Friday, September 27, 2019

This Damn Cursed Cereal Commercial Will Haunt Your Dreams

I don't know exactly what the curse is here. The back story, the complete effects, not much other than it's a 3AM challenge type of thing. So last night I watched it at 3AM and I saw that clown bastard every time I closed my eyes for what felt like an eternity. I've mentioned many times my overnight work hours, what I don't normally mention is that I'm 100% alone for 80% of my work night. I freaking swear I saw him peaking at me from around the corner. It got to a point where I was checking under my desk regularly. Could it have just been my imagination, yeah maybe. Or maybe this damn Bootleg Ass Rice Krispy asshole won't go away! Most sites just ask you for money, not me, no way. I ruin your chances of sleeping. Happy Halloween, here's a fucking cereal clown from hell.

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