Monday, January 15, 2024

Load New Week

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty good. Did some shopping with the Mrs and I assembled our new exercise bike. Got some cool stuff as well! The new Ghostbusters movie is coming soon, and with it cool toys! The retro series is continuing with reissues of the original Fright Features figures. I found Venkman with Gruesome Twosome. I hope to find the other three without any trouble. Not to be outdone, Target also had new Fright Features figures from the new movie! Like Afterlife, Frozen Empire Fright Features figures are a more basic/core type figure with the ghost partner figure having the 'Fright Feature'. I picked up Trevor with Slimer. The ghosts this time are stretchy toys that have some GREAT sculpts. This is going to be a fun line. I ultimately missed a few of the Afterlife figures, here's hoping they pop back up with this new movie. Speaking of, never found the vintage Ecto-1 either. Dangit.

There's also a new series of Ghostbusters blind box toys out. The toys are a mixture of Mini Pufts and Slimer toys in a variety of poses. I got a sneaky Mini Puft and looking forward to more. Speaking of, the box is patterned after the containment unit. I also grabbed a Micro Galaxy Squadron blind box from the new series 4. Got a Clone Trooper with a Speeder Bike. I've really got to start covering those more here. I've got quite the armory of tiny Star Wars vehicles thanks to this line. As far as Transformers go, I picked up the Jada Bumblebee mini figure at Five Below. There's 3 more in the assortment, but all they had was BB. Not complaining about starting the series with a favorite. I've got the Energon Megatron and Tasmania Kid Core Class figures on the way allegedly arriving today. Really enjoying how Legacy United is shaping up. I'm very excited about Armorizers. Normally I've got posts scheduled out a few weeks in advance, but rushed out Magneous and Bouldercrash posts as I just want to swim in my love for rock robot toys. Hope you all enjoy content bombing!  

I've got a fun week of content coming this week. Thank you for supporting Zone Base. I've got 2024 in mind to be the best year for the site yet! There's going to be plenty of robots, monsters, and misadventure all year! 2024 is looking chock-full of the kind of stuff this site is all about (I've seen upcoming Halloween stuff, it's going to be great!). If you like what I'm doing, thanks! Please share the site and let's all have a great week! Mutual High Fives!

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