Friday, March 17, 2023

Sideswipe (Kingdom)

Sideswipe also came in the Battle Across Time set with Skywarp. This Kingdom version of Sideswipe is a remold of the Siege Sideswipe toy that got a lot of use over the years. That's kind of the beauty of a Sideswipe toy mold, it's going to get a lot of reuse. Think of it as the Autobot Seeker mold. When there's a Sideswipe, there's going to be several repaints coming. I think this version has turned out a record number of repaints... and I'm not complaining. This Kingdom version is Sideswipe's Earth form, a red Lamborghini Countach. A very nice and flashy car that will draw attention wherever it goes. So of course it's just right to disguise yourself as.

Of course Sideswipe is an action figure and they're trying to sell as many toys as possible. So they'll turn into cool, flashy cars instead of that old Ford Taurus your Mom drives. If you have bought any Transformers within the past few years... you've probably got some form of this mold. However, just in case you don't, it's a good toy. Sideswipe transformers pretty easily. He's a character that you know how to transform by looking at, even if it's a brand new toy of him... you pretty much have it figured out. In robot mode he's pleasantly articulated and has a satisfying amount of chonk to his look. There's a reason why he's one of the standard bots. Sideswipe just looks like the concept, you know?

I can't say anything bad about this toy. I've got so many different versions of it... I better not have anything bad to say about it. This new Kingdom version is a nice change from the prior Siege version. While I really liked the Cybertronian design the Siege toy has, the Earthen mode is classic... and after a few years of that space car some change is welcome. I've honestly always liked him... it's hard not too. This combination of him and Skywwarp makes for a great set. It was a great gift from my wife and just a fun set to own.

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