Monday, February 26, 2024

Have a great week, bub

A new week has begun on Zone Base! I had a good weekend that passed much too quickly for my liking. Some weekly shopping with the Mrs was had and I discovered a new Morning Star vegetarian food available! The new Steak Burger patties are available as a healthy alternative for junk food cravings. I already had my cheat meal for the week, so this was a pleasant surprise that came in handy for a Saturday night meal. Normally, vegetarian burgers aren't that special. This one, however, was very tasty and I found to be really good. I definitely enjoyed it while watching paranormal videos and old episodes of MOTU. 

Toy wise, I didn't get much. It's either feast or famine in toy sections this time of year and I didn't take the time to order anything either. But I did find some fun things. On my grocery order, I had Darth Vader from the Star Wars Epic Hero Series delivered. I picked up Mouse-Jaw from Turtles of Grayskull from Target and another Godzilla X Kong blind box (that I haven't opened yet). Unfortunately there wasn't any new Transformers to be found. That's the way it goes sometimes. With my birthday around the corner, the Mrs has been busy getting all sorts of surprises for me that has also kept me from buying too much as well. She spoils me and I'm sure to have quite the great time. 

Toylanta is also coming up in a few weeks and I'm all sorts of excited. My panel will be Sunday morning giving me the bulk of the weekend to spend walking around before getting to work. As usual, my focus will be Gobots and Rocklords on the dealer room floor with hopes for fun surprises. Be sure to check out my coverage in the annual mega post! Thank you for reading Zone Base. I've got a fun week in store for you all. Please don't forget to share the site with your friends and mutal high fives everyone!

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