Thursday, February 9, 2023

Bios: Topspin

"By your will, Alpha Trion"

Something happened to Topspin a long time ago; something he only remembers as pain, and terror, and a landscape of twisted, shifting metal lit by the strobe light chaos of laser fire through rolling smoke. It is the last time Topspin remembers feeling anything.

Eons later he found himself drifting, alone, though the vast darkness. Lost for years, he slowly ran out of energy, and his systems shut down one by one. Eventually, his inert body plunged through a wormhole and ended up on one of the transit pads in Axiom Nexus.

Handed off by processing authorities to Alpha Trion, he awoke to find himself staring into the face of another natural leader. Never before had he met a being with such overwhelming force of personality, or such deep conviction. Here was the leader that would guide him to what he sought.

Alpha Trion saw instantly what Topspin was; after all, he'd been waiting for someone like him since arriving in Axiom Nexus. He saw in Topspin the fruition of all his grand goals, and immediately set his plans into motion. He promised Topspin all he could want and more. Telling the plain truth for perhaps the first time in decades, he told Topspin that the reward he sought for so long waited just beyond the veil of the bleed, on Alpha Trion's home world.

Speciality: The ability to manipulate Transformers sparks
Weapons: Energon plasma weapon: Twin Blasters
Unique Quality: Has the unique ability to move a spark from body to body and can even split a spark into two or more pieces without destroying it.

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