Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Cheetor (Legacy: United/Core Class)

Of all the pleasant surprises in Transformers Legacy, a Core Class Beast Machines Cheetor was definitely not expected. Beast Machines was one of the more derided series of the past 40 years in Transformers due varying reasons and doesn't get a lot of attention when it comes to updates and homages. Personally, I've always liked it despite the departure from Beast Wars (which it was a direct follow up). Sometimes it does irk me from time to time, but with all the actual problems from the real world... I just take it in stride usually. I've always liked Cheetor's BM design, though in toy form it's been hit or miss. The Night Slash Cheetor mold is the best version of the character personally, though this new Core Class might just give it a run for the money. It's pretty good. As you'd expect, Cheetor turns into a techno organic cheetah.

The transformation is fairly easy, he basically lays down and a few things fold/unfold around to present his beast mode head and feet. His main torso stretches out and tail unfolds. Pretty simple. I know one complaint some had about beast era toys was often transformation was basically standing up... they're still going to have that complaint here. No reason to overly complicate the transformation when you have something with four limbs that turns into something with four limbs. My only complaint in transformation is the robot head doesn't tuck away neatly. The beast head flips over it like the hood on a hoodie. That's fine, but you end up with a visible robot face. You can turn the head around a, but some bits poke out of the neck. I'm sure creative posing can help hide that some... but it sticks out like a sore thumb. I'm fond of Cheetor's twin scimitar swords. They're faithfully recreated here and can even be doubled up like in the episode 'Fires of the Past'. Cheetor can hold them individually, or in double blade form. They even store on his shoulders neatly. This is a pretty impressive toy for a Core Class, which admittedly I'm often impressed by regularly... it's impressive what's being done at the small scale.

I hope to see recolors of this new toy mold into characters like CatSCAN or incarnations like Night Slash Cheetor. I'm reminded of the Go-bots cat bots by those larger front paws, so would definitely be game for some of those characters to make an appearance here. I like this little toy. It's a solid example of why Core Class Transformers are so great. They're small, but not specifically lesser than the standard Deluxe Class figure. I like that for the $9.99 I paid for Cheetor (what I USED to pay for a Deluxe) I got a solid action figure that doesn't feel compromised. Your results may vary, but I'm VERY happy with this cool cat.

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