Monday, July 31, 2023

Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem 2023!

It's August and you know what that means? The Annual Halloween Party on Zone Base starts NOW! Until the end of the Spooky Season, Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem will run rampant. If it's your first Halloween on the site, there's still regular content, but there's Halloween in between. Think of it as the best kind of Oreo. Unlike bigger sites with all the acclaim and maybe two posts, there'll be a whole lot of Halloween Hootenanny going on here!

Over the years I've gotten a bit of a reputation for posting some of the more obscure media during this time of the year. There's a some old standards and a few annual traditions. However the bulk of it tends to be from pretty far left field. This year I feel like I've curated some really forgotten and undiscovered gems. The play list is back again as well. Now with even more sinister songs for your ear holes. You can find it on the side bar or on Spotify.

Thank you all for celebrating Halloween with me again this year. I look forward to this all year and hope everyone enjoys the scary fun. Thank you so very much for continuing to support Zone Base. Don't forget to bring a glow stick when you go trick or treating and please share with your friends!

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