Monday, November 14, 2022

Weekly Update- 11/14/22

Hope everyone is ready for a new week on Planet Zone! This weekend was pretty laid back. We did some shopping and started decorating the house for Christmas. That'll be finished next weekend, but we got a good start. This is going to be a pretty busy week for me as it'll be pretty much a straight shot from tonight untill Wednesday morning at work. Aside from Saturday, I'll be working all week untill getting off for the Thanksgiving break. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully you all will enjoy the upcoming episode of Transform Squadron!

As far as toys go- Five Below resulted in a Bakugan Gorthion, a Stanger Things blind bag Demogorgon, and Mario from a Super Mario Bros. blind bag. A stop by Ross resulted in some more Bakugan whose names I can't remember at the time. The Flash and Batman who Laughs from Super Powers was bought at Walmart. Unfortunately no Transformers I didn't already have were found. Goes that way sometimes. I've got a fun week in store for you all. Thanks for reading Zone Base and please share with your friends!

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