Monday, April 8, 2024

Weekly Update 4/8/24

It's Monday and another week begins on Planet Zone! I had a pretty great weekend and I hope yours was pretty great too! Saturday, the Mrs and I had dinner with my brother with his family and Mom at a local hibachi restaurant. I picked up some great stuff too. Target didn't have Origins Wheeljack yet (sadly), but did have Legacy Core Class Cheetor and Studio Series Leader Class Optimus Primal! I also finally got some Star Wars Doorables while there... and might be hooked! So good! A trip to Walmart resulted in Legacy Wingblade and a Turtles of Greyskull Beastman! 

Not to be outdone, my Mom gifted me a baggie full of random smaller TF's she picked up from a thrift store. I haven't had a chance to go through it, but there was some good stuff! Sunday was spent getting some much needed rest and enjoying some great food made by the Mrs for dinner. I ended the night playing Demon's World on my Super Pocket while watching Halloween commercials compilations. Yep, the spookier side of the year is coming as Halfway to Halloween nears! I've got spooky plans in place and hey, so does your local Michaels stores. They'll be selling their Nevermore Collection in stores and online starting April 19th! Well, we've got some fun times coming this year Zone Base readers, but first a fun week in store! Thank you all for reading. Please don't forget to share the site with your friends and Mutual High Fives Zone Base readers!

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