Monday, March 18, 2024

Frozen Monday

Light 'em up, a new week is starting up! Not just any week, the first special event week of the year on Zone Base! Toylanta is this week and with it comes my annual con report MEGA-POST! Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire also comes out in the US this weekend. Of course I'll be waiting to see it until next weekend with Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire on my birthday Empire of Old double feature. I'm excited, two big weekends in a row!

I'm going to be exhausted.

This was a fun weekend. I got some rest and enjoyed some great food. My cheat meal for the week was some pizza on Saturday and the wife made low sodium tacos Sunday! Speaking of Saturday and Godzilla X Kong, I stopped by Circle K with hopes to find their GxK tie in stuffs! The breakfast sandwich was sold out and the candy bar was nowhere to be found. However they did have the slushies! No special cups either, but I went in with low expectations from a gas station movie tie in. Godzilla Blast is a cherry slush, while Kong Crush was blue raspberry. It was a delightful experience drinking the two, even if the store under delivered on product. I drank the two with straws crossed in an X. Because they're teaming up.

That was a lot of sugar.

I did get a few things. As it's been the past few weeks, Toylanta and my birthday are coming up. So I didn't want to buy myself much. However, I did pick up the GxK Suko and Doug 2 pack. The set has been tricky to get as everyone wants a Doug, and so did I! Not to be outdone, my Mom stopped by for dinner Sunday bringing gifts. Some odd TMNT figures she found at a thrift store. As well as MOTU Origins Mossman, Earthspark Spin Changers Bumblebee, and some Transformers Classic Hero team figures that she had picked up on clearance. I've already got a Mossman, but don't mind having another. I wasn't counting on buying that Bumblebee, but am suprised with how fun he is. Delightfully Super Robot for a modern toy. The Classic Heros? Delightful.

Well, time to finish my coffee and this episode of AEW Collision on my DVR. I've got some chores to do as well as get ready for the convention. The con bag needs to be prepared and I've got to find a way to survive the short week before Toylanta! It's only a 4 day work week, but will feel like FOREVER. Speaking of fun, have you tried the new Cold Foam Creamer from International Delight? Wonderful. Making lattes at home has never been easier. Well, we've got one heck of a week in store. These special events on the site are a blast. Thank you so much for reading Zone Base. This would be a great week to share the site with your friends, I mean dude... Toylanta! Mutal high fives everyone!

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