Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Airazor (Beast Battle Masters/ Beast Alliance)

Let's take a look back at the Beast Alliance toys from last summer. I was quite the fan of them and plan on covering the entire line here even if posts are sporadic. I've managed to collect all the toys from Beast Alliance (the Hasbro version), and Airazor here was the hardest to get. If this was a social media post, I'd follow that up with a 'lol' and maybe a laughing emoji. I found Airazor at Publix, of all places, while picking up the Mrs and I up lunch from their deli.

Grocery stores can be interesting places to find toys and Publix occasionally has a good selection. The only problem is... the price is more than you'd pay at a regular store. Normally Airazor would be $5, but I paid $10. Which honestly, got under my skin. I expect to pay more the the three 'Burning' Battle Masters exclusive to Japan whenever I get them. However, a $5 figure whose class normally stayed in stock... well that's a pisser. I had assumed her being in the end of the line, she'd be harder to get. So I paid the extra money to get her along with the Mrs sub sandwich and my sushi. Publix has a great. That was in December and come January... my local Walmart is all Airazors. Well, I guess I paid extra for the piece of mind. 

Airazor as a Beast Battle Master is pretty great. She's larger than the others thanks to her wingspan. According to the TF Wiki it's 4", which doesn't seem right to me. I didn't measure her though, so maybe. Airzor has quite a bit of movement due to the ball sockets her wings use. It's basic, but feels like a lot compared to some of the other Beast Battle Masters. Thanks to this extra movement, she has two weapon modes instead of the usual one. She can either transform into a crossbow blaster or a shield-blaster depending on where you fold the wings. Airazor's colors are an odd choice. I feel like they were chosen to represent the statue/artifact of her seen in the movie. Which is neat, but I feel may be lost on some people. It looks good and makes her stand out from the other Beast Battle Masters on the pegs. If she were brown (as you'd expect), she'd be too similar to Optimus Primal and Rhinox.

In either of her weapon modes, Airazor can be held by most Transformers figures compatible with the 5mm system. You could also plug a blast effect inter her or Optimus's gun barrel for extra fun.  Sadly Airazor is seemingly the last new mold Beast Battle Master of Beast Alliance. I know being a move tie in line, it would be a limited series. Part of me hopes Transformers One will have a similar partner figure line as I just love this sort of thing. There's a few more Beast Alliance figures that we'll be looking at over the coming weeks. It's a fun little tie-in line to a movie that I wish did better financially than it did (though we'll only know box office, not ongoing profits). Like I said, hopefully something like it will accompany the upcoming Transformers One as the mask figures seem to be making a return. Fingers crossed.

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