Saturday, July 29, 2017

So, about that Walgreen's Clones 2 pack.

Since we're on a roll on Walgreen's toy stuff, my main man at Walgreen's came through again. Thanks to my friend Melvar who bought a Clone set from Toy Dojo, we got a UPC code to use in the system and...

Credit: Homeslice from Walgreen's

Looks like the set is coming up as a deluxe and should start arriving early in August! So assuming there's no hiccups or changes and giving time for distribution (it's a generic deluxe case shipping, your stores may vary), we should be having those Clones very soon!

My Walgreen's stores are always just a step behind others, so I'm looking forward to getting these and some early Halloween candy. Those mallow pumpkins yo.

Walgreen's Wreck-Gar waits for no one

The mystery over that Walgreen's Wreck Gar just keeps going and speculation keeps speculating. Some people think it's movie related. Though some think it's a reuse of the Combiner Wars Groove mold, or even the Technobot version. Others have just figured it would be a reuse of the older Generations mold. There's also talks of possibly being a Titans Return toy we don't know about.  My pal at Walgreen's has gotten me a little more info on him which at least says he's part of the Generations line.

Credit: Homeslice from Walgreen's

While some movie toys have been released under the Generations line, I'm leaning more towards a normal Generations type toy. I'm halfway hoping it's a use of that CW motorcycle mold and the other half hopes for a TR toy.

Either way, I'm totally getting one.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Walgreens what what

I love this store.

Reports have been coming in of a Wreck-Gar Walgreen's exclusive as of last night that have gotten a lot of attention. As I've noted here before, I'm a big fan of Walgreen's, so I look forward to dropping by and picking him up as with those Clones.


But just today, on Talk Transformers, a poster who works at a Walgreen's did a little digging and found some more interesting information.

Thanks Homeslice for the info
Wait... what

First of note is a listing for Laser Rods for 6.99. It's an older listing from 2015, but still curious and interesting. I wonder if it's a listing for legion class toys that went unnoticed. What really has my attention is the Battalion series. According to him they're scheduled to arrive early September for around 16.99 each. They're not listed as exclusive, so it's reasonable to assume it's a smaller retail release of the Cyber Battalion figures sold in countries like China and Brazil. A few have been sold as Universal Studios exclusives here in the U.S, so I can assume those figures won't be in the assortments, or maybe with some changes. As I have the Universal Studios versions and have been wanting the others, I'm happy to see this. I've been saying for awhile now that these would make excellent toys for something like a Walgreen's or a Family Dollar. They're large and pleasant chunky figures that are basically scaled up legions for kids to smash around together. Though, for a fan like me, there's a lot to love about them. Hopefully this pans out, because I'd love to swing by the Walgreen's by my work on break, and grab a Red Bull and a Prowl.

I love toys that come in a box.

Enter The Blasty Zone

This line was a whole lotta fun.

Hide Inside!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Weekly Spotlight: Pincher

Be humble of word, but great in deed.

A mad scientist of sorts. Concocts metal-eating, corrosive acids, oxidizing agents and other powerful formulas. An over-achieving, unassuming genius. Venom coated stinger paralyzes on contact and can drill through metal to drain enemy fuel supplies. Also armed with 20 megavolt stun rifle that shoots short bursts of metal-fusing energon. Inner robot armed with laser torch. Serrated claws can pierce metal and emit circular force field in robot mode.

Ninja Slash!

I've been so buried with all the cool news from SDCC that I almost forgot to mention the new episodes of Power Rangers Ninja Steel will be starting soon! Looking forward to it after the long hiatus.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dinobots The Ride 3D

I've been so excited about Power of the Primes, I haven't taken time to talk about this bit of exciting news. The Supply Vault is apparently getting a new exclusive. A new Snarl toy, using the excellent TF4 mold, with an exclusive deco is starting to pop up at Universal Studios! Hopefully I can order him off the web store as not all of their exclusive merchandise is available online. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back to that wonderful park, but hopefully I'll be able to get a hold of this guy.

A few weeks ago the news of a new figure set exclusive to the park was showing up, I talked about it on Instagram, but figured I'd say something here too. I want it. It would go great with my other set.

I love Transformers The Ride 3D, The Supply Vault, and Universal Studios.

*screams into hands*

I just had a thought, what if they made Masterforce gift sets based on Primemasters?

Dear Hasbro...

Since you're making all those super keen Primemasters that I will buy (all of them), could you do me a solid and make a Bugly?

I'd super appreciate it if you did.

It'd make my day.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Authentically Awesome

I woke up this morning to a bunch of Transformers unconfirmed leaks all over fan sites,  fan groups, and social media today. Out of all of them, two things have my interest. A preview of Primemasters and a look at a new discount line called Transformers Authentics. Early this year, I had expressed that I'd love One Step Turbo Changers based on G1 characters. While these look to have a few more steps, I'm not complaining. I'd love to have these and more like them. I really hope these are true, because I'd love to pick them up.

The supposed Primemasters are just exactly what I want. I was already excited about Primemasters from the SDCC news, but seeing these pics gives me even more hope. Earlier this past weekend, I was driving to see my mother, which is a two hour drive. During that drive I dreamt up several awesome Primemasters. Things like those unproduced Spider and Ape (who kinda got life as Fun Publications versions of Oilmaster and Pretender Optimus Prime) or various other Pretender characters. There's no confirmation that any of these leaks are true, but some of the images would lead to believing some truth in them. I really hope so, because Primemasters are just too much greatest ever.

I've got not much to say about these other than I'm going to be reduced to a happy crying mess over Optimus Primal.

*Edit* Hasbro has sent out C&D notifications to several fan sites requesting the removal of the images. While I never got one, out of respect, I went ahead and removed the images I had used in this post.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Current excitement level.

Current excitement level: David Bowie singing to Muppets.


The upcoming sequel to my favorite movie looks so amazing that I nearly crapped my pants.

Form Blazing Season 3!

The best robot cartoon going on is coming back for season 3 next month and my excitement is nuclear.


Imaginext Power Rangers is my preferred way to buy Power Rangers toys as I've said before and as SDCC has shown me, I'm not only getting new toys in the line, but ones I've wanted all along. Regular figure scale Megazords.

For the record, I am insane for the Thunder Megazord.


So, yesterday as SDCC started up I finally got my info as to what Power of the Primes is and it is just amazing. Taking what I loved about Titans Return and turning it to 11. While TR combined Headmasters and Micromaster in wonderfully blissfully amazing way. POTP is combining Powermaster and Pretenders is that just amazing, wonderful, blissfully awesome way.

That's a 2 inch Pretender.
With all the wonderful ways this line works (the Primemaster loads into bigger robots, or can drive them OMG) the most amazing is the way Primemasters are replacing Titanmasters. Instead of a little partner for the little guy to pilot, they come with a tiny Pretender shell.

This line is literally Masterforce squared.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nervousness of the Primes

It's getting kinda heavy.
So, SDCC is starting to warm up and be unleashed upon the world as we speak. Like other Transformers fans, I'm waiting with baited breath as to what news will come from the con. This year, the new Power of the Primes line will get unveiled and I'm outright nervous. It's following my beloved Titans Return, so already it's got to follow something I couldn't get enough of. Though, persistent rumors have it that there will be a strong Beast Wars presence in POTP. So... there's that as well.

I'm in a mixed state of sad that my TR will be ending soon, worried that POTP will not be as great as TR was, and really hoping that those BW rumors won't be just internet hogwash.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Weekly Spotlight: Bumblebee and Blazemaster

Most Autobots are surprised by the partnership between Bumblebee and Blazemaster. Two warriors have never been less alike. Bumblebee prefers the discreet approach, while Blazemaster likes to be seen - especially by the enemy. It's only when you watch them together in the field that the partnership makes sense. Because while one distracts the enemy, the other takes quiet aim.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Programing Note: Zone Base VR

So, I've become a fan of VR videos. While I've always held a curiosity in virtual reality in general (including my time spent with the Virtual Boy in high school), I've recently let my fandom of POV theme park ride through videos guide me into getting one of those cell phone VR set ups. I have no clue what took me so long as I've been eyeing them for quite a while now (the mask was literally 5$ at Five Below, and I bought a controller for 5$ also), but I recently bought the needed stuff at my wife's insistence ('just buy it already, you want it and it's not expensive') and I owe her flowers for that. I love it.

After some basic experimenting and switching around phones in the headset (got a few older phones not in use that make for good fodder for a good set up), I've got myself going with my wife's old S4, which is doing a good job. It took a minute to get used to the controls and figuring out that on screen mouse that the controller I bought serves as (might be getting a better one in the future, you never miss a spring in a joystick until a 5$ one doesn't have one) to really get the swing.

360 VR video is really neat, though you really need to sit in a swivel chair to fully enjoy it without tripping over your own feet (that and you're not actually in the surroundings you see). Though I enjoy the 3D POV style videos the best. There's a basic narrative device in treating your point of view as a camera that really makes the experience a lot of fun (and downright frightening in those scary videos).

It's inspired me to start sharing some of these videos here. Seeing as I've already posted about Universal Studios a few times here, I figure regular readers might enjoy these experiences. All you need to enjoy these is a smart phone (one with a gyroscope for 360 videos) and a VR mask (they run in price ranges, but I got one for 5$ as I said above). They make controllers that are optional, but you don't really need one if you don't want to use one (it's just handy for clicking stuff and maybe volume). Perhaps headphones would be handy depending on where you're enjoying the VR.

So, from now on, whenever I use VR in a post title, well... it's a VR post. There'll be VR tags to for easy searches. This is going to be a lot of fun come Halloween.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4 years ago...

My heart swells with emotion and pride on my favorite movies birthday.

Godzilla: Monster Planet trailer

I had realized that despite talking about the new Godzilla anime coming soon to Netflix on various groups that I hadn't put my thoughts here yet.

I dig it.

So far it looks fun, but that's me as a fan seeing brief bits and getting all excited. It's on my list, just waiting to debut so I can finally give it a watch. I'm pretty excited.

Also, really loving the use of Monster Planet in the title. Monster Planet is one of the best things to name something. When I buy a house, that's what I'm calling it.

Weekly Spotlight: Flattop

Terror is the ultimate weapon.
The scourge of the seven seas. Prowls the oceans, sinking everything. Dreams of floating on a sea of burning Autobot fuel. Armed with torpedo launchers equipped with heat-sensitive tracking devices. Transforms into interstellar jet equipped with devastating X-ray laser cannons. Serrated wingtips in jet Mode can cleave enemy warriors in two. Possesses superior maneuverability in the air. Reinforced, steel alloy fuselage ideal for mid-air dogfights.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Transformers season 5 intro

Every Sunday morning on WGCL 46 in the 5th grade. Bowl of cereal and Powermaster Optimus Prime by my side.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Woo hoo new Micronauts!

Earlier today, the internet (or at least my corners of it) was all abuzz regarding this cool SDCC 2017 Revolutionaries crossover set. It's super cool and I personally wouldn't mind having it. Though what's really captured my imagination about it is the Micronauts included. I've been anticipating any news regarding the new Hasbro Micronauts for what feels like forever and aside from bits and bobs here and there, I haven't really gotten much. There was the SDCC set last year that was essentially reissues of older toys. I've know of the upcoming cartoon in development for a bit now, but all I know is that it's in development. I really should check out the IDW comics, and I probably should do that sooner than later.

They're to scale with the other toys.

So, seeing as these are the only real new mold toys in the set, it leads me to believe that they are part of the eventual new toy line to coincide with the new cartoon. My mind is kinda blown ad they seem to be Micro Machine type figures on par with the figures that come with Micro Machine Star Wars toys. Micro Machines are my favorite way to buy Star Wars toys and I've amassed quite a ton of them since the 90's.

I want these in a million colors.

While I had been assuming whatever would come from the new Micronauts toy line would be similar to the originals, I don't mind being wrong if this is the case. This would be perfect, especially as they fit right on in with Micro Machines toys as is. Seeing how kids often mixed Micronauts in with their Kenner Star Wars toys back in the day, I could totally see kids mixing these new Micronauts in with their Micro Machine Star Wars toys. And when I say kids, I mean man children. When I say man children, I mean me.

I want blind bags and j-card sets.

*edit* Adding to my theory, on the inside of the box set cover there's a description of each comic. Though oddly enough, there is a logo for Microspace (where they're from) instead of Micronauts. A Micro Machine type toy line named Microspace sounds perfect.

This is the best commercial ever.

Justice League, Power Rangers, Transformers, and Whitesnake. This back to school commercial is nuts and I love it.

Micromaster bases and transports

Pure toy.

Classic Pretenders

The original animation for these commercials is wonderful.

Targetmaster Seacons

Dig this era in G1 more so than other G1 eras.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Well, I didn't need wet wipes...

Talk about targeting your audience,
Of all the TF5 merchandising out at currently, this was the most surprising. We had made a last minute decision to run out to Walmart for a few things we were out of and while going through the pharmacy area my wife spotted a bunch of Wet Ones sporting not just Optimus, but a promotion for Universal Studios Orlando and Transformers The Ride 3D!

While it may not be a year or so until I get to visit that wonderful park again, and these will obliviously be used up by then, I can't help hoping to find another pack of these before my next visit. You know, for a quick clean up after a churro or something.

Woo Walgreen's!

I'm getting a soda, a candy bar, and these.

The new Titans Returns twins have seemingly been given individual release outside of those elusive box sets (got the first one, waiting for the second one to go on pre order again so perhaps I too can pre order one). While the images of their individual release have floated around, a more recent bit of news has given insight that at least one of the two packs will be exclusive to Walgreens. Hopefully both as online exclusives sell out faster than a person can realistically keep up with. Or at least another store giving me time to actually acquire the toy and not watch it's availability vanish before I have time to click buy.

That and I'm old fashioned. I like to buy stuff in person. I know I can't always, but I prefer to. There's actually a Walgreen's a block away from my work and I can already see myself going there for a soda on Friday night and HHHOOOOORRRAAYYYY!

It kinda makes for a good start to the weekend. I make a point to make Friday special. I'll either go out for lunch, or bring a bunch of sodas. Sometimes I'll make a run to Walgreen's, get some sodas and snacks, and maybe some blind bag toys. I know that's pretty much what happened with Brainstorm. He was a Walgreen's exclusive that I had been checking on stores for and one random Friday night I just went to that one by work for a Redbull and a Snickers and there he was.

Weekly Spotlight: Autojetter

An aerial guard, Autojetter preserves air supremacy at Galvatron's side when the latter flies in dragon mode. His personality is somewhat problematic, as he has a habit of enjoying war for his own pleasure. In machine mode, he's crashed after getting dragonflies get sucked into his intakes, and since then has had a serious hatred of insects. The triple rockets on his arms are outstandingly powerful, and can be used on both land and sea.