Friday, April 5, 2024

Gamer Edition Starscream (Studio Series/Voyager Class)

These Gamer Edition Studio Series Transformers are pretty great. Updated toys from the War for Cybertron games with modern engineering, what's not to love? Frankly, I was a steady fan of the Fall of Cybertron set of Seekers from 2012 and wasn't too interested in any updates of them. I decided to go ahead and get the new updated Starscream and was pleasantly surprised. The FOC Starscream was a decent Deluxe Class figure and this larger Voyager Class sized upgrade is a nice and beefy. I do like my chonky robots and he fits the bill. There's something decidedly old school feeling about this toy while still being a modern Transformers figure.

Starscream turns into a Cybertronian jet. Not the Tetrajet from the cartoon, but a sci fi take on the jet mode we're all used to. It's a neat little aircraft with a decidedly bigger cockpit than the in game model has. This leads me to think there's some other than Seeker uses of this mold planned... which I'd be happy for. This is a good base for someone like SkyQuake. Starscream has the mace melee weapon used in the game and his Null-Ray rifle. The gun is a standard rifle as opposed to the traditional Seeker arm mounted laser guns. This is a holdover from the game design as your character switched weapons, so the hand held weapon is a little more practical design wise in that aspect. For a Starscream toy, it's different... but makes me think of other portrayals of him as well as potential other uses of the mold.

In robot mode, Starscream is decently articulated. There's nothing to complain about there and it's a little surprising considering how hefty he feels. Transformation is pretty easy, though you may take a little longer the first time doing so than later transformations. He pretty much folds in half with his mid section becoming the front of the jet, while everything else folds up to form everything else. The gun and mace attach to the top of the jet...that feels like an after thought. I do wish they blended in better. Though that made is a giant brick and there's not much more that can realistically be done. I suppose if the clumsiness of weapon storage is my only complaint, then we've got a pretty successful transformation. I like this toy a lot. Surprisingly so as I was pretty happy with the FOC version from a decade ago.

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