in the future, and with the Ultraman anime movie showing up on Netflix in the spring, I will at least have something else to take it's place.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Profesor Wellread (Botbots)

A member of the Backpack Bunch Botbots group, Professor Wellread is a smarty pants book with a latch. With a few simple steps, he changes into his big head robot mode that's just exploding with personality. The bright blue plays well with the white making for a good looking toy. I really like his big head and small body. It's so silly and full of personality. A perfect example of the lines creativity.

The Star Wars Christmas Special

I'm sorry in advance.

Sunday, December 23, 2018



Like most movies, I had to wait until the weekend to see them with my work schedule. I don't get free passes or press viewings, so I kinda have to work them in with my regular life. Being the last weekend before Christmas, time is even more thinly stretched.

Regardless, I do love a good movie at Christmas and with Star Wars opting for a spring/summer release for their 2018 offering (Solo), Bumblebee makes for a perfect fit. We bought our tickets last Sunday for our favorite reserved seating theater for Sunday early afternoon. Just a great time to see a movie in those comfy reclining seats (it really is a nice theater).

Unfortunately my theater didn't have any Bumblebee swag, but I still had a damn good time. I wasn't alone either, I thought my wife was going to melt any minute at the cuteness on display. Bumblebee was everything I hoped for. It felt like an episode of the old cartoon come to life, and it was great.

In fact, it makes me retrospectively rebuke all the reasonings from the 5 movies prior as here was a lower budget movie that delivered on all expectations without anything that was said before that couldn't be done- actually being done. Bumblebee is a Transformers movie with a lot of heart, action, and pure wonder.

I loved it.

Pucksie (Botbots)

Pucksie is a member of the Jock Squad group of Botbots and as the name implies, a hockey puck! I really enjoy the hockey player looks of the robot mode and found that was implemented very well. The first time I transformed Pucksie, I found it tricky to get all the parts to line up. Though after that everything loosened up. Maybe I just got a tight fitting one, but his jersey looks loose fitting!

Tsuburaya-Last Christmas

Dada is feeling very lonely this Christmas.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Totes Magotes (Botbots)

Totes Magotes is a member of the Backpack Bunch Botbots group and a pretty useful bag! I could see myself carrying it about as I went about my day with all the stuff I might need. As a working professional, I should probably keep such a bag! In robot mode, Totes Magotes is totes a great chunky robot! I like the big hands and thick stature. I'd really like to see G1 package style art of Totes. The heft is really pleasant and man... who can't love that big old buck tooth and those suspenders?

Wreck the Halls with lots of Kaiju, your buildings will fa la la la la la all down

I know I plan to be putting in some kaiju time over my holiday break, how about you?

Friday, December 21, 2018

Chilla Gorilla (Botbots)

Chilla Gorilla is a member of the Techie Team Botbots and a pair of stereo headphones! Despite each team having their own symbols, Chilla Gorilla sports Autobot symbols on his sides! With a few quick steps, Chilla Gorilla tuns into a gorilla looking robot! It's hard to deny how great of a little toy this guy is, if you're one of those types that has an issue with beats headphones, I'd be careful. He might beats your ass!

12 Days of Burger King Christmas

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Slaphappy (Botbots)

Slaphappy is a member of the Backpack Bunch of Botbots and is a pink ruler! Truthfully, I thought she was a pink eraser and kinda wish she was as the blocky nature of the toy doesn't scream ruler. The pink and white looks great and her robot mode is really good. So, even though I think her alt mode should be something else, Slaphappy is still a solid addition to the line!


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rootwing (Botbots)

Rootwing is a very clever member of the Shred Heads Botbots group. With an alt mode of a small tree, you wouldn't expect a pterodactyl looking robot mode. Yet, there is is! I overlooked this one during the press package art and was super surprised to get such a great little toy. If there is any doubt of Botbots imaginative designs, Rootwing will definitely clear that.

I am ROOT...wing

Ronald McDonalds Ice Skates for Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Manglors were one of those weird toys that came along at what was seemingly the right time with Master of the Universe and other fantasy toys making big bucks at stores, but somehow fell by the wayside. Maybe it's my anticipation of new stuff in the Godbeast store tomorrow that's got me thinking about cool monster toys. Slime based toys seem to be all the rage with kids right now (thankfully, I love slime and am glad to see it in the spotlight again) and can't help but to think Manglors would be a hit right now.

Whenever Manglors come up, the subject of the 'pull apart' feature comes up and how it never really worked so well as the gooey substance dried up or didn't stick together well. That's probably one of the pitfalls that made Manglors a hard sell back in the day. But I'm sure if packaged a as cheap toy like slime, folks would be more patient with a toy that's not going to last long. Another thing that occurred to me was what if instead of toys, Manglors got a new life as gummy candy? I can't count how many times I've ripped apart a gummy and stuck it together with other gummy candy. A bear headed snake, that's magic and I still do it. Who wouldn't like a gummy devil or dragon?

Venus Frogtrap (Botbots)

Venus Frogtrap is a member of the Shred Heads group from Botbots. As her name implies, she's a Venus Flytrap that turns into a frog. She's a small toy with a lot of character thanks to her big head with opening mouth. I found her little frog legs hard to fold out and didn't have the most luck folding her down for frog mode thanks to the soft plastic. But thanks to her super fun robot mode, I didn't mind.

Christmas comes but Once a Year

From the Domain of Public.

Monday, December 17, 2018

I just hope my theater has Bumblebee cups!


I've got my tickets for Bumblebee reserved for an early Sunday afternoon showing, and I'm super excited. Really looking forward to seeing what looks like a great Transformers movie. I'm also looking forward to getting the collectors cup and popcorn bucket (assuming my theater has them), as I usually do that. Then this past weekend I see news that in Singapore theaters not only have Bumblebee swag, but also selling a Bumblebee reissue in combos! Dude! Sure, it's the same Bumblebee that's (finally) appearing at my local Walmart stores, but there's a certain something about getting one at the theater! I'd totally be up for something like that. Imagine if it was some sort of exclusive version. Like instead of the 2004 face the current Walmart Bumblebee has, it had the original head or maybe a sparkly plastic. Even a 'theater edition' sticker on the package or something. Sure, it's be next to impossible to get one then (because they'd sell out in less than a second), but that's just cool.

Voltron Legendary Defender

The final season of Voltron Legendary Defender premiered this weekend on Netflix. I watched it sporadically during the weekend, finishing up this morning as I was wrapping some Christmas presents. I'm certainly sad to see this show go. Not only was it the best damn robot show on tv, but it was just a damn good show. I appreciated the drama and comedy that fleshed out the characters and situation that made the show more than it could have been. Not to mention as a lifelong Voltron fan, it was great to see the series get a solid cartoon that not only looked cool, but also delivered on substance.

I enjoyed buying the toys that Playmates made for the short time they were out and hope to see some of the designs from the show make it into toy form at some point, even if unofficially. Between the various Robeasts, mecha piloted by big bads (would those be Robeasts too?), and the various Voltron formations (not to mention the Atlas). There was some great robots on display.

It's been a fun ride, the past few years with Lion Force. If this is Voltron's last show (for awhile or ever) then I'm glad it was such a good show. The previous entries never felt right to me, while this was wonderful. I hope if we see Voltron again, be it lions or vehicles, or even Gladiator, it's just as good if not better than Legendary Defender.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Snippy Snappy (Botbots)

Snippy Snappy is a member of the Backpack Bunch group of Botbots and one of my favorites of the line so far! A pair of scissors isn't exactly what I thought would be the most traditional looking Transformer of the line, but here it is the most traditional looking Transformer of the line I've found so far. A few simple steps and the scissors turn into a satisfying little robot that just screams G1! Part of me hopes for a lot of uses of this mold with different colored handles. Red, orange, blue, pink, whatever. I don't think I could ever get tired of the mold.

Transformers and Gobots Christmas news report (1984)

The kid talking about all the fun shapes you could make...

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Great Value BotCon 2019 Optimus Prime?

The news of this leak has been making the rounds in the past few hours with most speculating that this will be one of the Walmart G1 reissues for 2019 (since we now know Astrotrain won the fan vote for 2020). Some folks are debating that it's a custom based on the rounded corners and what not, but I'm thinking it's a pretty good possibility. Mainly due to the type of ties holding Optimus to his insert that can be seen, the P.E.T plastic logo visible, multi-lingual text, and the legal info on the back of the box.

I mean, sure it could be fake, but it's real enough looking to be plausible. So with that discussed, I'll just go with the 'what if it is real' and speculate from here. I've really enjoyed the Walmart reissue line and obviously Optimus would be a good choice. I mean... duh. The sticking point a lot are pointing out is the lack of trailer. I would assume this would be a cost cutting measure making Optimus priced similar to Hot Rod as with the trailer he'd probably skew higher than what Walmart would want to put on that shelf. Devastator was pricey, but that was a gift set. This is one bot, $35 for Starscream was probably pushing it, so I can understand why it's be just a cab only release.

Honestly it doesn't bother me as the slight differences in these Walmart reissues have held a certain novelty charm for me. I'm upfront that it's not the original release I just bought, so having an exact replica isn't an issue for me. I like the small differences between releases, it's a weird little checkbox that's nice to have checked. Not to mention, good grief how many G1 Optimus Primes do I have? I got a trailer or billion to stick on him if I really wanted to. Back to that small differences thing, having a cab only Optimus in a vintage style box is neat. It's just neat to have a new version presented as an old thing. I hope his colors are slightly different. Like a hue off or so. I just dig that man. I wonder who else is slated for Great Value Botcon 2019?

Frostferatu (Botbots)

Frostferatu is a member of the Lost Bots Botbots groups and a VAMPIRE RED VELVET CUPCAKE. Do you just feel your face melting with amazement, because mine did and I'm forever living with a melted face. Absolutely the stand out star of Botbots, Frostferatu is amazingly clever and great looking. I never would have conceived of such a thing, but now I cannot look at cupcakes the same way! Since my wife buys a lot of Shopkins, I find myself grabbing several of the holiday themed sets for her and man I sure hope they do holiday Botbots! Because this is pure Halloween perfection!

Kentucky Fired Chicken Japanese Christmas (1989)

I'm a little jealous over the soup options.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Bonz-Eye (Botbots)

Bonze-Eye is a member of the Lost Bots group of Botbots and a banzai tree! In her robot mode she's chunky samurai themed robot with very solid proportions. I don't see a lot of samurai in her design and more big tough soldier. So I wonder if a future use of the mold will be something along those lines. I really like the heft of the figure. Really adds something to such a small toy.

Buy a Christmas Tree from Food Lion

You know, that's not a bad deal.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

OxT [UNION] (SSSS. Gridman intro music)

Two more episodes to go, what a crazy ride!

Raddhax (Botbots)

Raddhax is a member of the Techie Team group of Botbots and a laptop computer! One of the larger Botbots figures, Raddhax features a little extra versatility. In Laptop mode it can fold open and close!

Radhax feels like a more premium Botbots toy because of this feature and in robot mode stands taller than others in the line. You'd think such a flat toy wouldn't be so nice, but you'd be flat out wrong!

Max Headroom- Merry Christmas, Santa Claus

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Star Bird

The Star Bird is another one of my older brothers toys that left an impression on me. Sure by the commercial it just looks like a spaceship that could blend in with your Star Wars toys. That's obviously the intent, make a space ship that would grab the eye of all those kids wanting Star Wars stuff. Something about it's design always stuck with me over the years. It's just classic space opera. If you'd take the time to look into the line, you'll find there was two other similar ships and a base available. Pretty cool for what could have been a one and done toy. I used to fly my brothers Star Bird around, shooting down imaginary bad guys and deploying the front section in times that the pilots would need to double their numbers. If it's one line that I'd love to make a  return, even if unofficially, it'd be Star Bird.

S'up Dawg (Botbots)

Sup D'awg is a ketchup covered corn dog (get it?) and a member of the Greaser Gang Botbots group. I had no clue I'd like it as much as I did upon opening the package. I found myself holding a corn dog that has a robot mode very reminiscent of Hot Shot from Armada. Outside of the similarities, Sup D'awg is a very solid little robot. Full of plucky personality, this is one of my favorites of the line so far.

Transformers Christmas Commercial with Alex Karras

Folks, these robots are hot.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

MP-44 Pre-Sale at EB Games!

Looks like EB Games will be having exclusivity over the new MP-44 Optimus Prime figure!

Thanks to Hasbro and their partners for providing Zone Base with this information.

Ultraman in the US ultra news!

I had been hoping this would eventually happen!

Godzilla Game by Mattel

My older brother had this and it could be one of the direct reasons I like Godzilla so much.

Spud Muffin (Botbots)

Spud Muffin is a member of the Greaser Gang of Botbots and an extremely photogenic box of french fries! Another surprise of the line and a spiritual successor to Food Changeables, Spud Muffin turns into one super rad robot! I really like his cool dude hair and big goofy smile. I feel like he should be on a t-shirt I wore in the 90's. Or now, I'd wear that shirt now. Proudly.

Santa Clause vs The Martians

How about some more Public Domain theater?

Monday, December 10, 2018

Botbots first impressions

I was pleased to find Botbots series 1 blind boxes at my local Walmart this past weekend. Despite being on a "don't buy anything until after Christmas" order from the wife, I was allowed to get them. There are codes on the packaging embossed on the back right corner, so I picked out 7 individual figures (eventually I'm sure the list will be curated by somebody, the current lists available only apply to control numbers written on promotional packages apparently) and had myself a grand old time opening them Saturday night. Only to be surprised by a Techie Team pack the Mrs. had gotten me off Amazon afterwards, let's just say I had a great night.

I've been looking forward to these for sometime now and my expectations were blown out of the water. I honestly felt they'd be silly little novelty things that I'd appreciate on face value. What I found is these are some super solid Transformers toys on their own outside of the silliness. Despite being around the same price as Tiny Turbo Changers, these are a much better value. A better quality packaging, and honestly a better quality toy. Upon first glance they seem like spiritual successors to Food Changeables (and still kinda are), but in hand I found myself enjoying these in the same manner I enjoy Micromasters. Sure, they may turn into silly things like corn dogs and ice cream cones. Sure, they are super cute and silly in robot mode. They sure are super fun and work in the same space that Micromaster fit in. They're just great little toys.

If I had to find any fault in these, it's the plastic is a touch soft. This really isn't a problem, but sometimes allows for things like arms and legs popping off easily. It didn't really bother me as I do that with regular Transformers all the time. Though, it's sure to be somebodies sticking point outside of saying G1 over and over again and something something shelf. I'm pretty smitten with these and can't put into words the giddiness I felt upon opening the blind boxes. Despite buying Transformers for 35 years, there's no comparing opening a tiny corn dog robot.

Great Value BotCon needs you!

Godzilla 2 King of Monsters new trailer


Atari E.T for Christmas

I got it for Christmas that year.

*shrug* I never thought it was that bad.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Cyberfire Cogman (turbo changer)

Cogman was introduced in The Last Knight and makes for a great looking Transformers toy. In vehicle mode Cogman is a silver sports car that's very sleek and fast looking. It makes me think of Nightbeat, even though they are different cars. I'm very pleased with this car. I made it drive all over my home while making 'vroom vroom' noises. As a Turbo Changer he transforms in just a few simple steps into a clockwork looking robot.

Cogman is a very solid and pleasant robot. If I had any complaints it's that his bronze colors blend into the light silver too easily. Despite that, he's an ideal simple robot toy. From his proportions to his silhouette, Cogman is a great Transformer. Honestly, he makes me think a lot of G2 Gobots or Spychangers. Aside from his transformation, he's very similar to those. He might be my favorite One Step/Turbo Changer figure to date.

Burger King Christmas Ideas

Honestly, I want one.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Cyberfire Megatron (turbo changer)

As he appeared in The Last Knight, Megatron is a space jet of sorts. If that what that's called. I mean, it's not an outright jet is it? Or is it a normal jet that just looks awesome? Whatever it is, it's a sharp looking vehicle and in this toy is presented well. He's a Turbo Changer toy, which means transformation is done in just a few steps into his viscous robot mode.


Megatron almost looks like he should be another character here. That's a complaint mind you, I just feel like I'm looking at Straxus instead of Megatron when I look at this version. In robot mode Stra... Megatron is powerful looking and imposing. Almost like some statue of a warrior in a Thor movie or some viking themed monster. He only has shoulder articulation, but I don't notice it too much. It's a great design and works well as a Turbo Changer figure.

Alpha's Magical Christmas

Friday, December 7, 2018

Cyberfire Scorn (turbo changer)

Scorn is a Spinosarus and a member of the Dinobots first introduced in Age of Extinction and featured in The Last Knight. It's a great design that didn't as much focus as I'd like, though that's a complaint I have with the Dinobots use in the movies. As a Turbo Changer he transforms in a few steps into his very knight like robot mode.

In robot mode, Scorn's tail forms his left arm which resembles a javelin. If you can't tell by the picture, he has shoulder articulation and the dinosaur head swivels to use as a hand. Honestly despite his simple transformation, I found myself getting frustrated trying to transform him. I don't know if it's just mine, but his parts kept locking up against each other. Scorn is a nice looking toy though, just could be a touch better thanks to his transformation.