Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Cloudcover (Toxitron Collection/Voyager Class)

The Toxitron Collection is this years Walmart Exclusive sub-line taking the place of last years Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection that I loved. This time the toy's concept is unused Generation 2 designs and the original unused Toxitron from Universe. With EXTREMELY AWESOME black light art boxes (and instructions) selling these VERY BRIGHTLY COLORED toys. I love them... maybe more than the Velocitron set. The story line is that these radical radioactive robots rose from the Toxic Sludge Swamps on Cybertron to cause all sorts of mayhem and anarchy. Hopefully Takara will produce another manga like they did for the Velocitron Speedia 500 set to flesh it out some more. It's not super necessary for a store exclusive set to have such a thing... but it's fun and I appreciate it.

Cloudcover is based on a mock up Seeker whose picture I feel like I've been looking at forever. Like everything else from this set, it's an un-produced concept that's finally being made on a newer updated figure. This time the Earthrise Conehead Seeker mold. I didn't get that specific mold, but really liked the Starscream version. The urge to get all the various Seekers was ruined for me thanks to the Seeker mold, but it is nice to finally get a version of the Conehead version of an excellent Seeker base toy. It's also nice to get it in such a specifically awesome concept. To be honest, I wasn't as interested in Cloudcover as the other members of the collection. Like the Velocitron set, I just want the entire set and he's the first toy from it that was found. In hand however... wow this color scheme is awesome. Over what's felt like a lifetime of looking at that blue Seeker mock up (and not being very concerned about it), I'm actually glad to own it. The blues and whites are specifically nice in robot mode... but are amazing in jet mode. This is a very nice looking toy and makes me a little sad that the original never happened. That cloud camouflage design is super pretty.

I talked about the base mold in the post linked to above, but this is a little different with a few mold changes. Specifically the head and wings. Cloudcover is a repaint of Earthrise Ramjet as the original mock up was a repaint of the G1 Ramjet toy with the Earthrise Dirge head was used. I know the pictures don't show it pretty well, but his mouth is open and there's some nice dark red eyes. That black contrasted SO HARD against the lighter colors and I'm obviously not a professional toy photographer. Hence the lace of monetization and actual content produced on a regular basis. The toy itself is pretty nice, but the real draw is the color scheme. Hopefully I can score the rest of the Toxitron Collection, Cloudcover is a wonderfully surprising start of the series for me.

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