Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Deluxe Antronic Abomination (Battle Tribes X Godbeast)

Returning to our look at Battle Tribes Microman/Micronaut homage wave 32 is Antronic Abomination. Antronic Abomination is a collaboration between Battle Tribes and my main man The Godbeast. Using a combination of parts from Godbeast's Nemesis and a variety of Battle Tribes and Weaponeers of Monkaa parts, Antronic Abomination is a great update of Antron in Glyos form. Once again, Glyos makes a great medium for Microman/Micronaut updates thanks to the interchangeability. Thanks to that and all the extra parts, I was able to come up with some approximations of other Micronaut Aliens as well. It was a lot of fun coming up with the various freaky characters.

There was an extra set of combining part set available with this wave that would have allowed for more integration that I wish I would have bought, but still was able to get a lot done with what came with the figure. It's actually quite remarkable just how much the figure looks like Antron, I even had folks commenting on social media how they had to do a double take initially. It feels like the Aliens are often overlooked when anyone homages Micronauts... and that's fair. The line is so well know for the main guys that the other toys can get lost in the shuffle. Considering how long it's been since a new Microman or Micronauts line has been on shelves, homages feel like all there is for Micros in new toys.

The occasional Transformers or designer toy like this really help keep the memory of something great alive. Like I said, this is the 40th anniversary of Transformers and the 50th anniversary of Microman. It's a good time to appreciate the stepping stones that Bumblebee took to get where he is now

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