Friday, February 23, 2024

Insecticon Bombshell (Legacy: Evolution/Deluxe Class)

I'm quite fond of robot bugs... it's no secret around here. I have no clue as to why either, I HATE real bugs. So of course fate would wind up with me loving their robot toy counterparts. I dunno. Bombshell here was another Christmas gift from the Mrs and the newest Legacy update of an Insecticon. This leave me to find Shrapnel (who has eluded me) to complete the trio. Bombshell is an extensive retooling of Shrapnel (who I'm mildly annoyed at not being able to find) and my first experience with the mold which seems to be quite different from the first instance of it's engineering (that I don't own yet, kinda peeved). I must say, I like it! It's a pleasant robot toy that turns into a wonderfully blocky rhinoceros beetle. As an old school fan of robot toys, this is absolutely delightful. Bombshell is an update of a classic design that still feels like an older toy.

As a robot, he's pleasantly articulated and packing his signature Twin Ion Impulse Blaster weapon and two small blasters that can be placed at varying points on his body. I chose the forearms to keep a resemblance to his original toy. Transformation to insect mode is fairly easy and results in a beetle that looks fairly close to the original toy. The rear portion is a bit bigger, but not in a bad way. It's a big black box with a red stripe that brought back memories of older toys like Micro Trailers in such a way that I'm just too biased to hate. Those small twin blasters I mentioned earlier can either mount alongside the Twin Ion Impulse Blaster on the top of that rather boxy rear end or be worked into rear legs for the beetle.

Bombshell was always a cool villain thanks to the mind controlling Cerebro-Shells that he fired from the horn of his beetle mode or knight like helmet as a robot. The Insecticons were always creepy and mind control is a classic bad guy attack. Bombshell is a pretty close approximation of how he appeared in the original cartoon and this new figure is a really satisfying new toy of a classic villain. I'd love to see a Kabutron version at some point. I've been really happy with Legacy as a whole and Bombshell is a good reason as to why. Sure, updates of classic Transformers characters are nothing new and have been going on longer than G1 actually ran... but who cares? These are classic characters that maintain an ongoing presence. Having new versions of them that improve upon the older versions is great and I never see anyone complain about the countless Superman figures that come out. Once again, I love a good robot bug toy and this is a really good one. There's plenty of old school flavor improved with modern engineering. This is just all around my cup of tea.

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