Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Terrorcon Novakane (Studio Series/Core Class)

Rise of the Beasts introduced many characters into the live action movies giving Studio Series quite a bit of extra toys to choose from. Novakane is another of the similar to Frenzy styled robots used by Scourge during the movie. Novakane is a repaint and retool of Freezer, whom we looked at this past summer. I quite liked Freezer a lot, so of course Novakane would be favorable. Novakane has a somewhat 'battle damaged' head and a darker color scheme compared to Freezer.

While it's easy to compare Freezer and Novakane to Frenzy from the 2007 movie, the two are pretty similar to classic Rumble and Frenzy as a pair of trouble making twins. I like the Giger-esque styling of them and find them overall neat. Novakane, like Freezer, can turn into a rifle that can be help by other Transformers or a cannon mode that can attach to Leader Class Scourge. One day I'll own that toy and find out for myself )man those leader class ROTB figures are harder to find than the Loch Ness Monster). It's hard not to like such a funky little bot and I was happy to find it among the many Christmas gifts from the Mrs. 

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