Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Optimus Prime (EarthSpark/1-Step Flipchanger)

Continuing our look at the 1-Step Flip Changers from EarthSpark is Optimus Prime.  You've probably noticed from the pics that he's pretty similar to Swindle. The two share engineering and transformation schemes, but have individual molded parts. This isn't uncommon for these smaller gimmick toys. Optimus did come before Swindle in the series 1st wave while Swindle was in wave 2. I'm obviously not covering these in any particular order. Think of it as a playlist set on random. Optimus turns from robot to semi truck by flipping in the air or pushing over face first in robot mode.

While simple, it's a pretty satisfying process. Like the other Flip Changers, he isn't articulated unfortunately. However he could hold a 5mm weapon if desired. I'd like to see this toy in Machine Wars colors holding that particular version of Optimus Prime's gun. I wish there was more to say, but Optimus looks like Optimus. The EarthSpark version of Optimus, of course, but it's still Optimus Prime tried and true. His colors are simple like the others, and the Takara Tomy version has a better paint deco like others. These Flip Changers are a fun and simple way to collect the characters from EarthSpark and you need Optimus Prime!

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