Wednesday, April 17, 2024

That Possessed Doll

Every once and awhile I'm reminded of Annabelle. Not just because I enjoy the paranormal and scary stuff in general... but because I was terrified of her a a kid. I've talked about it before. Of course back then I didn't know her name. She was just the 'possessed Raggedy Ann doll' that kids talked about. Like Bloody Mary or the escaped serial killer on Halloween, she was a urban legend that scared us all. At the time, it wasn't uncommon to see a Raggedy Ann doll either. I strongly recall one sitting in a display at the local library and another owned by my cousin. Her popularity as a fictional character was waning by that then, but her presence was still there. Every sighting of one seemed evil. Is that the possessed one? Spring has had been a little extra spooky this year and as we near Walpurgis and Halfway to Halloween... it's a good time to remind those who may not be regular readers that it can get scary during the warmer months here on Planet Zone.

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