Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Your Mummy Wants Some Ice Cream

Who doesn't love ice cream? Despite the normally cooler temperatures of fall, a ice cream cake from Carvel shaped like a pumpkin is just the thing for a spooky dessert. The wife and I often get one ourselves, they're great. We're definitely getting one this year, especially after last year's Baskin Robbins Halloween Ice Cream cake fiasco.

What happened? Pure incompetence when trying to order one lead to a corporate complaint and a complimentary one. I'd like to say all was well, but even the act of picking it up was a nightmare. So, we're gladly getting another Carvel this year. Unfortunately we don't have access to a Carvel store here in Georgia, but they're readily available at most grocery stores. 

You think the mummy is overdue for some ice cream goodness? He's been in that tomb for what, 50 billion thousand years? You know his dry ass could go for that pleasant vanilla taste and he'd probably savor the coldness after being buried in the hot desert for so long. I'll tell you what, though. No matter how cool I think the mummy is, that fool tries to steal a piece of my Carvel and I'd have to whoop that old ass. He's like a King or something, he can buy his own.

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