Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Godzilla '57 X-Ray Glitter (Godzilla ReAction/Super 7)

Guys, I love Super 7's ReAction figures. They do so much fun stuff that it's ridiculous. The Mrs loaded up my stocking this past Christmas with several of their blind box Godzilla figures much to my delight. The only doubles I received was this wonderfully translucent variant of the Godzilla '57 figure that was so cool I didn't mind having extras. I spoke about the other blind box version of Godzilla '57 a little while back. This is the same idea but in a different direction. As the name says (it's literally a description), this is the X-Ray Glitter version. X-Ray meaning translucent and glitter... because glitter. It's a common variation in these types of things with different colors available for different versions. X-Ray figures are an evergreen cool toy aesthetic and despite there already being Microman Godzilla toys, I can't help but to dub this a Time Traveler Godzilla. I love the translucent green paired with the gold glitter.


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