Friday, January 26, 2024

Decepticon Slicer (Shattered Glass/Deluxe Class)

Since we've talked about Exo-Suit earlier, it seems like a good time to talk about Slicer, the toy it came with. Slicer is an update of a European exclusive Action Master figure that has enjoyed a solid fan following. Slicer also serves as two characters, like the BotCon 2010 version, this toy can either be Slicer OR Shattered Glass Wheeljack. The latter's look was based on Slicer, which would be why this toy comes in the Shattered Glass packaging. The toy can represent whichever you prefer. For simplicity sake, I'll be referring to him a Slicer though.

The way fiction will repurpose toys into two different characters can be confusing, so I'll try to keep this simple. I don't have an original Slicer, but do have the BotCon 2010 one mentioned above. I like how this update homages it with the dual red guns. The 2010 toy had them as a holdover from it's origins from the Energon Downshift toy mold. Making it the one Slicer not made from a Wheeljack toy, technically. 

This is a great toy. Using the Earthrise Wheeljack mold as a base, Slicer is a straight repaint improving an excellently designed toy with vibrant colors. Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint. Slicer is well articulated and transforms into his race car alt mode fairly easily. For weapons he has the two red guns I spoke of earlier. They can be mounted to his vehicle mode thanks to some hinges. Slicer also has Wheeljack's rocket launcher. That can be held as a gun or mounted on his shoulder in classic Transformers style. You can add Exo-Suit to Slicer (or any other similar gimmick toy) in a variety of ways as weapons or armor. Get creative! For purposes of this post, I tried to mimic the 'official' armor mode (with some liberties). I'm currently on one of my off and on Spiral Zone kicks and found it similar. Though I hate using the work kick in that way. Ugh.

Slicer with Exo-Suit is an awesome set of toys. The variety of ways they can be used is really neat and their bright colors really pop. Exo-Suit is fun to work into a variety of uses while Slicer is a good old fashioned Transformer (they've been around 40 years for a reason). This was one of the gifts my wife gave me for Christmas and a really awesome one at that. For fans of the Shattered Glass universe, it's a new toy in a series that gets updates at random intervals. This is probably a set of toys a more hardcore fan would appreciate for the character and the history, but a casual fan would find just as much fun with the neatness of the toys. I wish more Weaponizer type figures came packaged with regular figures like this.Just seems natural.

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