Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Kidding Around About Halloween 1982

I'd apologize for the pun in the title of today's post, but it's part one of a multi-part post. I've posted cursed videos, videos with heart attack warnings, and even that damn clown cereal commercial. None of that compares to this. Something wicked that way went.

I'm not from Chicago, so I never experienced "Kidding Around" when it was on. I however have sat through it's various Halloween episodes and cursed. Loudly. 

In this Halloween edition of the show from 1982, you'll bare witness to the following things. 

  • Uncomfortably costumed hosts. 
  • Arts and crafts with visibly nervous children.
  • An allegedly Halloween dance routine set to "Eye of the Tiger".
  • A cooking segment hosted by a child whose apparently married and using the most melted stick of butter ever created
  • Viewer submitted "jokes".
  • A Halloween animal segment in which the bat may be taxidermy. 
  • Hell on Earth.

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