Friday, March 10, 2023

Skywarp (Kingdom)

This figure of Skywarp came with Sideswipe in the Transformers Kingdom: Battle Across Time two pack. I recently got it as a gift from my wife at Christmas. For those who may not know, this is obviously not the classic Skywarp you may expect, but the character from Beast Wars II. This Skywarp is a Maximal and believe it or not, a school teacher back on Cybertron. In Beast Wars II, Skywarp spends much of his time mentoring Lio Junior as part of the Magnaboss combiner team. This newer toy isn't a combiner like the original, but a really nice update.

Skywarp is a remold/repaint of Kingdom Airazor whom I talked about here before. The falcon was converted to an eagle so well that you could probably fool someone that this was a new mold. Skywarp's robot head is completely new, really finishing out the package. He really is a fantastic update of the original toy... and I'm completely surprised they went with the Beast Wars II characterization instead of calling it Silverbolt as the toy was known here. I'd say that avoids confusion... but there's probably a few fans not in the know wondering about the Skywarp name as well. The toy gets extra cool points from me for that.

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