Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Skywarp (EarthSpark/Warrior Class)

The Cyberverse Seeker mold has seen it's fair share of repaints as Seeker molds generally do. It's a likeable toy that's unfortunately a little too simple. I've grown to appreciate it over the past few years. I haven't gotten every instance of it, and strongly prefer the Vic Viper flavored version better (really regret not getting that box set of recolors), I've still gotten quite a few. The mold, like other Cyberverse toys, has gotten re-released in EarthSpark as Skywarp. I got her a little while back as her colors are just great. Skywarp is a female character in EarthSpark following Cyberverse's female version of the character. This makes for a little fun variety since EarthSpark follows a kinda nebulous version of the events in the G1 days (it's not exactly a follow up, but the flashbacks are specifically flavored as so).

I made a point to get this toy as I like the colors quite a bit. Skywarp has always been one of my favorite seekers, partially due to that. Skywarp has her traditional colors in the cartoon, however they got a little creative with this new toy. The black and purple is swapped out for a metallic blue and black. It's very pretty looking and kinda reminds me of old Diaclone art. Aside from that, Skywarp is the same toy I've talked about here a before. I like it, but wish for some leg articulation. Skywarp easily converts to jet mode and features a spinning waste gimmick that I'm sure is entertaining for the children it was intended for. I bought Skywarp for the colors and general like of the character. I guess there's just something to a fresh coat of paint. Skywarp can hold most 5mm weapons and accessories, I can imagine some BattleMasters would liven up the toy quite a lot. 

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