Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Freezer (Studio Series/Core Class)

Freezer is a pleasant surprise in the Rise of the Beasts cast. Like others, I was initially happy with the return of another bot similar to Frenzy from 2007. However thanks to the onslaught of trailers, I learned that Freezer is more of a generic Terrorcon soldier. As of this writing, I haven't seen the movie yet (but will have by the time you've read it). So, I can't help but to compare these movie Terrorcons with the ones from Energon. Despite the confusing name reuse, I was really fond of those and and happy to see them return even if the Unicron Trilogy similarities are coincidence. 

Freezer is from the Studio Series expression of ROTB toys and is a Core Class. You've probably noticed his (speaking generally) funky insect like appearance. It makes me think of Frenzy from the 2007 movie (I loved him). I think having the visual connection between that first movie and this one is neat. The more traditional bots seemingly blend well with the Bay style robots pretty well. The look also gives me Xenomorph vibes and I love Aliens. This toy is causing a lot of mental comparisons and I like that. It's fun. Freezer is very articulated for a toy his size. His multiple arms and chicken legs can be put in multiple poses.

This is a benefit from a rather neat alt mode. Freezer can turn into a gun for larger robots to use, and a self standing cannon type weapon.That cannon can attach to Studio Series Scourge. I don't have a Scourge at the moment, but it can. That's freaking neat. Freezer isn't technically a Battle Master, but here I am hoping a Battle Master version is released. Freezer is super cool. He's a neat looking little guy that draws a million mental comparisons and a cool toy overall.

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