Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Exo-Suit (Shattered Glass/Deluxe Class)

Exo-Suit is a unique toy. Coming in a 2-Pack with Slicer (I'll get to him soon), Exo-Suit is an update of an Action Master vehicle as a Weaponizer. Using the Weaponizer gimmick means Exo-Suit can somewhat become an Exo-Suit for Slicer. It's vehicle mode doesn't really look like the original's... but it's still neat. As I understand, you can technically create a ride-able buggy for Slicer with this toy... but I didn't try it myself. The toy itself is a repaint of Black Roritchi (don't look at me, I didn't name it), which is a repaint and remold of Fasttrack. This toy has a lot of upfront explanation, but it's still a good regardless. I don't know if Exo-Suit is meant to be a drone or an individual character. Until some sort of characterization is given, I'm taking it as a drone. 
Exo-Suit is a very pretty toy in it's colors. A mixture of pink and red with some gray and black creates a very interesting robot mode. I like it!  My wife said it was a Valentines Day robot, and that works! (The set was a Christmas present from her) A lot of folks would call the deco G2, but it's really the colors the original toy had. Which was G1. The tail end of G1 in Europe (where Slicer hailed from) was converted into G2, so there's a lot of bleeding of one idea into another. The colors were really just a sign of the times. Exo-Suit is a Weaponizer as I said above. Meaning it can be pulled apart and made into armor or weapons for other Transformers figures. Even neater, the parts can be combined with other Weaponizers or similar gimmick figures to create something really unique. The gimmick is very similar to Mugenbine, which is ironic as Exo-Suit gives me strong Machine Robo vibes.

Exo-Suit is a cool toy. The Weaponizer gimmick is fun and works well with this figure. I can see some complaining about the parts forming needed to make the toy work and that'd be a fair complaint. Others like myself don't mind it, so it's really up to personal preferences. I REALLY like the colors. It gives Exo-Suit a distinct look and well... they're cool! There's two pistols that can be attached in other places and a neat little sword included. The little sword is very similar to the ones that would come with older Transformers. It's a neat little bit of flair. Vehicle mode is fun and makes me think of video games. For a figure that's basically a fancy accessory for Slicer, it's pretty great. Speaking of Slicer, we'll be looking at him in a few days.

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