Monday, January 8, 2024

Monday of the Grave

The holidays are over and a new week on Planet Zone has come! I hope everyone had a good time over New Years and Christmas. I sure did. Between the intermittent work days and time off, I managed to get a good bit of rest. Also quite a bit of fun stuff as presents! Not just presents, despite not liking to buy myself stuff at the holidays, I managed to bring home a good bit of fun stuff for myself as well. Of course that means my toy backlog is even bigger... but that's pretty much how toy life goes!

2024 is off too a good start. I'm really excited for the Armorizers in Transformers Legacy United. I've got both of them arriving soon. My plans to to finally switch over to buying the bulk of my stuff on Amazon with physical retail for odds and ends is in effect. I probably should have already made the switch over, but I'm a little old school about some things. Tired of missing things I want, I guess. I did grab Tacticon Wheeljack from Walmart as well as some more Fierce Changers while there this weekend. Not to be outdone, Walmart also had the new Godzilla x Kong toys and I grabbed the Kong with B.E.A.S.T glove figure! 

My Mom suprised me with a MOTU Masterverse Zodak as well. It was a good weekend for toys! I bought some clothes and ordered a new exercise bike also, but that's not what you all came here for. We're here to talk about toys! What's Fierce Changers you ask? Fierce Changers are a fun new transfoming line of Jurrasic World toys from Mattel. I've managed to collect all the 'Hidden Hatchers' assortment currently available. These are small dinosaur toys that convert into eggs (me and egg bots is a vibe). There's the 'Double Danger' figures coming soon that change from one dinosaur to another (ala Beast Wars Mutants) and a larger 'Chase n' Roar' Tyrannosaurus Rex that turns into the classic Jurrasic Park jeep! It's a fun new set of transforming toys that so far are a lot of fun. We'll be looking at them soon enough here. It may be winter, but Beast Summer is never over! 

Well, I've got to end this update somewhere. I've got some household chores to do and toys to open before exercising and work. As soon as I finish this cup of coffee, that is. Thanks everyone for coming back for another year of robots, monsters, and misadventure here on Zone Base. Now that the holidays are over regularly scheduled posts will resume. It's my mission to make 2024 the best year yet! If you like what I'm doing, thanks! Please share the site and posts with your friends! Mutal high fives all around!

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