Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wheeljack (EarthSpark/Tacticons)

For whatever reason, it's hard to deny the charm of Tacticons. Tiny little finger puppet incarnations of Transformers characters from EarthSpark (so far) that are inexpensive and fun to play around with. They may not be for everybody, but for a bunch of us, they're a lot of fun. I picked up Wheeljack around Christmas and haven't seen once since. As you can tell by the backdrop being my tablet sleeve and not the project display board... I also took this picture around then. But now that it's a few months later we'll take a look at this tiny little oddball. Wheeljack makes up the third wave of Tacticons. I assume others from prior waves fills out the rest of the shipping case as the lack of this figure that I've seen on the shelves leads me to think there wasn't a lot of this wave ordered or stocked. It could just be my local stores though.

So... Wheeljack is just a repaint of Bumblebee.


Literally, it could have been anyone else as it doesn't exactly look like Wheeljack either. Maybe similar colors, but nothing screams Wheeljack about this toy. Thing is... it does look pretty good. Like, I wish they would have just random name assigned this toy as it's pretty decent all on it's own. A non-show character, yeah, who cares? In a oddball line like Tacticons, a rando character would be perfect. Weird recolors are part of what made little Transformers like Mini-Cons fun. Hell, it could have been a rally car version of Bumblebee. While it doesn't look like the character it's supposed to be, it's still a good looking toy. Like all Tacticons, Wheeljack transforms by sticking your fingertip into the opening in the rear of the vehicle. All giggling aside, the vehicle then auto converts (why aren't these considered Turbo Changers or 1 Steps?) into a non-articulated robot mode. I do wish the arms moved, but alas. You can then have the mightiest of finger puppet battles or transform Wheeljack back to vehicle by closing up the vehicle shell. This is a simple but likable little toy. Wheeljack is just right to keep in your bag and occasionally take out to play with. Perfect for stress relief or annoying your co-workers, who likely caused the stress to begin with.

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