Monday, January 15, 2024

Bouldercrash (Legacy: United/Core Class)

When I first saw Bouldercrash listed , like others, I thought it was to be a new Generations version of Boulder. While homaging the line Boulder came from (Rock Lords), Bouldercrash is instead a brand new character from a new group of transforming rock toys- The Armorizers! As you are all aware, I was a fast fan of these guys and today we'll be looking at the other available Armorizer currently. Bouldercrash is a Core Class figure in the Transformers Legacy: United line that hails from the Infernac Universe as does Magneous (who we talked about earlier). My speculation that Infernac is a Hollow Earth type setting full of volcanoes seems to be true.That or this Infernac just might be the same Infernac from Inhumanoids as Bouldercrash is also a type of lava rock.

While Rock Lords are the most obvious referenced rock people toys of the Armorizers, of the two so far available, Bouldercrash feels more like one than Magneous. That's not a slam on Magneous (whom I love), but because of Bouldercrash's smaller size class. Rock Lords, like the Gobots they came from, were mostly smaller figures. Bouldercrash is a Core Class, a smaller Transformers size class, which is pretty close to the sizing of original Rock Lords. He could blend in with them pretty easily and pass as a modern day update that was obviously Takara Tomy designed instead of by Bandai (which he is).

Bouldercrash is pretty well articulated. He has the range of movent you's expect from the size class. No problems there! The cool mixture of reds and browns really look great with the extra brighter red details on the rock bits. His weapon is a sword/gun type weapon that's a carry over from alt mode. While Armorizers can be changed into rocks (with some imagination), their main alt modes are rocky vehicles. Bouldercrash turns into a stone trike style motorcycle. It's a unique vehicle mode that reminds me a little of the Stone Wing when the blade is flipped down. Speaking of that blade, Bouldercrash doesn't separate into parts for armor like Magneous does, but instead has a third weapon mode. The trike can be wielded as a sword type weapon. This mode is basically just the trike with said blade folded out that can be held by a larger toy (there's a handle on the back). It's not a particularly convincing weapon mode as at this point whomever is just hitting somebody with a motorcycle. I'd imagine that would hurt enough on it's own, but there's a big blade at the end for good measure. Additional weapon mode forms are usually a little silly and a bit of a stretch. I mean, look at this 'gun'.

Transformation from robot to vehicle (and back!) is pretty easy and everything tabs into place locking in securely. The windshield area of the motorcycle is the handle area of the weapon. You'll need to attach it while transforming which was my only difficulty during the process. I had a little trouble getting it on, but am sure it was myself doing it wrong. I'm still not sure what I was doing wrong, but I sure was doing it. The stone trike is pretty neat looking and pretty imaginative. I really like Boldercrash. To be fair, these fall squarely into the realm of stuff I like, but it IS a really neat toy. I'm sure more Armorizers are on the way and I really hope so. It's nice to have so many things come out the past few years that are exactly the kind of stuff I want. Armorizers make me excited in that ridiculous fan way that's hard to explain, hard to contain, and completely stupid to those who don't get it. It's a rock fact.

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