Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Terran Twitch (EarthSpark/ Deluxe Class)

While I don't cover every toy I get on here, I did intend to talk about Twitch whom I bought almost a year ago. This particular toy of Twitch is a Deluxe Class figure from the EarthSpark toy line. Like other Deluxe figures, she comes with a part of Mandroid for build-a-figure fun. Something I think I'll make a point to complete. I've got almost all of them, so why not? Twitch is one of the Terrans introduced on the EarthSpark TV show. Terrans are a new group of Transformers born on Earth. While the concept has been done before, this is one of the more noteworthy times as it's on a mainstream show as opposed to media aimed at the fan crowd. It's great to see new characters in Transformers. 

Twitch is one of the first Terrans introduced early in the show. She transforms into a very bird-like drone. Thanks to some clever articulation, the drones wings can be moved around quite a bit. This makes me compare it to a bird even more. I can't help wondering if she shares engineering with an Airazor or other similar shaped figure. Probably not, but it's very similar. Twitch is very articulated in robot mode and heavily armed. There's the laser gun in drone mode as well as the flip out one on her arm. The stabilizing fins from the drone can be removed and held as swords. For character that's just a kid, Twitch is ready for a fight. I do not like the transformation from robot to vehicle. I can't quite place it, but I felt myself getting quite annoyed while maneuvering the parts around. Once in either mode though, no problems. Just that transformation though... dang. 

Twitch is a pleasant toy of a likeable character on an enjoyable show. Her colors are nice too. The reds and blacks look sharp while the yellows and blueish greys pop. The translucent yellows accent against the opaque body really well. I often compare newer toys with older ones and Twitch is a definite Microman/Micronaught homage. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but she looks A LOT like Space Glider. I'd like to see repaints of this toy that play more into that. That's a neat little extra in a already fun figure. Like the other EarthSpark toys, the Takara Tomy version has a more show accurate paint job. I don't find it super noticeable though, just small details that do make for a nicer looking toy overall... but not deal breaking for this version that I got locally. 

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