Friday, January 12, 2024

Magneous (Legacy United/Deluxe Class)

Armorizers are finally here and it's time to celebrate. A whole new breed of transforming rock toys that homage Rock Lords, the rocky people of Daira, and Inhumanoids. I had ordered Magneous and Boldercrash at the same time from Amazon, though Boldercrash is taking a little longer to get here. That gave me ample time to enjoy Magneous all on his own first. I've been so excited for these since announcement that finally having them is just amazing. Right now the two I've ordered are the only ones known, but I'm sure more will come eventually. Deluxe Class Armorizers share the same gimmick as Junkions, Fossilizers, and Weaponizers did before.

They can split into parts and be attached onto other Transformers to create armor or weapons. Fictionally, they are a living race of robotic rock based shapeshifters that come from the Infernac Universe. As far as a location for Transformers, there's not really anything known about Infernac yet. However in prior uses, Infernac is where Metlar from Inhumanoids hails from. Part of me likes to envision a Hollow Earth type hellscape full of volcanoes and dinosaurs. Judging by the Legacy United packaging art, that setting doesn't seem far off.

The whole thing just ignites my imagination and give me a sense of pure excitement. As a fan, I'm enthralled. Let's take a look at Magneous as a toy, shall we? Magneous is a beefy guy with a pick axe style weapon that could also be a crossbow depending on how he holds it. This is a very Rock Lords style weapon that I feel should have a ridiculous name like 'Geode Saber'. It fits Magneous well and with his bulk appearance, give the toy a fantasy feel that I really like. Magneous is an Obsidian warrior, which is a type of igneous rock that from the cooling of viscous lava. Igneous rocks in general that are formed from molten rock and he has plenty of that detailing sculpted in. There's a variety of rocky surfaces forming a stone warrior armor  in a mix of blacks and dark grays. It looks great. Magneous is fairly articulated and can be dissembled (as I mentioned earlier) to form rock armor and weapons for other Transformers.

Despite the parts forming nature of the toy, Magneous can transform without disassembly. Transformation is fairly easy and everything goes where you'd expect. In his neat rock truck mode, Magneous looks wild. It's a mixture of post apocalyptic and pre history styles blended together. The pick axe weapon can store across the back end or bumper, I found the back end to be best. A stone based vehicle is pretty far out, but I like it. I've been told that it's possible to form a rock mode from his parts, which I plan to try out later. That's all sorts of fun. I love this toy and concept as you've probably gathered while reading this. It's cool to have transforming rocks again and if Magneous is an example of what's to come, this looks to be a great set of figures. I could see a variety of repaint toys made with this as a base. It's a great figure that firmly fits the concept. Armorizers have me excited in a way I haven't been in a very long time. It's cheesy to say something rocks, but Magneous does. It's a rock fact.

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