Friday, February 10, 2023

Tiger in Mutant Missions

Tigatron has been a white Siberian tiger for so long, it’s easy to forget he was originally planned to be a traditional orange tiger. Thankfully this idea was recently revisited by Hasbro as an Amazon exclusive. The Mrs. saw it and knew it’d be something I’d like… and she was right. I had thought I missed out on him before opening him up Christmas morning. Mutant Tigatron (as this version is referred too) is the Kingdom Tigatron toy with the proper colors and mutant head used as originally planned (and seen on box art). Despite how used to the traditional Tigatron I am… I kinda prefer this having it in hand now.
This is a recolor of the toy I’ve already talked about (with a new head), so there’s no reason to really ‘review’ him as a toy (even though I don’t really do reviews). What I’d like to do is look at him from the eyes of a fan who misses the beast era a lot and is more than happy to see a return to it. With the vintage reissue line at Walmart, Generations updates, Rise of the Beasts, and even Authentics… I’ve got plenty Beast Wars to scratch the critter bot itch. Something like this is just icing on the cake.
Now that Hasbro has ventured into concepts area of Beast Wars… what’s next? There’s Optimal Optimus and Transmetal 2 Megatron with new toys… how about those pilot figures? Those cool mythic bots that eventually became Fuzors! Or hey, updates of popular figures. I’d love a leader class Tigerhawk or Core Class Quickstrike. Of course I could sit here all day and day dream new beast warriors for Hasbro to cram into Transformers boxes… and probably will anyway. Is it weird that I’m almost thinking of Rise of the Beasts as this years BotCon? It’s odd to look forward to a movie this much, but thanks to how much I loved Bumblebee and the inclusion of Maximals… guys I’m excited.

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