Friday, March 15, 2024

Antagony (Generations Selects/Voyager Class)

In another case of a prior BotCon exclusive getting a second life in recent years, Antagony is made from the wonderful Legacy Inferno toy as the original was made from the Beast Wars toy. I missed out on that original figure. I was working my way through local city college in 1998 with a job at Office Max and generally broke. BotCon was still out of reach for a few years and so were those wonderfully cool exclusives. However, like Sandstorm (whom I must cover here at some point), good fortune shone with a second chance at owning the character in an updated form. As much as I love that original Inferno mold, the Legacy version is a great new toy that improves on the original with modern engineering and great sculpting.

If you came looking for the more human faced Antagony Andrew Wildman drew, this is more screen accurate to Geof Senior's depiction. Antagony, being a straight repaint of Inferno doesn't offer anything new aside from including an alternate head. The alternate head can change her or Inferno into Scavenger, the other Beast Wars ant. It's a neat extra and makes me wonder what the Legacy version of Scavenger would have looked like sold on his own. Like Inferno before, Antagony replaces the original toys missile firing gun with a update of Inferno's BFG and the flight mode no longer has it's spring propeller gimmick. That's something I consider an improvement.

Antagony transforms into her giant ant beast mode fairly easily and robot mode is satisfyingly articulated. I really enjoy the new Legacy head sculpt with its opening jaws. It's just so satisfying to open and bare those big teeth! Antagony is a black ant with great uses of purple and lavender. While no longer a BotCon toy, she is exclusive to the Generations Selects branding making her exclusive to online and specialty retailers. Antagony was another Christmas gift from the Mrs. which makes the toy a little more special to me. Like my own little special edition.

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