Galactic Heroes from Cybertron

I like Transformers Armada. I liked it then, I like it now. I enjoy looking back at the fun time I had with it and at various alternate versions of it. For example, this commercial for the Korean version of Armada called Galactic Heroes: Cybertrons. It's funny how just something simple like another language, different music, and a new logo can make something you've seen a million times look new.

Looking back at the Gamera VMU game I was talking about yesterday and the catch 'em all-ness of Armada... man that really was a trope of it's time huh? Late 90's/Early 2000's, that was a general thing. I wonder why a Tamogochi style game for Armada didn't happen? I would be surprised if one did and I didn't know about it. The little oddball things usually get passed over by the news sites, but at the time they literally reported everything. So I guess I would have known.


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