Friday, December 8, 2023

Predacon Inferno (Legacy/Voyager Class)

I was absolutely ecstatic when Inferno from Beast Wars was announced for the Transformers Legacy  toy line. A long time fan (and personal) favorite from the series was finally getting an update. Unfortunately distribution wasn't the greatest and it took a while to find one. I finally did sometime in the late spring/early summer of this year, thankfully, and now seems like a great time to talk about him. Like most modern updates of classic characters, Inferno is very show accurate. I know I often say they look as though they walked off my TV screen a lot, but that's what they do and Inferno most definitely does. His mouth can even open for those famously maniacal bouts of insanity. Inferno rules.

As he should, Inferno transforms into a fire ant. A VERY LARGE FIRE ANT. The ant is fairly realistic and transformation from robot to beast mode is reasonably easy. The ant's legs feature a decent amount of articulation with moving legs and pinching pincers. In robot mode, Inferno has an impressive amount of movement. This is really a great toy of him. I've always held the original up to a high standard and this is a big improvement. They did a great job. Inferno's signature BFG from the show is well represented and doubles as the rocket for his blender butt flight mode. Said mode doesn't have the propeller gimmick of the original toy... but I don't mind that. There is some inner detailing sculpted in intended to resemble Scavenger. The Antagony version of this mold comes with a Scavenger head that can be used on Antagony or Inferno to bring the third Beast Wars ant toy up to date. Scavenger is a different character, however the toy was meant to represent a Transmetal version of Inferno in Japan. So you can either have a new Scavenger or Transmetal's Inferno if you choose.

I don't have anything bad to say about Inferno. I can imagine the beast mode kibble turning off some... and that's fair. I personally expect it to be there as the bug legs have a history of hanging around in robot mode. Fortunately they can be posed out of the way or removed if one desires (just don't loose them for later transformations). Once again, this is a really great update of a classic fan favorite that looks like it just walked off my TV screen. I shouldn't speak for others, but I feel like saying this is a special toy for Beast Wars fans. The others get regular updates, but Inferno... not so much. That's not cool. Inferno rules. Thankfully this one's good enough to fill that insane gap for a while. 

For the Royalty.

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